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  1. 1.02 Pick in rookie draft

    Haha! I was born in Bismarck but been living in Dallas, TX for the past 20 years! Good luck with your draft as well!
  2. 1.02 Pick in rookie draft

    Some how I was able to acquire the first three picks in the draft plus 1.6 I am going Elliot Treadwell, Wentz, then grabbing who ever is left out of Coleman, Shepard, Doctson in that order. It's a 2 QB league and being from North Dakota is why I am taking Wentz at three. it's nice having 4 of the top 6 picks it makes it easier to make a homer pick.
  3. Should I make this trade?

    agree and I would take Agholor over Funchess
  4. Bell or Patterson as my Keeper?

    Since its a PPR along with return yards I would keep Patterson