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  1. anyone know the status of T. Wheatley

    CBS Tyrone Wheatley, RB OAK News: According to reports, Oakland RB Tyrone Wheatley (foot) practiced on Friday and will likely start in Week 12 at Denver. Analysis: With snowfall expected in Denver, the Raiders will really need Wheatley if they want to hang around in this game.
  2. Best Triplets?

    Aikman,Emmitt,Irvin.Hard to argue with the 3 rings and great Stats those guys put up.There has been great Triplets in the past as well and currently you have Harrison ,Edge,Marvin.Theres been Harris ,Bradshaw ,Swan and many others.Lets hear some others and state your case for who you think was the best.
  3. Best Triplets?

    Emmitt has plenty of stats to back him up as does Irvin and Aikmans playoff winning percentage was rivaling Montana for a while.All have numerous pro bowl appearances and Emmitt and Aikman were superbowl MVPs.
  4. Which backup will do better this week?

    Minor..I m in the same boat and I chose Minor because of S.Fs bad D and the fact that Najeh has a suspect Hammy and Fisher and James jackson may steal some carries
  5. wdis at Wr

    Moss bruce moulds and O smith..Ahman is very questionable..Moulds has been a better start than Boldin.Bruce faces suspect G.B secondary and if Randy is healthy he should always start
  6. Duce had a solid week of practice and Ruben is a great start vs Oak..Id go with those 2.Ahman is very questionable and Browns status is up in the air..Duce is starting hes a safer option than Antwoin..
  7. Running Back Help Needed

    I have Ahman and wheatley and they both look very iffy to play.Brown has had a very limited week of practice and Antwoin looks like if he doesnt get the start he will definetely see some action.Id go with Smith..
  8. BIG Commish Problem!

    Ive been commish for 4 years in my local and the rule that works for me is no team can make transactions until their team is paid in full.No waiver wire pick ups trades etc..This usually insures you get paid.As for your situation I would tell Brad he has 1 chance left or his team is out of the playoffs.I would just bury his team and not allow anyone access to any of his players.As far as the team who replaces him that depends.If you have a payout for division winner and he is a division winner than I would make the next best in his division get the payout or playoff spot.If brad was a wildcard than the next best team in the league should get the playoff spot.
  9. Who should be more worried in Week 15?

    I had Manning last year and although he is on another planet this year last year he was a stud as well and he got me Zero points in week 2 of the playoffs..ZERO.It just goes to show that you never know.
  10. What would you do?

    However, our rules do state that in our auction if an owner overbids on a player and wins the bid (ie does not have Cap enough to cover the bid) the player will be awarded to the last legal bid. That section of your rules says enough for me.The team with the legal 2 dollar bid should get it over the team with the illegal 9 dollar bid
  11. Who should be more worried in Week 15?

    I have the Ravens D and they are studs but to be honest that week is week 1 of my playoffs and unless I get the bye Im worried about that matchup bigtime..Ive had a ton of offers for Ravens D and I may entertain some just for that reason..
  12. Caught On Television

    I saw Jeff Garcia getting a pedicure once during a Monday night game..
  13. Ahman Update

    According to cbs. Ahman Green, RB GB News: According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, X-rays on Ahman Green's bruised ribs were negative. Analysis: Green should be considered questionable for Week 12 against St. Louis.
  14. Ahman Update

    Id have to say with the exception of a few games Ahman hasnt been worth the 3rd overall pick in the draft which is when I got him.His fumbles and the rotating of 3 backs when Najeh is healthy just make it a real crapshoot if he is gonna jhave a nice week.It seems like every other year he explodes and Its just my luck to get him on the off year..
  15. N.O Homers

    I heard he banged up his elbow.Any early word?
  16. Any guesses on the MNF pre-game skit?

    I thought it would be Farve tea bagging Madden .
  17. Ahman Green to the locker room

    That totally sucks..I hate those kinds of losses that stick with you for days..
  18. Garcia

    I heard it was gerbil related
  19. How did we all miss these 2 fine specimens? For all of you who are about to post that you started these fine gentleman I salute you....
  20. What's going on with tht Vikings?

    I think that has a huge part in it and the fact that they can stack up vs the run with Moss out..
  21. The Green and Porter Fight...

    No excuses for what happened butyet another flagrant from Artest brought this on.. Big Ben shoved him across the court
  22. When is a Stud no longer a Stud

    Never bench your studs is a very tricky motto.This week Im benching Joe Horn in favor of some other receivers that you wouldnt put on the same level as Horn .Im doing it because of Champ Bailey.I think the matchups play a big part with a stud and also like in the first post sometimes you keep a stud tag on a guy too long..
  23. Emmitt Smith

    According to CBS his elbow is injured News: The Arizona Republic reports Smith (elbow) missed practiced on Wednesday and is questionable for Week 11.