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  1. Avatar Bet

    I appreciate the Cowboy fans who decided to go in this with me but its not necessary.We shouldnt feel the pressure to add guys its the Eagles fans that are coming up light here.We need 6 more.I feel the same way about my Avatar but Ill hold up my end of the deal if I lose.
  2. Avatar Bet

  3. Avatar Bet

    So Far we got 4.Six more and its a deal.
  4. Just Won/Just Lost

    Post it here as soon as it happens and Tell us how it happened
  5. Just once this year

    I need a 40 + yarder from tynes for the win.Ive gotten burned on monday night all year.Please .Just once let me go to work happy tuesday..
  6. Just once this year

    Just cant catch a monday break..Unless the Titans go for the seldom used 4 point drop kick.Im done again
  7. Just Won/Just Lost

    That is brutal.That team definetely belongs in the playoffs..Hate those dagger losses that stay with you for days.
  8. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    I think the guy that tanked is a joke.He sold himself out and I know in my league he would be crucified for doing so..Be a man and put out your best team.
  9. Anyone else feel like a dumb a$$ today?

    Yes .Started Vick over hasslebach..

    3 fgs from tynes.Or 2 40 yarders and a Pat..I need 9 points.
  11. I need you guys to help me stop starting Michael Vick every week..Every week I *** because he does nothing for my team..Yet I start him every week hoping he will have a game like he had 2 years ago..Please is there a 12 step program I could do ?My playoffs start next week and I dont think I can help myself.Back up is hasslebach..All year back up was Delhomme just traded him last week..
  12. Lelie?

    or is he sucking?
  13. RB Predicament

    Id go Blaylock..Brown has been so shaky and is always 1 play away from being out for the game.it seems like all The K.C backs score and do well..
  14. I would go with Taylor but Not sure what Role if any Jamal Lewis is gonna have today.Not sure If I should risk Taylor taking a backseat to Lewis.But Will Kevin Jones do well in the snow at lambeau?
  15. Help me pick my WR's PLEASE!

    D Jax and Porter..Snow may hurt Moulds..Porter has been on fire lately and Minny/Seattle may be a shootout
  16. Updates on Jamal Lewis

    Huddle has him listed as out.Is this true? any links?
  17. The class of the NFL: one fan's opinion

    Gotta have the Eagles in the worst 5..Played in a nightmare of a stadium for many many years..Classless fans at the stadium..No Knock on the eagles fans Ive seen on these boards who have a great passion for their team but the fans who cheer guys being carted off the field and actually heckled Jurevicious about his baby that passed away..Tradition of choking in the playoffs in recent years.Id say Reid is a good coach though although he has gotten his ass handed to him a few years in a row.
  18. Who retires at the end of this year?

    Chiefs' Holmes Says He Will Be Back Next Year Kansas City Star Was Leading NFL in Rushing, Scoring When Injured KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Dec. 10) -- Despite a knee injury that ended his season, Priest Holmes says he is "definitely 100 percent" planning to be back for 2005. "In terms of next year, I'm excited because of the fact that it gives me an opportunity to heal up and start preparing for the 2005 season," Kansas City's star running back said Friday, a day after the Chiefs put him on injured reserve. "There are a lot of things we need to do. We left a lot of things on the table this year," Holmes said. "We're still playing, we're still in it in terms of winning some games and making sure we end the season the right way. But the 2005 season is going to be exciting because we know that there's a valuable lesson that we learned this year -- and that is that when you start having guys go down, it makes it really difficult to win ball games." Holmes, 31, was leading the NFL in rushing and scoring when he strained ligaments in his right knee at Tampa Bay on Nov. 7. At first he thought he would be able to get back this year. But healing was slow, and since the Chiefs (4-8) are out of the playoff hunt, it was decided to shut him down for the rest of the season. "The injury just gave me an opportunity to rest up and to get the body 100 percent," he said. This is the third time injury has cut a season short for Holmes, who set an NFL record in 2003 with 27 touchdowns. Chiefs Talk · Fan Voices Message Board | Blogs · Text Alerts: Player | Score · Expressions: Icons and More · More Sports: Today's Hot Topics A knee injury his senior year in college forced him to come into the NFL as an undrafted free agent. He underwent hip surgery following the 2002 season and spoke of retirement after his big year in 2003. But Friday, Holmes said his love for the game had not changed. "The football has never left me. It never will, and I don't think there's any way that it could," he said. "It's a gift and something that I can't even control. I'd have to say that it's not necessarily something you have to train for... it's just a God-given talent." 12/10/04 19:38 EST
  19. BIGGEST Fantasy BUST this year?

    Santana Moss was awful.This guy has done better than those guys but considering I took him with the 3rd overall pick I think Ahman green was a bust..With the exception of a few games hes gotten lost on me when I needed him.
  20. Head to Head tie-breakers

    What we do in our league is pretty similar to what you explained.We use the head to head system but if its a 3 way tie and there is no clear head to head winner we go to high points..If you use the winning %age theory than wouldnt you agree that the team that played the extra game would have an advanatge or disadvantage over the guy that just played the other 2 once?Going to high points seems to work out pretty good after head to head..
  21. Some Of The Biggest Coaching mistakes...

    Id have to say Mike Martz..That time when he Spoke....
  22. The down fall of Dallas

    You gotta wonder what their record would be if we had Jones all year.Im not annointing him Walter payton but he looks like he has the goods and has inspired the team a little.Great draft day move if he can keep it up.two number 1s will go to good use..I like Bills attitude of not giving up yet.Vinny definetely gives you a better chance to win..
  23. Interesting

    I dont see why he would carry Charlie Garner but hey Whatever works..