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  1. Dyslexic shemale cliff divers

  2. What color flip flops are you wearing to the George Michael concert tonight?

  3. Has small hands, smells of oranges.

  4. A n00b question

    my sides hurt
  5. A n00b question

    here's to you, mister vanderjagt-in-the-8th-round-picker... real men of geeeenius.....
  6. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    i like the jags'. and as much as i hate the raiders, i have to admit their unis look pretty cool. like the saints as well, and the dolphins', and the chargers' power blues.
  7. Barry Bonds

    you know how hard it is to hit big-league pitching? and bonds makes it look like child's play.
  8. pick 4

    come on, me out! you guys are rude. the huddle sucks
  9. Trade offer

    keep caddy unless you get points for receptions, or bonuses for long TDs. in those kinds of leagues, westbrook is really a nice asset.
  10. pick 4

    i can only play 4 of the 5...which one of these guys would you SIT and not play? edit: basic performance scoring (1/10, 6), no points for receptions or anything.
  11. Fantasy Hockey info?

    no doubt. very handy, thanks darkside.
  12. Fantasy Hockey info?

    not thorough enough no goalie rankings (that i can find ) edit: and brad richards #1? err...
  13. Johnson for Priest?

    i'd take the trade. if it were more than 2 keepers, i'd probably stand pat. in any case, i think it would be a little foolhardy to assume that priest is done after this year and LJ automatically becomes a top-2-round keeper next year. priest may very well hold that #1 crown all of this year and into next. that's why you play it for this year, take the money (priest) and run.
  14. Fantasy Hockey info?

    fraz can buy it with the all the extra 83 cents's he collected from non-CC paypalers