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  1. 7 minutes ago, BillyBalata said:

    I think there would have to be some kind of restrictions on what kind of penalties could be reviewed. Otherwise every time a td is scored in the 4th qtr a coach could challenge whether the OL held on that play. someone tell me they would be in favor of that...


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  2. The Saints fans want you to believe that the time in the game where this missed call happened makes it more important than the missed calls that happened earlier in the game in their favor . I have said it a million times. I would be sick too. First thing I did was make a post on BFDs page saying it was a brutal way to go down . Its true . That doesn't change the fact that A. There is no guarantee they win even if the call is made . Odds heavily favor that they do, but no guarantee. Take it from me, I watched the Cowboys botch a gimme FG that most likely would have put the Hawks away in the playoffs many moons ago. B. The Saints botched their opportunities after the call. C. As I mentioned, they had fortunate calls that were missed against them earlier in the game


    As far as my suggestion. You get 2 challenges in the full game for penalties . You can either use it to dispute a call that was made or a call that was missed . apply that to this game , The Rams get the ball first and goal after the facemask that was missed against goff. The Saints get the badly missed call reversed . It isn't ideal.  Its more stoppages . CN has a point about it basically allowing a coach to throw a flag , but if the flag was badly missed , let him throw it. You only get 2. That seems like a drop in the bucket since im always hearing "You can throw a flag on every play"

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  3. I would say the NFL should maybe give 2 additional reviews for penalties only. I know reviews slow down the game but it would be worth it to get calls right or missed calls . Im sure the Rams would have loved to have the refs get a 2nd look at that missed facemask

  4. 8 hours ago, irish said:

    Lol!  So true, which actually really blows. I hope Brady and crew beat the piss out of the Rams as I'd hate to see the Rams win, when they shouldn't even be there. 

    Saints got jobbed. They also got outplayed and outcoached

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  5. 4 hours ago, LordOpie said:

    he should move on... in a week. If there's a process in place to right a wrong, then use it. If goodell says no, then yeah, move on. But make goodell say no.

    as I tell my kids... the answer is always no unless you ask

    There isn't a chance on earth Goodell would do this. Beyond slippery slope. Every game you could show bad calls . This one is magnified because of when it happened and how blatant it was but the Saints and their fans just have to lump it. It sucks but there is no other choice

  6. 2 minutes ago, Bier Meister said:


    shoot...i was a young 9er fan watching a terribly officiated NFC championship game vs the skins (83 season) at rfk.  sloppy, sloppy game (mud).  refs made several bad calls on ronnie lott presenting the skins with the game winning fg.  montana had a wonderful 4th quarter.....


    anyway... while "massaging" wasn't on my radar, impactful officiating has been around for a while.

    I hear that. I watched Deion Sanders maul Michael Irvin in the championship game against the 49ers and get away with it

  7. Payton mentioned something along the lines of being able to review PI. More review will make an already long game even longer but if they can incorporate it where it doesn't delay the crap out of the games and has a cap for how many times you can do it, ill be all for it. A major miss like yesterday may be just what it takes to make that happen . It would have to be capped though. Maybe you get one a game and its up top the coach when he wants to use it and burn it. You couldn't have a stoppage  every other play

  8. 1 minute ago, LordOpie said:

    there were several unacceptable calls in both games that went against NOS and KC. It's not that I'm a NOS or KC fan, but when the bad calls are that lopsided, it ruins the games. In addition, the wild card and divisional rounds were the least entertaining that I could remember.

    overall, this post-season sucked donkey balls

     This has been going on since the dawn of time . Saints got jobbed. I get it. Pats game wasn't determined by the refs IMO. Putting calls aside I was very entertained yesterday

  9. That call was brutal . The Saints still had chances after that though. I know that call may have sealed the game , but after that the Rams did what was necessary to win. Brutal way to lose for the Saints and their fans . I am not saying it was due to the Cowboys at all, I am just using it as a time reference. It seemed the Saints were not the same team as they were before that game. They were torching people and leaving them in the dust on O. That seemed to slow down considerably after that game . Even in the 1st win against the Eagles. They were down early and the outcome could have been way different if Alshon doesn't facilitate that INT with his drop. The Rams manhandled the boys last week and showed poise coming back from 13-0 . I get that the Saints got robbed and that if that call is made correctly , the game is all but won , but other factors played in to the loss including the Rams staying poised and finishing the game , as well as 2 giant kicks by Zerluen

  10. The Pats may be getting older but when the chips were down .Brady, Edelman, and Gronk were money, especially in that last drive on 3rd down.  Edelman made some huge catches in the middle and took some big hits but held on. The Roughing call was a bad call but I cant say it cost KC the game . Future is very bright in KC as well. Mahomes looked very poised in that 2nd half and they went toe to toe slugging it out with a very experienced team . I also had the Pats over 27 team total. Game over 56 and Pats alternate line team total over 35 :)  I was crying in my soup until that 4th Q

  11. 13 hours ago, Bobby Brown said:

    Frustrating.  At the end of the Cowboys Hawks game, refs throw flags on a couple questionable PIs that largely determine the outcome of the game.  Then today that guy gets mugged and refs swallow their whistles.  

    :lol:  Dude get over it . You lost . You've been crying for 3 weeks now

  12. 23 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    The difference is that Eagle fans don't scatter like Cowboy fans. You know I'm right. How many bandwagon Dallas fans are out there who can't find Dallas on a map? I know your a real fan. I'm not referring to the real Cowboy fans such as yourself.

    :lol:  That was the most meaningful game Dallas has played in frigging decades . I watched it with friends and drank like a fish. Sorry we didn't stay in here and follow the riveting commentary ! Anyway , Dallas was manhandled upfront. They got beat the way they used to beat people in their heyday . They ran right down our throats . Dak missed way too many passes that an NFL qb just should not miss . As much as we got smacked around , we may have made it interesting if we just connect on some of those very simple NFL caliber passes . Congrats to the Rams fans, the true non front runner ones :chappywink:


    Id like to see a Saints Chiefs SB. I don't hate the Pats and I think Brady is neck and neck with Montana for the GOAT but I do have to say I am kind of tired of the road the Pats have every year . Smack around the consistently worst division in Football on your way to an easy bye and home playoff game . Hold serve at home ..Superbowl.  It will be interesting to see them on the road in KC. If anyone can come up with a scheme its bill so we shall see if they can contain that KC O and if the KC D can play above their heads again


    As much as I love my Cowboys , I think the 4 best teams remain . Next week should be very exciting football

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  13. 25 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    I already said that the Hawks primarily lost due to their unwillingness to open up the offense early.   Also stated officiating wasn't horrendous.  However, Dallas definitely benefited from questionable calls/no calls late in the game.  Only a homer would deny that.  :)



    Who wrote that article, steve largent ? 

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  14. 38 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    Yup, like the illegal block on the back on Wagner on Daks 3rd down run.  The point being is that the refs were keeping their flags in their pocket the entire game and then decided to make 3 huge calls in Dallas's favor at the very end. I suppose some of that comes with home field advantage.


    ETA:  the reffing certainly wasn't atrocious.  It just definitely worked in Dallas's favor late in the game when referees tend to be even more hesitant to throw flags.  That's all.

       Both of those calls were pass interference and blatant at that . The fact that it happened in the 4th Q doesn't change that . The Missed PI in a critical drive for the Cowboys happened late as well . What can you do . Onward we go

  15. 1 hour ago, DMD said:

    I'd agree - SEA seemed way too committed to running the ball even after it was obvious that it wasn't working.

    At the very least , they should have given Penny more carries if they weren't going to abandon it . He seemed pretty explosive

  16. 51 minutes ago, MTSuper7 said:

    I still don't understand how the officials didn't get the Derek Watt catch and roll right on review. He clearly broke the plane. It blows my mind how often a review doesn't work.

    Yep. There was a perfect frame where it was so clear. Even tessetore felt it was going to be a TD

  17. 11 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    Seattle primarily lost because they waited way too long to assert Wilson into the game more.  That being said, between the holding and two PIs; the refs made some huge calls late in the game.  Would of been nice to see the obvious face-mask on Russ called or the PI on the Dallas DB who was grabbing onto Doug Baldwin too long.  But the refs decided to hold onto their flags for those plays and wait until crunch time to throw them. 

      The facemask on zeke the very next series that was missed would have evened that out as well. As in any game, you can go tit for tat.

  18. 3 minutes ago, loaf said:

    I missed most of the second game yesterday. Sounds like Parkey did too. 

    He was successful on 3 kicks and I keep seeing the last one was tipped . He is an easy scapegoat and yes a good kicker has to make that kick , but I think there is a lot of blame to go around