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  1. Jets are currently open and Giants owner is still MIA. Check out the BOTH forum and send me an IM if interested. We need to start drafting in about a week.
  2. Still need one more owner. Any Giants or Jets fans out there?
  3. League site: Open team is Shamen Eggs. We are gearing up for an initial Add/Drop run on Monday so we need some one to jump in quickly. Let me know if interested, or jump in our forum and say hi.
  4. Jets or Giants. Caseysmith21 is willing to take either team, so another new owner can have their pick of the two.We need to get this filled by next weekend so we can pick Homer studs and draft. Don't miss this opportunity to join a very unique league.
  5. Sleeper WR... Pick one

    Depends. Which one plays on defense?
  6. Two teams still open. Currently available: San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers $30 buyin. $10 weekly high score for both AFC and NFC throughout season.
  7. Poles N' Holes needs two new owners. Very low cost, but incredibly challenging league. League forum: 2015 league site: Open teams are Cham Wow and Drunken Knights. IM me if interested.
  8. Bump. Did I mention that Cham Wow has been in the final game 3 of the last 4 seasons. Solid team. Drunken Knights has some key pieces, but needs an active owner for an overhaul, but has the #1 pick in the 2016 rookie draft to get started.
  9. If you are looking for a new challenge, and want to literally represent your homer team, this is the league for you.
  10. Last call for new owners. Currently available teams are: Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs ​ New York Jets San Diego Chargers ​ San Francisco 49ers ​ Tampa Bay Buccaneers​​
  11. League forums: 2015 League site: Cham Wow and Drunken Knights are the two open teams. Message me if interested. FYI: $30 buy in, top 4 get $60, middle four get their $30 back. Mainly play for fun and bragging rights. Some long standing Huddlers in this league.
  12. We currently have the following teams open for true homers: Available Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Redskins New England Patriots Please IM me if interested.
  13. Last call. Draft starts 8/23. Tampa Bay and Washington still available.
  14. We still have three teams open. True homers step up!
  15. We want to get started with the draft next week, but need to round out the final owner. Here is the league site: League fee is $25. PM me if you are interested.
  16. Trade Knowshon Moreno for Demaryius Thomas?

    I'd make that trade. You don't need Knowshon for a bye filler, unless you can start 3 RBs, and Demaryius is a better start than Jackson, plus AJ still has a bye in week 12.
  17. Need Trade Advice

    I would make that trade. Harvin may be out for another week or two and still has his bye coming up. Plus, he hasn't played for almost a year now, so it will take him a while to get back to true form. I would take AJ over him for the rest of the season. As for the TEs, I also think Cameron is a slight upgrade over Davis for the rest of the season. You need a TE not on a bye this week, plus SF is getting two of their top WRs back over the next couple of weeks, thus cutting into Davis's numbers. Do the trade, and keep your push to the playoffs rolling.
  18. And if thar be a true 49'ers homarrrr that wants to commandeer me ship, I can easily get passage on one of the other abandoned tubs.
  19. We are set to start the season, select our studs, an get the draft rolling. Just missing a new Buffalo Bills owner for the original 32 Homers league. $25 buy if for a truly unique FFL experience. Go post in the league forum if interested.
  20. Entry fee is negotiable. Great chance to get in and try out this unique format.
  21. Looking to add another league

    Yes, small stakes. Bottom four teams owe $30 prizes to top 4 teams. But as an IDP Dynasty league, it is a great league to be part of.
  22. Poles and Holes II has at least one opening for the 2013 season. Our leagues site is here: http://www16.myfanta...2013/home/20390 The open team is Shear Magic. Highlights include: RG3 Rob Gronkowski JJ Watt Earl Thomas The #7 pick in each of the 2013 Rookie draft rounds. Let me know if you any questions or are interested in taking over this team.