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  1. 14 hours ago, Bobby Brown said:

    The refs asserted themselves heavily in the last 10 minutes of the Sehawks Cowboys game.


     Wright even admitted he held on too long for the first call and Beasley was hit like 3 times on the 2nd one. There was a missed PI on the interception with Dallas knocking at Seattle's door . The Cowboys simply pulled out a very tight game that could have went either way

  2. I rag on Dak a lot and I still feel he isnt a good enough passer to bump us to the next level. That being said , I have always liked his character and heart and that was on full display with that game sealing run. That was balls

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  3. 12 hours ago, Bobby Brown said:

    The Steelers were next to last in the NFL in rushing, behind the Arizona Cardinals, so all the early season proclamations of not needing Bell have seemingly been vanquished.  The leadership of this team is largely in the hands of Tomlin and Ben, IMHO, and they suck at being leaders.   They lost control of the team.  Egos in the NFL are abundant, and the Steelers put on a text book display on how to mismanage those egos to the detriment of their team. 

    I believe you have researched your stat , but I also remember Connors #s being equal to or better than Bells stats the previous year at the point in the season where it was declared Bell wasn't coming back. How is that possible if your stat is true ?

  4. The Steelers have been competitive and in the mix for as long as I can remember . It does seem though like they are hitting a challenging time for the franchise. Big Ben has been one of the best QBs in the game for a while . Giant talent and intangibles , but he has limited years left. Tomlin in turmoil. AB in turmoil. Bell gone . Maybe they can rally and now wallow in decline for a while , who knows . It just seems like they are headed for a rebuild . Im a huge fan of JuJu . I think that guy is everything thats right about the game

  5. 37 minutes ago, DMD said:

    The Cowboys got Amari Cooper which does appear to be a solid move that maybe was worth the #1 pick. But he is still really the only receiver that they have and when he is covered, nothing much happens. It will forever stick my craw that Goedert was grabbed by the Eagles. The Cowboys just don't have the receiving talent that they need. Dak Prescott may not be upper shelf by any means, but he's probably average. But the offense needs a real TE badly and a No. 2 WR that matters. The offense lacks the balance to compete against top teams.

    I think Gallup has potential

  6. 11 hours ago, DMD said:

    The Cowboys have not beaten any team with a winning record while on the road. They lost to CAR, SEA, HOU and WAS on the road. They beat PHI and ATL. Not going to play out well in the playoffs.

    I don't think the realistic fans expect a superbowl with this squad. I still think a division win and some playoff experience would bode well for these guys. Once you get in , you have a punchers chance and we did prove we could hang with the best in the business . I just don't think they are ready yet to make a true splash .

  7. Dak is terrible. O line was bad too. Def couldn't stop Luck either. He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Refa may have been funky , but this was a sound ass whipping that cant be pinned on anything but the Cowboys getting beaten in all facets of the game . I hope Dallas hangs on so they get some playoff experience with this group. I just pray we don't sign Dak long term. That would be the dagger in any revival attempts of this franchise .


    I didn't feel good about yesterdays game even before it started . I figured the bubble was due to burst on that win streak and people have been sleeping on how good the Colts really are . I hope Dallas doesn't choke down the stretch. We shall see . I still love that D , even though they got manhandled yesterday

  8. Just an observation over the last few weeks . There were many NFL teams that were so explosive this year , that I saw fantasy teams with 3-4 players on these teams dominate . The issue with that is when that team lays an egg, so does your fantasy team . I saw a team that had Kamara and Brees fizzle . Teams that loaded up on chiefs became human last night. Its a good recipe for regular season success but if it falls it falls pretty hard

  9. 43 minutes ago, irish said:


    Dak made some unbelievably terrible throws yesterday.  He just cannot throw a consistent, accurate, long ball.

    I have said it before and Ill say it again. Big heart, great character , not and NFL caliber passer . He has missed Gallup 2 weeks in a row on what should have been an easy in stride bomb for a TD . Floating terrible passes over wide open receivers . Anything over 10 yards is a crapshoot . I love the direction the Cowboys are headed in. they are the 3rd youngest team in the NFL. They have a fast swarming D and if that whole O line is intact , that running game hums . I just don't think Dak is the guy. I don't care what his record is since he has taken over. He is smoke and mirrors . They should take the east and it will be good to get some playoff experience with this young group. They have a punchers chance in the playoffs but I don't think they have the O to make a splash. Hopefully I am wrong and I would certainly be pleasantly surprised . Either way , we are finally heading in the right direction

  10. Im thrilled with the win and I am very excited about this young defense. Cant say the same about Dak though. I really hope they don't extend him to a mega deal. He is not an NFL caliber passer. Great character guy and great heart , but he just absolutely cannot stretch the field . I just don't see us getting next level with him at the helm .