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  1. 24 team, 2 player copy dynasty looking for 3 new owners to take part in a 4 team dispersal draft. Unique payouts, including an engraved championship belt. Assets listed below the basic league info. If interested or have questions please post here or email me @ A one time $50 discount is being offered to the 4 new owners added this season.ThanksKing of Ring Dynasty Football League League Overview: •All teams will be named after a boxer, wrestler, or fighter real or fictional. •League Fee will be $100. Teams will be need to be paid up for current season plus one year in the future. •Leaguesafe used. Cash prizes as well as an engraved Championship trophy belt •Championship playoff Bracket •Toilet Bowl playoff Bracket •The league will consist of 24 teams. 22 man roster and 3 man taxi squad. •League will consist of 4 divisions. •We will realign the divisions every year based on the previous season’s final standings. •Player Universe - All NFL Players – there will be 2 copies of each player in the league. At no time will a team be allowed to own both copies of the same player. •Scoring Type - PPR (Point per receptions) and Performance based decimal scoring. •Standings – Head to head •Dynasty Jackpot- $200 each year will be added to it and will be paid out when a team hts 50 points. More info on Dynasty jackpot under Payouts section of the rules. League fees: • All money collected will be held on Leaguesafe and 100% will be paid out in prizes minus MFL fee and trophy cost. • The first season the entry fee will be $ 200, $ 100 for year one and $ 100 for year 2. Each season after the entry fee is $ 100. •Each team will always be paid up one year in the future. So teams will be able to trade their current year draft picks and the next seasons draft picks. •If an owner quits between seasons they are not entitled to a full refund. It is the commissioner’s discretion how much if any refund is to be given. The money will only be used as a discount to entice a new owner to take over the team. Payouts: •$100 X 24 = $2400 minus $70 MFL fee (early bird price) and $110 for league trophy. •1st - $550 plus engraved trophy belt. •2nd - $420 •3rd - $330 Division payouts: •World Champion division winner -$230 •Professional Fighter division winner -$180 •Contenders division winner -$130 •Backyard Brawler division winner -$80 •Toilet Bowl winner - $100 King of The Ring Dispersal draft assets. Division placement:Contender Division. Winner of the division wins $130Contender Division. Winner of the division wins $130Backyard Brawler Division. Winner of the division wins $80Backyard Brawler Division. Winner of the division wins $80Only for your first year in KOTR. Divisions realine every year based on previous years standings.Initial Waiver Wire position:#2#6#10#11First WW runs the Wed before the season starts.Dynasty Jackpot Points:2467$200 from each years entry fee rolls until someone hits 50 points. 1 point for a regular season win, 1 point for toilet bowl playoff win, 2 points for a championship playoff win, and 5 points for winning a championship. Currently $200 in the pot. 2018 was the first year since it reset.Draft picks: is 4 rounds. Remember there are 2 copies of each player.QB: Min. 1, Max 4Beathard, C.J. SFO QBBrady, Tom NEP QBDalton, Andy CIN QBDalton, Andy CIN QB Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFlacco, Joe DEN QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB Jackson, Lamar BAL QBLuck, Andrew IND QBMahomes, Patrick KCC QBMariota, Marcus TEN QBPrescott, Dak DAL QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QBRB: Min. 2, Max 12Ajayi, Jay PHI RB (Q)Allen, Javorius BAL RBBarner, Kenjon CAR RBBibbs, Kapri GBP RBBlue, Alfred HOU RBBooker, Devontae DEN RBClement, Corey PHI RB (Q)Coleman, Tevin ATL RBCollins, Alex FA RB (Q)Edwards, Gus BAL RBFournette, Leonard JAC RBGore, Frank MIA RBGrant, Corey JAC RB (Q)Hines, Nyheim IND RBHines, Nyheim IND RBIngram, Mark NOS RBJohnson, Duke CLE RBJones, Aaron GBP RBJones, Ronald TBB RBJuszczyk, Kyle SFO RBKelly, John LAR RBLindsay, Phillip DEN RBMorris, Alfred SFO RBPenny, Rashaad SEA RBRodgers, Jacquizz TBB RBSmith, Ito ATL RBStewart, Jonathan NYG RBThompson, Chris WAS RBWR: Min. 3, Max 12Austin, Tavon DAL WRAnderson, Robby NYJ WRBenjamin, Travis LAC WRBrown, John BAL WRBryant, Martavis OAK WR (S)Chark, D.J. JAC WRCobb, Randall DAL WRCooks, Brandin LAR WREdelman, Julian NEP WREvans, Mike TBB WRGabriel, Taylor CHI WRGarcon, Pierre FA WRGreen, A.J. CIN WR Higgins, Rashard CLE WRHopkins, DeAndre HOU WR Humphries, Adam TBB WRHurns, Allen DAL WRInman, Dontrelle IND WRJackson, DeSean TBB WR Jones, Marvin DET WR Jones, Zay BUF WRLockett, Tyler SEA WRMeredith, Cameron NOS WRMoncrief, Donte JAC WRRoss, John CIN WRSmith, Tre'Quan NOS WRSt. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WRStills, Kenny MIA WRTate, Golden NYG WRTaylor, Taywan TEN WRThielen, Adam MIN WRValdes-Scantling, Marquez GBP WRWilliams, Tyrell LAC WRTE: Min. 1, Max 6Akins, Jordan HOU TEClay, Charles ARI TECook, Jared OAK TEDoyle, Jack IND TE Ebron, Eric IND TEEifert, Tyler CIN TE Everett, Gerald LAR TEGates, Antonio LAC TEHigbee, Tyler LAR TEHurst, Hayden BAL TEJames, Jesse PIT TESmith, Jonnu TEN TE Swaim, Geoff DAL TEUzomah, C.J. CIN TEWalker, Delanie TEN TE Walker, Delanie TEN TEK: Min. 1, Max 2Boswell, Chris PIT PK Bryant, Matt ATL PKButker, Harrison KCC PKCrosby, Mason GBP PKLambo, Josh JAC PKMaher, Brett DAL PKMyers, Jason SEA PKDEF: Min. 1, Max 2Bears, Chicago CHI DefBears, Chicago CHI DefBrowns, Cleveland CLE DefCardinals, Arizona ARI DefChiefs, Kansas City KCC DefCowboys, Dallas DAL DefDolphins, Miami MIA DefPatriots, New England NEP Def