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  1. Favorite Stout - Beer

    Great Divide's Yetis are the top of the heap for me. they do the imperial stout thing better than anyone else I've come across. speaking of Yetis, there's a local Indian restaurant/brewpub called Yak and Yeti that brews and serves a really nice chai milk stout.
  2. Fav IPA beer

    firestone's union jack has been one that I have really loved since I tried it. tonight I had their "wookey jack" black rye IPA and it is truly one of the best beers I've had in a long time.
  3. Ed Reed

    the two players I was most happy for yesterday were Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin. Reed in particular, because IMO he is the best safety to play the game. every time I watch him I remember and rue the day the broncos drafted Ashley Lelie while Ed was still on the board.
  4. Would you be upset if your wife had coffee with a stranger?

    yeah, I guess I feel if yer spouse isn't trustworthy, then they aren't worth being with long term. and maybe the sooner you find that out the better. if you're with a wh0re who you somehow keep from cheating only by zealously being up her butt all the time (figuratively, matt), then that seems like a rather hollow "victory".
  5. Toxic Reasons - The Band

    often you can find out-of-print stuff in mp3 format by doing a google search limited to blogs.
  6. Respect for those who eschew the pink

    I don't really have any major issue with the komen foundation, or any other group involved in cancer funding, or "awareness", or any of that. bottom line is I am sick of all this for two reasons. 1) I just don't care for pink and the unis are hideous, and 2) all this "awareness" is primarily just a marketing ploy hucksters are using to sell pink chit and pander to a particular demographic. certainly that is how the NFL involvement strikes me, wrapping themselves in pink to show how awesome and "aware" they are. so much of marketing and PR these days is about blowing smoke up peoples' butts.
  7. Would you be upset if your wife had coffee with a stranger?

    don't get involved. if he wants to look at the phone records, he should. the fact that she lied about who "friended" who is mildly concerning. it sure sounds like nothing happened and it was innocent, but the little lies on her part and the trust issues on his part seem to be the real issue.
  8. who is man enough to bench Julio Jones this week

    I think you'd be a fool to view the home/road thing as anything but a statistical anomaly. that said, Julio has been pretty disappointing overall from a FF perspective, at least with respect to consistency. it's not inconceivable that a team might have 2 or 3 better options at WR.
  9. This forum

    IMO the slide started when they started trying to police whole broad topics rather than actual objectionable behavior. then they enforced it sporadically, inconsistently, and haphazardly -- "seagull moderation" if you will ('the seagull moderator flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything then flies off again leaving a big mess behind'). that started causing resentment among many posters, and one by one many of them started going out in a blaze of idiocy in "protest". others got annoyed and less interested as a result, either annoyed with the moderation, or annoyed with the people who push the moderators. the pattern keeps repeating itself in a continual downward spiral. I would say that all they really accomplished by banning topics was to dumb down the discussion of those topics and turn the whole place into a grown-up romper room. like many others, I am pretty bummed about that because I consider a lot of the old huddlers good friends and I miss what we used to have here.
  10. 40th Anniversary

  11. Respect for those who eschew the pink

    good cause? maybe so but it's overkill. are they going to do it for what seems like half the season like they did last year? good grief, couldn't they just do one week. I guess the thing about it that bugs me a little bit is that there are a lot of other kinds of cancer out there that don't receive nearly the amount of funding or attention. prostate cancer is the easy one to bring up, because it impacts about as many men as breast cancer affects women and receives zero attention. but lung cancer kills like 5 times as many people as breast cancer, and receives a fraction of the funding (especially on a per death basis).
  12. White wide receivers

    meh, all those pigmentally-challenged people look the same.
  13. White wide receivers

    one of my favorite players growing up, steve watson
  14. Sean Payton granted conjugal visit

    would you prefer it that payton be banned indefinitely as williams is so he can get permission to go to all the saints games? SP is still the head coach of the team. it does not surprise nor confuse me in the least that they would see the need for a stricter, more attentive enforcement of a finite suspension where the person maintains their title and position than the more punitive, open-ended ban directed at williams. obviously, the league could have responded to payton's request with a simple, "nope, you're suspended". instead they responded graciously. I would try and view it that way rather than seeing it, like everything else, through the prism of some sort of vendetta against your team.
  15. What happened?

    one direct consequence of the idiotic, inconsistent administration of this forum is that pretty much any and every thread starts to go downhill almost immediately.