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  1. I sent you a trade offer. have a look

  2. Huddle not accessible in the European Union

    That's good to know they must have fixed something. Thanks
  3. Huddle not accessible in the European Union

    Thanks, Opie but the question was not for you. It was for the support team. Probably not smart to say what method he uses to connect. They may shut that down too
  4. Huddle not accessible in the European Union

    Seems to me Gannett might want to fix this on all their sites. Do can you confirm if they are working on this issue?
  5. You are late in posting you contracts for DAF please post them asap

  6. Nice trade =. how many Offers did you send out before someone took Miller?

    I picked up his backup during the draft because he had issue late in the season. It will not ve long before he is sharing carries with the rookie RB

  7. League Forum Moderator Reset

    myself and MonkeyOne