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  1. the Jaguars in our 32 team Homers league need a new owner! Homer preferred but not necessary. pm or visit the Hardcore Homers thread http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/533031-2020-who-is-coming-back/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-4621133
  2. Seeking dedicated JAX Jaguars Homer

    any Jags fans out there? Come fill our last team in the Hardcore homers league.
  3. Seeking dedicated JAX Jaguars Homer

    any Jaguars Homers out there?
  4. Seeking dedicated JAX Jaguars Homer

    bump for Jags homer
  5. Hardcore Homers 2020 seeking owners

    Still seeking Homer owners for the Jacksonville Jaguars Seattle Seahawks
  6. 32 team league seeking Homer owners for New York Jets Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks if you are looking for a challenge, come on down