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  1. W.Parker

    You obviously dont take into account Cowhers Loyalty to his players and how Bettis is a beloved player for that team. He isnt going to get carries because of all of that hes gonna get carries when he is healthy because he is one of the best short yardage backs in the history of the game. When he is healthy you can make book on the fact that he will swipe TDs from Parker. Laugh now because its the honeymoon. Let Willie face some Tough Ds and handle a full NFL schedule and ill be impressed. Cowher will no doubt give Bettis his and mix in Staley too..If Tds arent important in your league maybe it wont be a problem for you. I know Parker is talented but you are annointing him too early.
  2. Has Dayne taken over?

    I wouldnt. Dayne wont amount to anything..
  3. W.Parker

    When Bettis comes back he will lose TDs just like Staley did last year..
  4. Worst NFL Rule / Policy

    Good point. Although you cant allow blocking in the back it Deflates some exciting game changing plays week in and week out.
  5. All Bear Fans.....

    For a minute I thought Joey Harrington started a thread at the huddle..
  6. As a Stephen Davis owner...

    Davis down and looking dejected. Unfortunately for him its not a matter of if he will go down but when.
  7. Caddy Hurt?

    Carnell Williams, RB TB News: Cadillac Williams is on the sideline of Sunday's game against Buffalo with a sprained right foot. Analysis: Williams is questionable to return. Michael Pittman should see most of the carries in his absence. according to CBS
  8. Can I change to week 6 Carolina and make the score 6 since my 13 was picked already?
  9. On your leagues homepage under standings there is an option for records that is pretty cool. Not sure if you are all aware of it but if your league has been using cbs for a few years it has the records and milestones listed. Pretty interesting and could make for some good trash talking. Just a heads up.
  10. Yankees Collapsing

    Not division leader or wildcard yet
  11. I am going to puke...

    CBS added 1 point to the Pats D on monday. It gave me a win by .50
  12. Marshall Faulk

    I think the only reason anyone should have faulk on your team is if you are just handcuffing Jackson.
  13. Ricky Williams

    Hes on my bench in a dynasty
  14. Shut up M Irvin

    Me too..If this thread was titled shut up S. Young I wouldve taken Favres side
  15. Ricky Williams

    What kind of league are you in? Dynasty ? Keeper ? .Your backs in your sig look solid. Who would you drop to get him? If you have an expendable player go for it.If not I wouldnt make a move .
  16. Shut up M Irvin

    Bingo..Favre knows hes a media darling. As soon as he commented on this Walker was put in a bad light publically. A pro bowl wr getting 1.2 million over 2 years remaining in his contract give Walker a reason to pipe up for some more money. I agree Rhino that playing out a contract is honorable but this is a business and when a guy blows up and he is going to be paid chump change for 2 years by NFL standards he should look into a new deal. He chose to stay with what he had for whatever reason and now he is screwed. edit to add: Were not talking a T.O situation here where he signed a fat deal and wanted to renegotiate one year later. This is a guy who didnt hit the motherload yet.
  17. NFL Player Criminal Records

    Look under sports
  18. Shut up M Irvin

    Being a packer fan might be why you cheered. Being tea bagged for a decade by the Cowboys does that to a fan.
  19. Shut up M Irvin

  20. Shut up M Irvin

    Hold outs are not new to the NFL. Favre shouldve minded his business. edit to add: I think Favre is a hall of fame top notch qb but its about time someone stopped the manlove that the commentators gush all over this guy.
  21. 3rd and really long is typing