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  1. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Post it here as soon as it happens tonight.
  2. Julius

    he needs to work on his receiving.I like him alot but hes got butter fingers
  3. All you Manning Bashers, Why?

    Im not slamming him for his play.He can turn out to be a good qb.Im slamming his "I wont play for the chargers " nonsense
  4. All you Manning Bashers, Why?

    Me too..
  5. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Lost when Jones ran in td before the half.Im a cowboy fan though so it didnt hurt that bad.
  6. Pushed off

    What a joke.Rice pushed off big time..
  7. "The Dagger"

    Anyone ever get the feeling that when a certain point is scored against you that that is the one that will do you in..Today that cheap TD by the bills D at the end of the game kept the guy im playing in striking distance..There has been a lot of points scored after that and I actually have the lead with no one left and have to sweat out Julius Jones.But something is telling me that those points were the killers that are gonna haunt me..Maybe its just me but thats the way I feel..anyone else ar have I been staring at this screen too long?
  8. Who's more over rated...Favre or Vick?

    Brett Farve is nothing short of a legend.Im a cowboy fan and bye no means like the packers but Farve is an all around tremendous football player and by no means overrated.
  9. Is Droughns hurt?

    Just noticed Bell got the TD..
  10. Is Vick overrated?

    There is no common ground with Vick fantasy wise..He either has a real good solid week or he sucks.He is never just average.Was gonna bench him for Hasslebach today..May come back to haunt me..
  11. The guy from fat Albert that had that half ski mask hat on..You can barely understand him.
  12. You know who Shannon Sharpe

    Yep Thats it Mushmouth..Good call..
  13. Is Dillon Hurt

    Thats a good sign though.If he was seriously hurt Bill never wouldve done that.
  14. Ravens Defensive TD?

    Reed never lost possesion to cincy.So ravens in actuality never lost possesion
  15. Is Dillon Hurt

    No sign of him in 2nd half
  16. I suck at fantasy football

    Debated Vick or Hasslebach.Went with Vick.At the half 0 points
  17. It's time for the

    Thanks Big John
  18. Plummer is a solid start.. and you have better options than a shaky brown....
  19. It's time for the

    May need Big Johns help on finding the link but about 4-5 weeks ago I started a thread which I belive I called."get ready for the explosion" Mr.Westbrook.In the post I stated how he was gonna start going off that week becasue I got tired af waiting for him and I traded him.Since that post he has about 4-5 tds and yardage as well.. Was very wrong about Santana Moss.Drafted him in the 3rd round..
  20. Who's the most punishing runner in the NFL?

    Crocket,Sam Gash,Lamont Jordan.....Duce Staley/Bus..Vinny Testerverde is vicious in the open field
  21. AntSports Players?

    Did your commish say anything at all.Are you sure he got the message..That is totally a hose job.Id bring it to the whole leagues attention before gametime so everyone is aware
  22. Ahman news?

    I know he practiced yesterday but I was hoping for any updated information.This Ahman /Najeh dilema is a real headache.I just wish I could go with 1 for sure .Anyway any update would be appreciated.Thanks
  23. How would you handle this?

    Your Commish is a horror show.I thought this was gonna be another borderline thread but looking at the lineups its a joke and the fact that the other owners are being so hohum about it must make you so steamed..Its a crock.Id call out the whole league and make the biggest stink possible..I hope that team that is tanking lineup shows up big time and this bogus plan backfires..Good Luck..
  24. Ahman news?

    According to the ticker on ESPN Ahman will start this week