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  1. Defenses: do you guys play matchups

    If I dont get a first round bye I will have to face the colts at home in the first round of the playoffs with My Ravens D who Ive started all year.I was thinking about picking up Houston just in case since they play the Bears week 15.This kind of ties in with the never bench your studs debate but I just might do it.
  2. Some Bad Monkey Voodoo for Peyton and Reggie

    I havent really followed the Manning threads because they get so repetitive but had to jump in on this one because your absolutely right.I had Manning last year and he did great regular season and actually got me 0 in the playoffs..Not 1 point.Which is why I think the Manning owner in my league should spare himself the agony in the playoffs and trade him to me immediately... (he seriously did tank in the playoffs last year)
  3. Thomas Jones

    Great line from the simpsons follwed by the conga line song
  4. AFC Playoff Race

    I think as incredible as Manning is playing the weak D and the fact that bellichek owns him will eliminate them.I think the Steelers are as good as anyone in the league but I feel they will slip up in regular season and the pats wont which will give the pats homefield and eventually the AFC..My prediction is Pats/Pitt AFC championship game in N.E and N.E pulls it out over a great Pitt team..
  5. Who Clinched Playoffs?

    Clinched in 2. Main Money league Vick Ahman/Najeh Bettis Chambers Lelie Horn Ravens D Tynes Smaller league Palmer/Collins/Vinny (I start 2 of these 1 as flex rotate based on matchups) Ahman/Najeh Bettis/K.Jones T.O S.Moss or Plaxico Gonzo (mandatory TE) Elam Denver D
  6. I hate fantasy Football

    That extra point to that meaningless def TD by green bay gave me the loss.46 seconds left.Not the fumble,Not the td.the mother*&%$#) extra point by Longwell gave me the loss.Top it off with Najeh on my bench and My kicker Tynes missing a PAT..Couldve clinched the division..There is no emotiacon that can truly capture my feelings right now.Maybe if there was one twisting a knife in his chest Id pick that one..Thanks for letting me vent...
  7. I hate fantasy Football

    "A couple week later when PHI hammered DAL on MNF I had a huge lead but I was going against McNabb and the Philly D. My opponent made a furious comeback that looked like it was going to fall just short -- then Vinny floats one down the middle of the field, it is picked at the goal line and I was sitting there looking at the TV like this as the Philly DB returned the ball 100 yards untouched for the TD. I lost that game by 3 points also" I lost on that play too. and on another monday night I was tied with a team and had the tie breaker and Ahman green had a 3 yard loss late in the game which put him under 40 yards and cost me 1 point..He didnt touch the ball again and ended up with 38 yards and I lost by 1..
  8. I hate fantasy Football

    Thats Brutal
  9. I hate fantasy Football

    Im still simmering.I cant shake this one yet.I purposely didnt watch tonight so I could just check at 12:45 to see if I held him off.I check and Im tied.I turn on the TV and the td happens with 46 seconds..Just gut wrenching..
  10. So, What have we learned?

    Ive learned that no matter what the matchup is ,or what the circumstance is, you should never ever ever start a Miami running back.Had no choice but to start Minor .
  11. MNF

    I need to hold longwell under 9 points. 1 pt per pat 30-39 3pts 40-49 4pts 50-59 5 pts 60-69 Ill shoot myself
  12. Guess the sigline

    Ive noticed alot of the siglines are quotes from movies or songs and some of them dont credit who said it.I thought it might be interesting to post and guess where the quote is from.I may have less time on my hands if Ashley Lelie was even showing a pulse so far and I wasnt boiling from rage over the New england Ds td that made me need to get points from Lelie.But anyway post if your interested
  13. Guess the sigline

    Dumb and Dumber
  14. Guess the sigline

    yes tommy boy is right
  15. Due to the New england defensive TD I really need some points out of Lelie.How bad is the weather?
  16. Gates TD

    Its his wallet
  17. espn says staley inactive

    dont kill me if not true just passing on
  18. espn says staley inactive

    just trying to help out my fellow huddlers.
  19. griese or carr

    your in the right church but the wrong pue
  20. NYG/Philly Weather Report

    espn had the KC game at 37 degrees and cloudy
  21. Commissioners lend my your ear ...

    Cant assume anything.If those players werent put in as starters they dont get counted..
  22. Chris Brown

    cbs News: According to the Nashville Tennessean, Titans running back Chris Brown (toe) practiced on Friday and appears ready to return to action for Week 12 at Houston. "It feels a lot better now," Brown said. "I am looking forward to getting back out there and helping the team win." Analysis: It appears safe to activate Brown for Week 12.
  23. lineup help...

    I agree....Carolina as much as they have been struggling they dont give up many TDs in the air...
  24. G.B Homers Ahman?

    My biggest week of the year and Im sweating out my running backs big time..Everyone got injured this past week.Emmitt,Ahman wheatley Najeh.Im just looking for any new info on the Green Bay Backfield this week.Thanks.
  25. G.B Homers Ahman?

    From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Green Bay - If you ask his fellow backfield mates, Ahman Green is going to play Monday night against the St. Louis Rams. Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman wouldn’t go that far after Saturday’s practice at the Don Hutson Center and maintained that he wouldn’t know until the day of the game whether his star running back would be able to play. As a result, Sherman said he was leaning toward starting backup Najeh Davenport, who practiced for a third consecutive day without any setback to his tender left hamstring. Davenport, who has carried the ball just six times in the last three games, would be making his first career start. Green, who suffered sprained rib cartilage last week against Houston, took part in drills aimed at testing his readiness for the game Monday. It was the first time this week that he had done anything in practice and from most accounts appeared to come out of it pretty well. “He looked all right,” running back Tony Fisher said. “He was doing some of the stuff we were doing, so he looked all right to me. He said he was doing all right. He should be all right.” Said running backs coach Johnny Roland, “He’s better. He did just enough to show he can take a bang and get used to the flak jacket. He keeps telling me he’s all right, but we’ll wait and see. It’s probably a game-day decision.” Green, who would not answer any questions, did not take part in any of the 11-on-11 drills in the non-pads workout, but Sherman said he performed contact drills such as hitting the tackling bag to test his pain threshold and prepare him for live tackling Monday night. He will not take part in any full-contact drills before the game, so determining his status will be a matter of estimating how well he can move his upper body without discomfort. If he plays, he will wear the flak jacket to protect his ribs, but he will not receive an injection to numb the affected area. The tests the medical staff put him through over the next 24 hours or so probably will determine whether he plays. Sherman wants to make sure the pain in Green’s rib area doesn’t restrict him from moving the way he normally does. “I think there’s always that opportunity that if he takes a direct shot it could be tough on him,” Sherman said. “But he’s a pretty tough guy and he can handle quite a few things.” Regardless of whether Green is in uniform, Davenport is going to get a good portion of the carries. The third-year back estimated that he is at least as healthy as he was when he made his return from a right hamstring injury in the Detroit game Oct. 17. He carried 10 times for 62 yards and a touchdown in that contest. Roland said he had no doubt Davenport could handle a heavy load against the Rams despite the fact he hasn’t carried the ball since the first series of the Minnesota game Nov. 14. “He’s done it over and over again,” Roland said of carrying the ball. “It’s not a big problem in terms of being the guy.” Fullback Nick Luchey appears ready to go after testing his dislocated left shoulder during a full-pads session with the tackling bag and blocking sled. Luchey said he had full range of motion and didn’t feel the harness he will be required to wear will hinder him in his blocking. “It helps me a lot,” he said. “It definitely keeps me stable. With hitting the sled today, it definitely felt stable and the more I hit it, the more confidence I had. I got a little fatigued, but as far as playing. . . . I think I can. If it was up to me, I would say I could go.” More than likely the Packers will keep recently signed running back James Jackson active for the game for precautionary reasons. If any of the backs were unable to play or got hurt during the game, Jackson could fill in. Roland said Jackson knew a good portion of the plays and the coaches would whittle down the list to those he knows best