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  1. Still need three new owners.
  2. If Giants do open, cubsfansean will be switched to them, which will reopen 49ers. We may have an owner already interested in taking that one, but I am still willing to take names. We need to get this all decided by tomorrow. FYI: Chargers are definitely open at this time.
  3. We may have opening for NY Giants and LA Chargers as those owners have yet to check in and the draft starts this week. I am taking placeholders now if anyone is interested. Decision will be made by this Tuesday.
  4. The 9ers are yours. Any Jets Homers out there?
  5. One last bump to get Jets and/or 49ers owner before draft starts next week. Still time to pick your Homer Stud.
  6. 32 Homers. About as dedicated a league as you will find. We don't use league safe though.
  7. 49ers are also open at this time.
  8. Current open teams are New York Jets, SF 49ers, and LA Chargers . Huddle Site: League Site: Hoping to start the draft this week. Next Monday (8/20) at the latest.
  9. Still need one more owner. Any Giants or Jets fans out there?
  10. League site: Open team is Shamen Eggs. We are gearing up for an initial Add/Drop run on Monday so we need some one to jump in quickly. Let me know if interested, or jump in our forum and say hi.
  11. Jets or Giants. Caseysmith21 is willing to take either team, so another new owner can have their pick of the two.We need to get this filled by next weekend so we can pick Homer studs and draft. Don't miss this opportunity to join a very unique league.
  12. Jets are currently open and Giants owner is still MIA. Check out the BOTH forum and send me an IM if interested. We need to start drafting in about a week.
  13. Sleeper WR... Pick one

    Depends. Which one plays on defense?
  14. Two teams still open. Currently available: San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers $30 buyin. $10 weekly high score for both AFC and NFC throughout season.