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  1. The down fall of Dallas

    Jones Henson and Newman .I agree not proven but have good upside.A lot of rookie corners have growing pains.Ive seen Jammer get burned big time as well.Jones broke his clavicle.Injury proned or not that can happen to anyone .Clavicle isnt conditioning injury.I just feel Parcells will see this thing out long enough to make some noise or have us right on the brink when he leaves.And as Ive said before when Dallas gets good they cash in with superbowls.
  2. The down fall of Dallas

    I meant Roy Williams,Witten,Henson,Jones,Newman and the 2 # 1s from next year which of course we dont know yet if they will pan out.I liked Bryant but he wasnt Jerry Rice.Keyshawn has never been one of my favorite athletes but no one can deny his heart and willingness to give up his body and do anything to win.Dallas will be good again.Im sure of it.Lets see todays "hot teams" Cash in like Dallas does when they get good.Pittsburgh is great and could be a force to be reckoned with .The pats are Proven.The eagles are regular season superpowers and Playoff chokers.The colts big 3 havent even sniffed Irvin aikman emmitt Titles.Vikings...See eagles.Henson will get the reps when Bill finally signs off on this year.Maybe Jones comes back and gets a few nice games under his belt and hopefully we can cash in on the 2 #1s next year..
  3. The down fall of Dallas

    2 #1s next year.Henson will be brought along nicely.Still dont know what we have in Jones.Im a die hard Dallas fan and although this year has been a bust so far I think the future looks bright.I think Parcells will stick around and see out some of the young talent we have and will have with next years draft.The difference between Dallas and most other teams is when Dallas goes on a run we cash in with superbowls.We are not ready right now but will be before you know it.With the parity that you see in the NFL right now a team can get good quick.A lot of young talent and a legend as a coach sits well with me.Dallas haters can laugh now but Cowboys fans will laugh last.
  4. Original huddle members

    I hope you guys can remember this one..I cant remember his login name but he used to terrorize the boards and everyone used to fight with him...The one clue I can give is that in his sigline he used to say somethiung about a player and that he had a "crush on him"
  5. Ahman Green

    The only thing that scares me is the sore achilles.I wouldnt trade him for Drougns or Bulger or most of those guys you have mentioned.He has the talent to break out and maybe not be what we thought when we drafted him in the top 5 but still be a solid back..Im holding on for now unless something comes my way that I cant pass up
  7. The line is 7.5 tulsa is the dog.I looked at their schedules and G techs competition was way better.Anyone know these teams well enough to know if G.Tech should roll over them?
  8. Yoko Pettite

    There has been a lot of talk about Andy Pettites wife pulling the strings on this one and let me be the one to confirm it.My boss lives in the same complex that Pettite lived in (Paul Oniells old place)and he said Pettites wife never had a good thing to say about New York.She slammed it every chance she got and she spent as much time as she could back in texas.If the yanks were on the road and it didnt interfere with the kids school,she went back to Texas.
  9. Yoko Pettite

    She didnt seem to mind when New york made her a multimillionaire and since when is Houston the new heaven..Is St.Peter gaurding the gates of Houston these days? I ASK YOU
  10. Yankees pitching.....

    They never shouldve gotten rid of Clausen