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  1. How many leagues?

    11 that I have to submit lineups for. Maybe about 15 or 20 best balls or mocks each year as well.
  2. Free Agent Forecast

    Sorry - working all day on games. It was there in the afternoon
  3. Week 1 panic thread

    Thomas not only has three catches, but against the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. In this meeting last year, he had 11-182-2
  4. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    CEH was drafted in part because of his receiving skills. He caught 55 passes at LSU last season. He missed his two targets but at least one was uncatchable anyway. HOU has a bad secondary and Mahomes killed them with multiple different receivers. I would expect CEH to become more of a receiver in later games against better secondaries that can handle the wideouts better. CEH did chip a DE and then trickle out as a receiver on several occasions but Mahomes never needed him. Johnson looked much better than he has for a long time. But KC defense was #29 against RBs last year anyway and DJ got that weird benefit of them running the ball when they were already down by 17 and KC was backed up against the pass. It was encouraging for DJ to be sure, but also a function of the opponent and situation.

    Watson has no deep ball at least so far.

    Gotta like what Edwards-Helaire looks like so far - seven runs for 49 yards Wish he would catch a pass.
  7. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Tomorrow will be 19 years - hard to think it has been that long ago.
  8. Projections

    Fixed - I mentioned his release but had not combed out his other mentions. Updates on Friday after the final injury report.
  9. Huddle Question

    The Start/Bench Tool is designed to assist with specific league starting lineup decisions. So it is intended to display just players you are tracking in your myHUDDLE custom leagues. If you are not tracking any players for your leagues then you can just use the weekly Player Rankings/Projections and get the same data and player analysis ...
  10. Huddle Question

    The difference is that the Start/Bench Tool is for in-season weekly rankings and the Player Rankings are for the preseason. Though you can access either from the same page. There is a Start/Bench List which is a "cheatsheet" for the week, which is a carryover from days past that people still liked to see.
  11. Trade

    Not only two unknown rookies, but two that will at least start the year as RB2 for their own teams. Maybe Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Dobbins, but very shocked if the No. 2 or 3 best RB in the NFL is given up for two rookie RB2s.
  12. Rookie draft

    The thing about 2020 rookies is that the WR class was very deep. There were 13 that went over the first two rounds and any of them have potential. Realize thanks to COVID that they will very likely all start out slower than usual from a lack of preseason games and overall "team time". RBs are always popular but this was not a strong class at all. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a top 10 draft pick because he plays for KC but he was just a 1.32 pick. There were only five second round RBs and all of them will share the ball to start - Jonathan Taylor, D'Andre Swift, Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, AJ Dillon. Joshua Kelly has some potential. This isn't a year for immediate help by rookies. In a rookie draft, try to reach one of the top six RBs but failing that, WRs are where the value are. But this is a very untested rookie class.
  13. Fournette waived!

    Not really. Thompson is a new to team injury problem and Armstead is just another guy.
  14. Fournette waived!

    Ten days before the season starts? Wow. That makes no sense.
  15. League plan for Covid 19 shortened season

    None of my leagues have really done much differently. If it does happen, then it's only fair to call it on total points for that week but I've not head of other leagues changing much if at all. Interested to hear about this as well.