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  1. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Julius Jones was avalable in your rookie Dynasty draft ?
  2. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Oh OK. I thought we were being serious..My bad. unless ahead means picked after
  3. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Manning Alexander LT Moss TO Mcgahee Duece Edge Priest Jamal Lewis Julius Jones Rudi Dillon Hindsight is 20/20 in week 2 but before the first snap of the season I see these guys taken ahead of Caddy
  4. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    31-13 Cowboys win
  5. Trent Green Owners

    Is there enough offense to go around on that team for Green to put up good fantasy numbers? I think if they can run the way they did week 1 and their Defense is as improved as they looked week 1 it may be a long year for anyone counting on Trent Green. A team would love nothing more than to run the ball especially if that teams Defense has traditionally been a weak point. Opinions?
  6. Trent Green Owners

    Im so glad I have them both
  7. what do you need on MNF?

    I need a total of 10 points. I have Horn, Portis, and Wash D. 6pts for td 1 yardage pt starting at 40 with additional pt every 20 def 1 pt per Turnover 1 pt per sack 6 per def td Held under 300yds bonus points I like my chances but you never know.
  8. Trent Green Owners

    2 full games no TDs..Maybe hes going for some kind of record
  9. Sterling really likes what he is seeing

    Shannon sounds like mushmouth from fat albert Sterling needs to offer up a little more than Throw it to Moss every play.
  10. Trent Green Owners

    Of course when he does throw his first td it will be to Gonzalez who im facing this week. 6 quarters and counting
  11. Holmes down

    Looks like they are checking his wrist
  12. Holmes down

    Mewelde Parker does have a lot of upside..I.I mean Willie
  13. W.Parker

    I guess time will tell
  14. Trent Green Owners

    Its sucks..But its early..They will need to lean on him at some point hopefully..
  15. Holmes down

    Announcers are saying it looks like a stinger.
  16. Holmes down

    That is some stud backfield
  17. Trent Green Owners

    I wont dump him but I need at least 1 td pass in 5 quarters to calm me down
  18. Trent Green Owners

    Here we go again
  19. Mulligans?

    In my main local I havent scored a TD yet from anyone. I still have a few guys left this week and may win but so far its been a rough go. Trent Green Edge Portis Horn Rod Smith Bennet Elam Wash D
  20. My FF nightmare week 2

    You're in 22 leagues?
  21. S.Davis

    Hes fragile
  22. Rodney Harrison With Another Hard Hit

    He wanted the spit to hit him directly in the face and not be deflected by the facemask
  23. W.Parker

    This is basically what I said. From a fantasy perspective Staley and Bettis will dent Willies production. The original post in this thread insinuates a healthy Bettis and Staley standing on the sidelines because Parker has blown up these 2 weeks. I just dont think that will be the case. He may end up a Michael Bennet type. A guy that is capable of taking it for a td on any given play but will be pulled at the goalline when Bettis comes back and may lose 3rd downs or a series here and there when Staley comes back.