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  1. Aikman,Emmitt,Irvin.Hard to argue with the 3 rings and great Stats those guys put up.There has been great Triplets in the past as well and currently you have Harrison ,Edge,Marvin.Theres been Harris ,Bradshaw ,Swan and many others.Lets hear some others and state your case for who you think was the best.

  2. Id have to say with the exception of a few games Ahman hasnt been worth the 3rd overall pick in the draft which is when I got him.His fumbles and the rotating of 3 backs when Najeh is healthy just make it a real crapshoot if he is gonna jhave a nice week.It seems like every other year he explodes and Its just my luck to get him on the off year..

  3. According to cbs.


    Ahman Green, RB GB


    News: According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, X-rays on Ahman Green's bruised ribs were negative.


    Analysis: Green should be considered questionable for Week 12 against St. Louis.

  4. Holcombe took over in the second half.  Was Garcia hurt, or did he get the hook?  Stat-wise, he was 10/17, 88yds, 1TD, 0 INT so it wasn't that he was playing too bad.  Was it?








    I heard it was gerbil related

  5. Unbelievable.  You'd bet I'd charge into the stands and beat the crap out of someone who hit me in the face with with a full cup of beer.  Pacers were assaulted first, and had every right to defend themselves.


    Detroit Fans :D










    No excuses for what happened butyet another flagrant from Artest brought this on.. Big Ben shoved him across the court

  6. Never bench your studs is a very tricky motto.This week Im benching Joe Horn in favor of some other receivers that you wouldnt put on the same level as Horn .Im doing it because of Champ Bailey.I think the matchups play a big part with a stud and also like in the first post sometimes you keep a stud tag on a guy too long..

  7. Eagles will crush the 'Girls tonight. After the embarrasment that was Pittsburgh last week I feel sorry for Parcells and his "stupid" team. Andy Reid is one of the best at preparing his team to prevent against the "let-down" game vs. a weaker opponent. Birds win big, and T.O.'s gonna be dancin......







    Andy Reid is even better at preparing the Eagles for the championship game :D T.O may dance.Thats fine..One big Shot.All I ask.I didnt want this thread to turn in to whos gonna win.That remains to be seen.When Andy Reid does What Bill Parcells has done in his Career than he can talk.As I intended their is already people responding to this thread that arent Cowboy fans that agree they want to see T.O get his Jets lit.If I wanted this to turn into a Eagles vs Cowboys thread I just wouldve stated the obvious.Cowboys get good and win superbowls.Eagles get good and choke at the championship game.One big shot.thats all this is about...

  8. Is this what it's come down to for Dallas fans? The entire evening will rest on whether or not Owens gets a hard hit from Williams?


    If it's true, that's a sad, sad state of mind to be in. :D








    As I said in my original post.I wont sign off that the Eagles will beat us.We took one from you last year when you were supposed to be unbeatable.My statement is very simple.Im talking outside of the outcome of the game.I just want to see Roy Williams unload on T.O.Theres no need to overanalyze it.I give him his due as a great receiver.I just want to see him get laid out..Very simple..

  9. I respect T.O as one of the best receivers in the game.Im a cowboys fan.I realize that T.O may torch Newman tonight.I would never sign off to the fact that the cowboys are going to lose tonight.All that being said I just want One big shot out of Roy Williams tonight just to let T.O know hes alive.He may score and celebrate tonight and do all of his usual antics .I dont care.I just want the one big shot.

  10. Williams ... definitely a young stud (defense)

    Witten ... definitely a young stud (offense)


    Henson ... a failed baseball player who hasn't played football in several or more years and never at the NFL level.  He's just as likely to be another Chad Hutchinson.


    Jones ... the knock on him coming out of college was that he lacked a work ethic and was lazy.  He has yet to start and is already having issues with staying healthy.


    Newman ... definitely young, but not a stud ... getting burned regularly and often


    That doesn't exactly look like a strong foundation to me.







    Jones Henson and Newman .I agree not proven but have good upside.A lot of rookie corners have growing pains.Ive seen Jammer get burned big time as well.Jones broke his clavicle.Injury proned or not that can happen to anyone .Clavicle isnt conditioning injury.I just feel Parcells will see this thing out long enough to make some noise or have us right on the brink when he leaves.And as Ive said before when Dallas gets good they cash in with superbowls.

  11. A lot of young talent ... you mean like Testaverde, George, Keyshawn, Glenn, Ward and Richie Anderson ... or maybe you meant Darren Woodsen.  We traded our youngest WR, Bryant.


    If Henson can't cut it now what makes you think he will cut it next year.  He needs first team reps and he needs them now.








    I meant Roy Williams,Witten,Henson,Jones,Newman and the 2 # 1s from next year which of course we dont know yet if they will pan out.I liked Bryant but he wasnt Jerry Rice.Keyshawn has never been one of my favorite athletes but no one can deny his heart and willingness to give up his body and do anything to win.Dallas will be good again.Im sure of it.Lets see todays "hot teams" Cash in like Dallas does when they get good.Pittsburgh is great and could be a force to be reckoned with .The pats are Proven.The eagles are regular season superpowers and Playoff chokers.The colts big 3 havent even sniffed Irvin aikman emmitt Titles.Vikings...See eagles.Henson will get the reps when Bill finally signs off on this year.Maybe Jones comes back and gets a few nice games under his belt and hopefully we can cash in on the 2 #1s next year..

  12. 2 #1s next year.Henson will be brought along nicely.Still dont know what we have in Jones.Im a die hard Dallas fan and although this year has been a bust so far I think the future looks bright.I think Parcells will stick around and see out some of the young talent we have and will have with next years draft.The difference between Dallas and most other teams is when Dallas goes on a run we cash in with superbowls.We are not ready right now but will be before you know it.With the parity that you see in the NFL right now a team can get good quick.A lot of young talent and a legend as a coach sits well with me.Dallas haters can laugh now but Cowboys fans will laugh last.

  13. I hope you guys can remember this one..I cant remember his login name but he used to terrorize the boards and everyone used to fight with him...The one clue I can give is that in his sigline he used to say somethiung about a player and that he had a "crush on him"

  14. Lately Ive been checking out the amount of posts and how long a lot of you guys have been members..Who are the oldest (Time on site not age)members of the huddle..Ive been with the huddle since it was a free site and Ive always liked it.Just curious about the longest running members.

  15. The only thing that scares me is the sore achilles.I wouldnt trade him for Drougns or Bulger or most of those guys you have mentioned.He has the talent to break out and maybe not be what we thought when we drafted him in the top 5 but still be a solid back..Im holding on for now unless something comes my way that I cant pass up