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  1. FYI your up in DAF.  You had pre-drafted 1 pick but you had 2 picks back to back.

  2. Al sent a trade in AOTAOP



  3. Dynasty/rookie drafts

    Dotson 1.02. Highest ceiling Garcon will be gone, DJax ? deep threat. Treadwell has Teddy limp arm worst QB in NFL
  4. MFL position changes yesterday . . .

    Bills and Bears switch really stings!
  5. 2015 NFL Draft Commentary Thread

    Colts signed Kendall Langford, Trent Cole and have Mathis returning. Today they lineup a better D than at any point last year. Teams that draft for need over talent constantly keep picking early year after year.
  6. 2015 NFL Draft Commentary Thread

    Frankly I like Dorsett to Colts. He can fly (4.3) and is a great route runner. Most polished WR in draft not named Cooper. There were no OL with value at that point the only other consideration for the Colts was Malcolm Brown.
  7. Saints Hoosier Daddy, chrishughes@tds.net
  8. What the heck whats 1 more, Hoosier Daddy will take Saints