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  1. Hi DW,


    To get your Taxi Squad in line with PnH rules (Max 4 Off Players), I dropped Perry, Malcolm MIA RB, your last Off Rookie selected in the draft, and brought Gandy-Golden, Antonio WAS WR up off the Taxi Squad.  If you would prefer a different way of fixing your squad, and can let me know before kickoff in 2.5 hours, I will make it happen.

    Just let me know.  You could drop someone else from your roster, and/or bring a different Off player up.  Your call.  i just needed to get it fixed while I had the time this morning.

    1. devilwoman


      I'd like to keep Perry if it too late to add Perry and drop Isabella?  I dont see that either scored any points...sorry for the problem.  Let me know thanks.

  2. We still need owners for Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Devote homers preferred, but any dedicated owners accepted. Draft starts this coming Monday. Homer picks need to be in by Sunday night.
  3. 32 Homers still needs two owners

    You're in as the Detroit Lions owner. We still have the Tampa Bay Bucs available for anyone interested. Still time to pick your homer. Draft will start Tuesday morning. Only a $30 buy-in.
  4. ECB draft pictures

    Uh, I think ya kind of gave mine away there Fraz.
  5. King Of The Mountain

    I'll take Seattle now, before the losing becomes doubly painful.
  6. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Not my boy, just a good friend. Just looking for clarification from you and what appeared to be contradictory statements. You supplied it, thanks. I never said Tim was an FF genius. Just seems to be one of the better 'experts'.
  7. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Now you're confusing me. You say his strategy will completely break down in the IDP league, but you're taking a similar approach?
  8. S.O.F.A. Draft

    And yet his follow 'experts' keep letting it happen, and keep getting beaten. Go figure. (Nothing against WW and DMD who provide me with the only cheat sheets I will ever, ever use in an FF draft/auction. )
  9. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Hey Sarge, great post. Tim would appreciate it. I actually know Tim rather well. We spent 4 years in the Air Force together and have been friends for over a decade now. I'm the guy that got him started in FF (Just mention the name Capt Penoyer to him ). As for it working in the IDP league, don't completely discount it. Watching the way the other 'expert' teams draft, he just might swing it. On Tim's FF skills, I'm still in the original league he joined 10 years ago, plus wo others we have joined together. One is a redraft and the others are auctions. Tim is almost always in the playoffs. However, he may not willing admit it, but I beat him more often than not.
  10. HELP - URGENT Trade Advice Needed!

    Nope. He moved on to a base in Florida, and I got out after 10 years. I'm a civvy now.
  11. HELP - URGENT Trade Advice Needed!

    You're assuming LT and Peyton will not be kept by their current owners. It would help to get an idea of who you think will be available at that #1 pick (technically a 5th round pick).
  12. SOFA Watch

    Seems most of them have one person representing them. Not sure if they are getting feedback and such from others. When the 'live' draft got postponed tonight, a few said they had someone else that could fill in if another live draft was attempted tomorrow.
  13. SOFA Watch

    Yeah, I know the guy drafting for Fantasy Insights. He's actually won it 3 of the last 4 years. I use to work with him in the Air Force back in Denver, CO. He was excited to get Manning at #8, then followed with Moss in the 2nd.
  14. Trade 1:04 to 1:07

    Is it a 4th rounder or 3rd rounder in 06? As for getting Duece at 1.07, I wouldn't be too sure. You may be deciding between Dom Davis and McGahee at 1.07. If you don't like Priest at 1.04, how about Edge?
  15. draft day @ camp frazia

    No we don't. But we sure let em draft drunk. Except Hugh. He seems to do better the more he has.
  16. Who to Keep?

    Sorry to come in late here, but after reading all the posts, I still don't see the main info I need to make a solid decision. What keepers will other teams lose their 1st and 2nd picks for? If CPep look like he falls to you in the 1st due to other keepers and you position, then I take DD, Edge and CJ (Burelson is interesting at 17th, but not enough to override the other three). If you think you'll miss out on CPep in the first round then is it possible CJ will be there in the third? Failing all this though, trading KJ and CPep for two early round picks will still set you up for a solid season.
  17. Ronnie Brown's value

    Enter Seattle.
  18. Draft Cheat Sheets

    Wow, did this conversation degenerate quickly or what?