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  1. Ive been dying to use these
  2. Boller is the starter

    Ravens Coach Says 'Boller Is Our Starting Quarterback' Billick Says Injured QB Will Retain Spot Once He Returns OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Sept. 15) - The toe injury that forced Kyle Boller out of Sunday's game against Tennessee will not cost him his job as Baltimore Ravens quarterback. Eager to clarify his remark Wednesday that Anthony Wright "will be our starting quarterback until circumstances change," coach Brian Billick emphasized Thursday that his confidence in Boller has not waned. "Kyle Boller is our starting quarterback," he said. "If Kyle is able to return in the two- to three-week prognosis that we currently have, he will be our starting quarterback." Boller could be available to face the New York Jets on Oct. 2, which follows the Ravens' bye week. "Anthony Wright is the starter for an undetermined period right now due to injury," Billick said. "Kyle Boller is our starting quarterback. If I left it open to interpretation, if I left that in a way that led to speculation that we did not have the faith in Kyle, that our faith is wavering, that was not my intent." Boller hyperextended his right big toe and injured his ankle in last Sunday's 24-7 loss to Indianapolis. He is currently wearing a protective boot. "I feel pretty good right now," Boller said. "It kind of throbs a little bit, but it's settling down. I just don't want to put a lot of pressure on my toe. It kind of hurts my leg a little bit, carrying (the boot) around. "Right now, it's my job and my responsibility to support (Wright) and help him out. It's about this team and about winning. Anything I can do to help him, I'm going to do. He did when I was out there." This will be Wright's second stint as Baltimore's starter. After Boller was injured in a 2003 midseason game at St. Louis, Wright took over and won five of seven starts down the stretch to lead the Ravens to the AFC North title. 09/15/05 14:42 EDT Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.
  3. Boxing

    I found this
  4. Roger Clemens is flat out sick...

    Getting the win carrying the emotion of his Moms death showed hugh heart..
  5. The unthinkable has happened ...

    I saw a lot of huddle cheat sheets at one of my drafts..I dont think you fully get all the huddle has to offer if you are not active on the boards though. The homer updates and last minute injury info in the threads is priceless.
  6. How do you fly your team’s colors at work?

    At least once a week I wear a Cowboys uniform Helmet and all to work.
  7. TWO broken thums?

    He doesnt look like hes taking it so bad
  8. TWO broken thums?

    Good thinking
  9. TWO broken thums?

    He must have a tough time after he drops a duece
  10. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander S Smith Jordan
  11. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    The line is directly related to the Fate of Peterson Stoops on Sooners star: 'We anticipate him playing' Sep. 13, 2005 CBS SportsLine.com wire reports NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said he'll decide later this week whether suspended tailback Adrian Peterson will start Saturday against UCLA. Advertisement "We'll see. At this point, we anticipate him playing," Stoops said Tuesday. "Start or not depends on how we feel practice is going, what we feel we need to do. Depending on what further happens from here, we'll see." Peterson, who rushed for 220 yards and three touchdowns in Oklahoma's 31-15 win against Tulsa on Saturday, was suspended from practice on Monday and Tuesday after missing classes. He was allowed to participate in team meetings and other activities, but is not allowed to speak to reporters. Peterson's suspension was a result of a new Oklahoma athletic department policy on class attendance implemented this year. Under the policy, obtained by the Associated Press, athletes who accumulate four unexcused absences are suspended from practice for two days. For each subsequent absence, athletes are suspended for the next scheduled competition. After struggling in the opener, Adrian Peterson bounced back with 220 rushing yards vs. Tulsa. (AP) Athletes also can lose other privileges, including complimentary game admissions and athletic awards, and be excluded from competing in postseason play. Coaches can institute other attendance guidelines, provided athletes are notified in writing at the beginning of the academic year. Athletic director Joe Castiglione said the new approach was one of the university's strategies to improve academic performance and retention and make sure athletes are progressing toward their degrees. "This is just one element of a number of things that we are doing," Castiglione said. Stoops endorses that policy. "In the end, they're here to go to school, and it should be our job as administrators or as coaches that if they're not, we can't put you on the field," Stoops said. No. 21 Oklahoma announced the suspension in a statement sent to a limited number of news organizations following the Sooners' closed practice Monday night. "I probably shouldn't have said (Monday), but everyone finds out anyway," Stoops said. "In fairness to him, it probably doesn't need to be me coming out and saying that. In the end, that's the situation, and it's better than all the rumors being around about it." Peterson's suspension came nine days after the team's starting quarterback, 20-year-old Rhett Bomar, was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor. "We're doing things discipline-wise, and everything else like we always have," Stoops said. "That doesn't mean it's right or good, and it's fair to criticize me because some teams accept it better than others and listen or are disciplined better than others."
  12. My replacement pick is week 6 Carolina 17
  13. Weekly Blitz

    Atl Buf Det K.C Pit
  14. Tie-breaker

    Tie breakers should no doubt be put in place before the season starts. Since there is no rule in place this weeks tie needs to stay. I think the rule has to start next year since you had a tie already. If you change the rules now and not allow ties it may be unfair to the 2 teams that had a tie this week and it could effect season standings at the end of the year.
  15. Week 1 how'd you do?

    3 Leagues 1-2 Only win was due to late stat change for Pats D. Lost first Both game. Sat Mccardell Lost in Main Local. Good team bad showing.
  16. PATS Defense STATS CHANGE!

    I went to bed last night losing by .25 in one league. I thought I definetely lost and didnt even check until this morning after reading your thread. Now I have the win because of that sack. Sweet
  17. Vick sucks

    :doah: That sucks
  18. CBS sportsline fantasy info

    CBS also tricks you into reading the updates sometimes. The update will say A popular last name leading you to think its like Priest holmes or something and when you click it its about a 3rd string rookie Tight end with the last name Holmes.
  19. Fantasy Baseball head to head

    Well I was in 2 leagues. I lost first round of the playoffs in 1 league because of a complete game (20 point bonus) by Hudson. In my main league though I made the championship week. Im in the tank so bad right now its ridiculous. Thank God the guy im playing has been bitten by the injury bug and im only down 28 going in to the weekend. He lost Ensberg and Sheff for a few games we dont allow daily lineup switches whoever you put in sunday night you have all week. Anyway I have. Inge C Ortiz 1b Figgins 2b M Young SS Arod 3b Edmonds OF B Giles OF Ordonez OF Ichiro DH Freddie Garcia SP Johan Santana SP Mark Beurhlie SP Hoffman RP I need a big night tonight . I have beurhlie and Johan going. How are the rest of you fantasy baseball guys doing?
  20. Fantasy Baseball head to head

    I tied that guy and lost the tiebreaker..Amazing all the at bats and pitchers we both had and we both score 356. I lose because of his combined bench points being higher than mine..Brutal.
  21. The Well Dressed Invisible Amani Toomer

    I had him last year. He sucks. Dont expect anything good from him.
  22. Calling out Puddy

  23. It will come against the Panthers Sunday the 16th and the lions will score 13