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  1. Vernon Davis

    I'm got him on my Dynasty team and couldn't be happier. Anyone that cries on draft day and loves their momma is A-ok by me.
  2. How important is it to own one of the Big 3 QBs (Manning, Brady, Palmer) in a 12 team League that offers 6 points per Passing TD & 1 point per 25 passing yards. Does this scoring system just DRAMATICALLY change the weight of the QB position? I'm always the guy the last guy to take a QB. Thinking this year may grab one of the Big 3 in the 3rd round. I'm picking 9th. Thoughts?
  3. Which Live Draft Board?

    Yo Spain - no promises on the reach around......(now what you do on your personal your business) SPAIN discount is still open. Thanks to all the HUDDLERS that have ordered. We APPRECIATE it in as we get this site off the ground. Thanks guys we're working hard to supply a good option at a good price for your draft. To use your SPAIN discount (15%) enter that word in the CUSTOMER REG. CODE and click register. FANTASYDRAFTLABELS.COM and.....Spain....go the ATM and fill er up before poker on Sunday!
  4. Big Ben looking good in camp

    SHHHHH....he's on the top of my "DRAFT A #2 QB THAT WILL END UP BEING MY #1" List.
  5. commish ?

    I like the idea of adding 2 QBs, to me playing a FF game is competing within the rules. You've just added a big twist that the league needs to figure out how to take advantage of - re-evaluate their rankings, etc..... Sounds like fun, wish it was my league.
  6. Draft Day Supplies

    In honor of the (ahem) Legend - Jeff Spain. We are offering a Huddle member only - SPAIN Discount. Just type in "SPAIN" in the Customer Registration Code and receive a 15% discount. Happy Drafting FANTASYDRAFTLABELS.COM
  7. Portis - more injury problems

    Dammit - can't this guy catch a break. Lord knows what type of outfit he'll come out with to compensate for his lack of production.
  8. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Is there recent news on Kevin Jones? Yes. He sucks. Constantly underperforms Is scared for his job. He plays for Detroit. Yuck...stay away.
  9. Lendale misses camp

    Keep a sharp eye on Quiton Gather. It's not out of the question he could play a important role next year. They really like his work ethic.
  10. FF for $$ and legal issues

    C'mon Huddler Pros - does no one play on a website where they send in their entry fee and the site distributes at the end of the season? Maybe there are not many out there? If not maybe we should start one up...course then there might be those lpesky egal issues that no one is quite sure of...
  11. FF for $$ and legal issues

    Actually I am talking about a site where I pay $50 and join a league with 9 other random FF internet types in a league - the site takes a % and distributes the winnings to the league champ. Curious about sites like that and what the legal issues are.
  12. Like everyone reading these posts we have a common bond of loving to play FF. Next season beyond the regular leagues that I play in I would like to play on-line for $$. Something like plunk down some dollars - join a league and the winner takes all. What websites would you recommend for this sort of endeavor? Also, is participating in these type of games for money legal? Are there resources on the web for explaining the legality of this type of games? It's the off-season, we can discuss these type of indepth FF questions.
  13. Just turned 29 (check) Airpit hair - not too much - but more than enough (check) Desire to play FF (check) Please send some more info.

    I agree that D. Davis should start And i'm starting to see the light with Lee Suggs. But rather than being burned by a DNVR backfield that split 3 backs last week, wouldn't it make more sense to start whichever BUF RB starts...more than likely S. Williams against a weak SF DEF?
  15. My future status with my friends is hanging on this week's Super Bowl. If I win then my status increases as a football stud, if I lose my status goes down. Sad, but the American way. Fellow Huddlers I covet your advice. Here are my tough choices: QB - Hasselbeck vs ARZ or Bledsole vs SF Leaning towards Hasselbeck RB (start 4) Alexander - LOCK (which of these 3) D.Davis W.McGaHee S. Williams L. Suggs T.Bell R. Droughns M. Bennett As you can see this is a TOUGH choice. Please advise.