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  1. Sounds like they'll end up there, but too bad they couldn't pick a name that wasn't already used in the NBA. Why not pick the Yankees or Crimson Tide for that matter?
  2. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    This blows me away. Moster did very little at Purdue in college and was an RB as a senior with 93 runs for 529 yards. He was a little-used WR before that. He played offense and defense in high school. He's never been just one thing. He was undrafted because he did relatively nothing in college. In 2015, he was on PHI, CLE, MIA and BAL but never played. in 2016, he was on CHI and SF and had one carry for SF 2017, 6 carries for SF, 1 catch 2018, 24-261-1 and 13-52 catch 2019, SF gave him 137-772-8 and 14-180 catch He's been on 6 teams and finally one gives him a chance to be part of a committee. He was a nobody before SF and likely would have continued to be so since virtually 31 other teams passed on him. He had a great half-season of the 4 years he was in the NFL. He should try playing a full productive year and then say something. He should be thanking the 49er for being the only team that gave him a chance.
  3. Mahomes agree to a 10-year extension.

    My understanding is that everyone in the state of Missouri now has to tithe 10% of their income to Patrick Mahomes.
  4. Happy 4th of July Everyone!

  5. NFL cuts preseason down to two games

    The NFLPA has not agreed to any preseason so it is not a given. This is going to be one wild year - assuming there is a season.
  6. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I cannot find that picture. I want that picture - good times.
  7. Quarantines and Handcuffs

  8. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    Problem is that Newton has only been an average passer - under 3500 yards since 2015. He also mattered more as a rusher but did less in 2018 and missed 2019. If his foot problems reappear, he's not going to be that much help. But no one really knows that Stidham is like anyway.
  9. 2020 FSGA drafts

    I love Rivers as a backup. I agree - I took Mayfield in this one but I've taken Rivers in others. He has a great schedule. New team but good O-line too.
  10. 2020 FSGA drafts

    There is where I ended up: QB Matthew Stafford QB Baker Mayfield RB Miles Sanders RB Raheem Mostert RB Ronald Jones II RB Tony Pollard RB Carlos Hyde RB Jaylen Samuels TE George Kittle WR T Y Hilton WR DeSean Jackson WR Brandin Cooks WR Hunter Renfrow WR Preston Williams D/ST New Orleans Saints K Matt Gay 14 team league thins out the talent and it was very RB heavy to start. And only 16 man rosters. Wanted Kelce but settled for Kittle. That left me looking for WR1 in Round 4, so I went heavy on upside receivers. My final pick was Jaylen Samuels so he's the throwaway in Week 1 free agency.
  11. 2020 FSGA drafts

    I agree on roster size but this is also a 14 team league which is not my preference. 12 is the magic number to me and always has been.
  12. So the shifting begins... maybe. No real loss on a game that features absolute scrubs, but it is the first concrete sign of "business is not usual." I mean other than there being no preseason at all and players haven't really done anything.
  13. 2020 FSGA drafts

    QB, 2 RB, 3WR, TE, Flex (RB,WR,TE), PK, DEF plus 6 bench.
  14. 2020 FSGA drafts

    Yeah, RB is still king and more so this year. WR's had a down year overall in 2019 and that impacts stuff and Christian McCaffrey shredded all opponents which kind of sticks (So did Michael Thomas, but that was a spike year). In my draft there, I'll likely go RB in the first, but then swing out for WR or TE in the second before going back RB in the third. There is a reception point, so there is some advantage. And in a 14 team league, fewer RBs to go around.
  15. 2020 FSGA drafts

    I'll be in the Friday one, picking 8th because I hate picking 8th or 9th the most. And it is a 14 team league so a little tougher. Corey was in the Monday draft.