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  1. Yeah, if we were to not play I'd have no one to sub in. I just can't see him having a big game against the Broncos without Dalton. But hard to sit him. Luckily my WRs are my strength. This match up is for a lot of $, so I feel like no matter what I'll probably make wrong choice
  2. Bridgewater and Hightower.
  3. .5 ppr,playing for the championship. I can start 3 WR, 2 RB, and a flex. My starting line up right now includes Latavius Murray and Woodhead at RB. WRs are Hopkins, Julio Jones, and Allen Hurns. For flex my options are AJ Green or James White. Just not real confident in Green up against Broncos D with McCarron at qb. UT hard to bench him. I've been burned by Pats rbs many times though. And this is obviously a big game, playing for the league championship. Who would you roll with in the flex?
  4. Drop Russell Wilson for Peyton Manning? I also have Derek Carr. Currently 7-1 and in 1st place, but no thanks to Wilson. Just picked up Carr last week. Manning had no tds, but had the yards, is he getting back to his old self? Give up on Wilson? THeir offense looks awful...
  5. THanks, thats what I'm thinking.
  6. I currently have Russell WIlson as my qb, but he has a bye coming up, plus he's just not doing that great. Someone dropped Manning in my league. WOuld you pick up Peyton even though he's struggling, or Derek Carr? Carr has a pretty good schedule, especially near end of season (I'm currently 6-1). Or do you think Manning will get it together?
  7. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  8. Am I crazy for considering starting Mariota over Wilson? Seahawks offense has been unimpressive, and they're playing Carolina this week. Titans play Miami at home, Seattle is home as well. Who would you start??
  9. Im going with Patriots. My other options were Saints, COlts, Eagles, or TItans.
  10. Abdullah has a higher ceiling, I'd do with him. PPR league?
  11. I can start 2 of these 3 in my WR/flex spots. .5 PPR league. Which 2 would you start? Andre Johnson vs Jets Roddy White @ Giants DeAngelo Williams vs 49ers My starting RBs are Woodhead and Latavius Murray, WRs are Hopkins, Green
  12. I can start 3 of those, which 3? Right now I'm leaning towards Miller, Bell and Vereen
  13. .5 PPR, and I can start 3 of these 5 rbs this week. Who would you go with? J Bell vs ATL L Miller vs Jac Vereen vs CHI Ivory vs Buf Hillman vs SD