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  1. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    Well the after first year I thought it was just a mistake. He turned the league on for the new year last second, so thought maybe he was rushing and messed it up. The after the second year I was like, ok, he is just messing with things. Then when I saw his team I knew he was. You can't quite after the draft and I wasn't abandoning my team and letting someone else play my name. So I figured, I'd play the year out and quit, Then I was so happy when I beat him despite all his cheating. But little did I know he was just getting started. Now he has locked me out of everything (good thing as I would have changed the team name to RyanSucks, lol),
  2. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    Well for me, I guess I'm still a bit of a noob then, lol. I played my first time 4 years ago in a Standard NFL Fantasy league. Actualy 2, one by mistake, but that is a different story. I won one league and placed 2nd in the other. It was cool, but then the next year I didn't like the idea of having to start over, so I joined two keeper leagues. The one I mentioned here where the jerk cheats and another where the owner is cool, actually fun to compete against. I have been playing with the idea of a cash league, actually the cool owner runs a few leagues, some free, some cash.
  3. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    I didn't create the league, maybe I wrote that wrong? I joined the league Gridironkings 3 years ago.
  4. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    I was just rambling about this owner who is changing the playoffs so he can win. Just in case anyone is looking for a league and comes across his, to stay away. Maybe someone knows him and now knows he is full of manure when he says he wins every year. Venting, getting it off my chest, moving on.
  5. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    The funny thing, is I'm more laughing at this fool then mad, I am mad, but now it's becoming a little amusing and I'm starting to pitying him.
  6. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    Thank you for contacting Customer Support. League Managers have the ability to edit rules, rosters, scoring, team locks, and a host of other settings for their leagues. Most of the time this power is not abused, but sometimes it is. We recommend that users only join Custom Leagues with League Managers they trust, because the NFL must be 100% "hands-off" when it comes to our Custom Leagues. It is up to the League Manager and the individual team owners to police the content, communication, and activity in the leagues in which they participate. is not liable for any communication, activity, or fair-play issues amongst the individual users in Custom Leagues. Here is the FAQ that addresses this issue. ( If you have any other questions feel free to reach back out or check out our new NFL Fantasy FAQ.
  7. I started the league Gridironkings 3 years ago ( After the first year Ryan (Owner ryanthompson99) wiped my keepers, did offline draft and gave me sub par team. I finished 2nd through expert waiver wire transfers. After 2nd year Ryan wiped my keepers and gave me below par team through offline draft. My starting quarterback was Matt Cassel, who is a 2nd stringer. While Ryan had Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, and Tony Romo? Again I used waiver wire. I beat him for the championship. I had 132.9 points on Sunday night after the last game and Monday afternoon as I was checking for my 1st place trophy. I wake up this morning to 2nd place? Ryan changed my line up last night so he could win. Ryan took Carson Wenz out of my line up and put in Dak Prescott who I knew wasn't going to play much as they clinched. Ryan also removed Landon Collins to my bench also. Today I have 111.18? How sad a life do you have to have, to cheat at Fantasy football? So I sent a message to the league and this was his response: Rockstars Ryan updated playoff teams 23 hours ago via League Manager Rockstars Ryan updated playoff teams 23 hours ago via League Manager Rockstars Ryan updated playoff teams 23 hours ago via League Manager Rockstars Ryan updated playoff teams 23 hours ago via League Manager Congratulations to Gamecock for earning the 2016 Second Place in Gridironkings League. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google Plus 23 hours ago Team Notes You have been locked from posting. You have been locked from emailing the league. You have been locked from lineup changes. You have been locked from adds/drops. You have been locked from proposing trades. You have been locked from accepting trades. You have been locked from purchasing roster options.
  8. Cowboys win but boy was that ugly

    Actually that is the sad part this team doesn't suck, they just play like crap. That is the good thing I take out of Cleveland we finally found a way to win, rather then the season's trend of finding ways to lose. Ugly win but more important we didn't fold down the stretch.
  9. Hillman or Jones at RB?

    Say it ain't so. I started off with Matt Forte and Chris Johnson with Willis McGahee as my back up. Well through Johnson's bad start Willis really pulled me through then the last few weeks since Johnson heated up that was a nice 1,2,3 punch! OK done whining, lets get down to business. I'm not sure whether to pick up Ronnie Hillman or Felix Jones (at least till Murry gets back then he would probably be out the door).
  10. Do I dare sit Fitzgerald?

    Doesn't sound crazy at all. I have to ask myself the same question every week whether to sit or start Fitzgerald. Not because of him but because of his QB's.
  11. Rest of year help....

    I think AP as of today is automatic. He is ranked #2 in fantasy points in my league for the year. He has the potential to blow out any game, of course nothing is guaranteed. But with a stud like that you have to let him run. The only team they got that might scare you and lead to playing a match up is the Bears they still got 2x's. Not to say the Texans or Seattle have slouch defenses but I looked and I can't imagine both Gore and Martin being favored over AP during the same week. I think AP always beats out one or the other. I really think you need to look at Gore and Martin week to week for match ups. I would never say don't look at a good trade but I have Martin as one of my three backs and he has done alright for me. I think your three is better then my three by the addition of AP.
  12. WR Improve Bench Team 2

    This is who I got: Dwayne Bowe Malcom Floyd Steve Smith Mike Williams This is the top 5 on the waiver wire: Andre Roberts Josh Gordon Jeremy Kerley Lance Moore Santana Moss I've been playing Bowe's match ups pretty well. He's here because my third back (Willis Mcgahee) looks better as W/R then he does this week and maybe weeks to come. I hate to give up on Smith as he can put up numbers but just hasn't. So I could sit pat with Bowe and Smith. Maybe get rid of Malcom and/or Williams. I'm not sold on anyone in the list of potentials. The cards and Jets are so unpredictable. The saints put up a lot of passing yards but spread it around. I don't know enough about Josh either. Just curious what ya'll think.
  13. WR Improve Bench Team 1

    This is who I got: Anquan Boldin Brian Hartline Jeremy Maclin This is the top 4 on the waiver wire: Josh Gordon Jeremy Kerley Santana Moss Danny Amendola I'm thinking of sitting pat on Hartline and Maclin they have some potential upside. But Boldin has just not ever been much of an option. He had a couple good weeks but as of late he's been a bit of a dud. My main receivers are good, not great, so having a bench that could lead to some match ups would be ideal. I'm thinking Josh Gordon or Danny Amendola. Just curious what ya'll think.
  14. Trade involving the Gronk

    Marshell use to be a headache, he has been pretty good in that regards this year. He seems to have his head together which he attributed to a personality disorder not a personality flaw. So far his treatment seems to be working. You can't fix bad, but you might fix crazy (I'm not trying to say that in a bad way). So I think if you look at his past potential and his work this year its all up sides with him. I like the WR your offering. Given Green and Cruz rank so much higher then Maclin and Brown. You might have to give up Brown, he ranks higher then Maclin. You might try the haggle approach. As Maclin is less desirable then Brown. Offer up Maclin first and settle for Brown, make him think you caved a little. Your giving him the better TE and getting the better WR. Seems fair to me but you have to make him see that.
  15. Close to the same choice I had as a bye week replacement. Maclin, Hartline, or Boldin. I ended up going with Maclin too. I guess I won't be the only one in this boat come Sunday.