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  1. A team just dropped Ryan Mathews, pick him up and use him as a keeper next year? Yay or nay?
  2. Okay so I made it to the championship round in my keeper league and I have a few questions. Who should I start this week at WR? Here is my lineup. (14 team, PPR league) QB: Colin Kaepernick (I dropped Rivers for him after his first start, River was far to inconsistent) RB: Ray Rice WR: AJ Green WR: Julio Jones WR: Mike Williams TE: Jermaine Gresham FLEX: BenJarvus Green-Ellis D/ST: Cardinals K: Matt Bryant BENCH WR: Sidney Rice RB: Steven Jackson WR: Dwayne Bowe (I'd be starting him for sure over Williams but hes on IR now and this is why I'm stumped on who to start) RB: Bryce Brown RB: Vick Ballard QB: Ryan Tannehill WR: Rod Streater So do you think I am making the right decision on starting Williams? I've legitimately been considering starting Rod Streater he has had 3 really good weeks in a row and I feel he offers way more upside than WIlliams or Rice. NEXT QUESTION The league I am in allows 7 keepers, I'm trying to stay young with my keepers and keep my entire roster young. Right now my keepers are Ray Rice, AJ Green, Julio Jones, BJGE, Gresham, Steven Jackson, Colin Kaepernick. By Keeping Rice, Green, and Jones my first 3 round picks are gone for next year, so I'm thinking about and this might sound crazy but not making Ray Rice my keeper, and still having my first round pick and instead of keeping Rice I'd keep Bowe or Vick Ballard? I don't know HELP GUYS!
  3. Who do you start this week?
  4. MVP

    By the way, my pick would be Joe Flacco.
  5. MVP What does the MVP award even mean anymore? Yes Matt Ryan has played lights out, but MVP (to my understanding) means MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. Is or could Matty Ice be an elite QB? Yes, is the the most valuable player on a certain team? No, I feel Roddy White is a more valuable player than Matt Ryan if baffles me that he isn't even in the debate for MVP. The MVP award seems like it is given to the player with the most impressive stats now days, and stats are just numbers, it just saddens me. Who do you guys think the MVP is right now four weeks in?
  6. Trade Advice

    It is PPR. 1 point per reception.
  7. Trade Advice

    Someone offered me Dwayne Bowe for Danny Amendola.... It just seems better than it really is... Accept or decline?
  8. Julio Jones

    Well next week is an away game so I guess I'll be starting him......again.
  9. Best fantasy team names

    Ease It In Dont Forrsett
  10. Bears/Cowboys Game Thread

    Jon Gruden's punch line is "I call it ______" my God he says that to much.
  11. Alfred Morris

    Anyone seen one of his interviews yet? Something about him reminds me of Mike Tyson ...
  12. Julio Jones

    What's going in with him the last 2-3 weeks?
  13. Choice or BJGE

    I have Steven Jackson on my bench as well, but not to sure about him.