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  1. Alshon Jeffery Trade - Dynasty League

    12 team 1 point PPR league Line up requirements are: QB RB WR WR TE RB/WR/TE RB/WR/TE K DEF
  2. First off, this is my first ever dynasty league. 15+ years playing FF, first off season for a dynasty league. I love Alshon Jeffery but he is often injuried and I'm starting to think about off loading him now while his value is high, just want to get an idea about his worth to the community: Current offer: I give- Jeffery I get- perriman, artis-payne, Justin hardy I have 1.02 and 1.08, DBG, Luck, John Brown, Edleman, A. Hurns, M. Gordon, A. Abdullah He has - 1.01, 1.05, 1.06, 2.01 A.Cooper, D. Carr, M. Evans, K. White, ASJenkins I want E.Elliot but thinking he will go 1.01 since this teams best RB is gio Bernard. It's full point PPR. The offer I'm consider which may be asking too much: I give: A. Jeffery I get: 1.01,1.05,1.06 Thoughts? Should I ask for one of his young WRs in return? White, hardy, perriman, smelter?
  3. Just curious if anyone has some leagues starting up that has cash prizes. I'd be interested in joining.
  4. I am currently out of the running to make playoffs this year and I am currently trying to build for the future. With that said I have Lynch who is 28 and May not be back in Seattle next year. I have put him on the block and I am currently entertaining this offer and I want to see what you thought. This is a PPR league with only 1/2 PPR to running backs, 12 teams, 20 roster spots: I am trading away: Lynch 4th round pick this year 4th round pick next year I am getting: Brandin Oliver 2nd round pick this year 3rd round pick next year Thoughts?
  5. Free Agent pickup or Stand Pat?

    I like Cameron more than what you named off I'd stay put
  6. Who Do I Drop?

    I'd drop S. Greene he deserves to be a free agent
  7. Larry Fitzgerald. Trade Him or Hold On?

    Love him this year, keep him unless someone is willing to part with AJ green, dez Bryant or Marshall for him..
  8. Vick/Miller for R Wilson/D Richardson

    No I don't take the trade. There isn't much increase in value getting Wilson over Vick and Lamar miller is the better running back. I would keep your players
  9. Would you keep Calvin Johnson?

    Keep Megatron with no hesitations
  10. I'd start Miller however you can wait a little bit to pick who to start. If word out of Miami is Miller is starting start him.
  11. If I'm the other owner I don't take any of these..trades are tipped in your favor by a considerable margin. If you get anyone to bite lucky you. If you're using these opening trades and negotiation opportunities then great I think that's all you're gonna get
  12. Need a seciond running back

    If you're picking between the two I'd go with Matthews. He is running well this off-season, looks like the offensive line is geared to run block... Not so much pass block..
  13. TRich for Mccoy?

    I'd prefer McCoy more. Really owners preference there but I like McCoy more and feel he will have more opportunities in Philly.
  14. I'd rather go in with your buddies team
  15. Drop Stewart for Brown

    Pick up thompkins for Dickson. Stewart drop like a bad habit and if you want Bryce Brown get him however unsure if he has locked down the #2 back job.