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  1. The Man Cave-16 team dynasty startup

    Update; 10 of 16 slots taken
  2. The Man Cave is a duplicate of the Insane League, now entering its 4th season....so the format is owner tested. Key features; 1. A unique scoring system that is performance based, what happens in the real world, so if your QB has a bad game, he may have negtive points. 2. 45 man rosters, 5 man practice squad, 10 man IR 3. 16 teams, 2 conferences-4 divisions 4. Competitive play off system-Division winners, top 2 league wide make play offs. Consolation round for remaining team for additional draft pick 5. Total contract years are used 2.5 x # of players on roster. You then assign as desired to each player. 1-4 year contract years. 5 yr. Rookie contracts. No salaries are tracked. 6. Franchise/transitional tags for off season auction 7. Prize league-$400.0 payout to league champ 8. Experienced commishes The initial acquisition of players is done through an auction, this gives all teams to have equal access to all players! Click to access league site, if interested send email to Commish via the "Communications" menu at the league site.
  3. HOF Keeper/Redraft Season 6

    Sideline open, rest of league ready to go...draft starts in late July
  4. We have 1 open team for sure, 1 more possible, rest of league is filled, fees paid. No off season activities have been conducted so new owners are starting at the same point as returning owners. 12 teams, 4 div. 6 teams in championship playoff, 6 in consolation PPR scoring 11 starters-Positions: Coach, QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, Team Def 24 man rosters,IR,TS for Rookies only Annually declare 9 keepers, once at each starting position, then two players overall 17 round draft, starts 3rd wk of July Waivers Custom graphics...,Detailed rules Low fee 8.50...we don't/won't do prizes etc... League link CLICK: Open team is Sideline Fedora-has had 1 owner since league opened. Do have some other custom graphics available. Send me a PM or email via commish link at web site.
  5. HOF Franchise AC Lg. "Like the Leatherman of FFB"

    7 of 12 slots taken, 5 to fill
  6. HOF Franchise AC Lg. "Like the Leatherman of FFB"

    Indy, Seattle, Pittsburgh, San Fran', Denver taken
  7. Why are we like a Leatherman? We offer a wide variety of "tools" to help you be successful! League site: CLICK. Email Commish from league site if interested. League fee is 8.50, no cash prizes, T shirts, trophies, gift cards, you name it, we don't do it! No Fluff, Just Football! Salaries set by past season's performance. # of fantasy pts. x wtg. factor of 7. $25,500.0 Hard salary cap, penalty for dropping players All players on 2 year contract Franchise players-Beginning with Season 1 pick your favorite players form your "Home Team" Annual 16 round, slow draft, using virtual dice roll season 1, teams pick their own slots. Franchise players become a draft pick based on past season ranking within position group. Auction format from end of draft, through regular season. Rookies, veterans, team positions available. 23 players on active roster IR-2- is used for IR players out for season and or a Player listed as "Out". Out players are on IR for 7 days before being reactivated. 50% of a player's salary is charged to the salary cap. Taxi squad-2-Teams can put any player/team position on TS for an indefinite period of time during the regular season. 60% of a players or team position's salary is charged to the salary cap. Use of Team positions focuses on team match ups in NFL, rather than individual, so it helps those who are new to defensive postions in a league, is an easier way to learn. Key individual player positions at WR, RB, LB and PK Personalized team logos Experienced commish who runs 4 teams on mfl, knows the system
  8. HOF Dynasty IDP Lg

    Team open, we just collected league fees, getting ready for free agency, will not start until new owner is on board.
  9. HOF Dynasty IDP Lg

    Team open. We start April 1 with prep for annual free agency which starts later in April
  10. HOF Dynasty IDP Lg

    We are now in our 6th season...low fee, no prize league 1 opening: Indian Packers...CLICK for Roster/League Site Send PM via league site if interested. Thanks
  11. Classic Dynasty Openings

    Pittsburgh taken
  12. Before you look further, understand that this is a no prize league Open teams are Pittsburgh, current league champion, Houston and Denver New owners will participate in a 54 round draft from players in the pool, including the players that were on the 3 teams. If all 3 owners agree to take teams as is, then no draft. Following the draft, then the annual league wide free agency starts. Teams protect 40 players on their roster, declare 8 RFAs...auction style free agency League link; http://www4.myfantas...13/home/29551#0 League is part of Zealots Field. http://www.zealotsfield.com/ which has been existence since 2002. Zealots 49, which is the league name has been in place since 2007 Completion of a short application is required; https://virology.wuf...pxm7u031r5m1bs/ League fee is 6.50 Feel free to send me a PM here or via league site with any questions. Thanks
  13. Salary Cap Duplicate Player League

    Updated 8 of 10 tms. taken fee pd. Need 2 more teams
  14. Salary Cap Duplicate Player League

    8/10 fees paid, need two owners going with a 10 team league