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  1. Like he wouldn't have come back if Gettleman called...
  2. Hard to believe they waited until now. Must have had a final straw with negotiating of contracts.
  3. Passing stats overall have been higher for about ten years now and particularly in the last five. What has changed most is the increase in points for those receivers outside of the upper elite since they are more involved. So there are more fantasy relevant receivers and the top wideouts - while still an advantage - don't have as much of a delta between them and the lower tiers. Look at the spot above where the final WR with 200 points lie. That's been around 22-24 each year. And in the end, the increase in scoring inside the position is less important than how it has changed how WR compares to other positions. QB passing is higher as well so they do better (as would be expected). RB's have taken it hard but mostly because of the division of rushing roles inside offenses. And even then, they have increased their receiving roles to make more of them relevant. Look at the top of the three positional pieces I recently did for the overall and top ten stats for QB, WR and RB over the recent seasons. RB Preview WR Preview QB Preview
  4. What is a roster sheet? I feel like I should know. Like a Cheat Sheet?
  5. Second round pick just hasn't panned out. Onto his third team in three years I guess... assuming someone has room for him. I always thought that hyphenated last names weigh a player down.
  6. His agent has already asked for a trade because Jones is no lock to make the final roster and is not "in their plans".
  7. He has been rising in the ADP this summer. He was going at the start of the seventh round, then started going in the sixth. I imagine he'll end up in the fifth or even fourth by August if the reports remain so positive on him. Missing the first three games hurts a lot while it is happening - especially those initial weeks when you are trying to get out to a fast start. If he can repeat 2015, it would make the Bucs very dangerous on offense this year.
  8. Hill was a talent and was huge at Oklahoma State while my son was going there (2014). But he beat up his girlfriend and was released from the program. He ended up at the University of West Alabama so was little known going into the draft. He is all around a great player and was a RB, WR and returned with OSU. He'll be used plenty by the Chiefs in various ways. Had he not beaten his girlfriend, he might have been one of the most coveted players in the draft.
  9. Just wondering about auctions. They seem to be slowly growing. Still just a fraction of regular drafts but it seems to have a slight momentum. Personally, I love them. Just released All about fantasy auctions today. it is hard to get past the convenience and ease of a fantasy draft so auctions would never see exponential growth but the longer you play fantasy football and understand player value, the more I would think a person would enjoy an auction more than a draft. I've never known any league that went to an auction and regretted it though I am sure somewhere out there are some.
  10. That made me laugh. I too wonder about the whole Peterson/Ingram thing and I get the sense that Ingram is falling from favor. Couple that with Peterson impressing so far and this could be very interesting.
  11. If Bryant catches a preseason TD or there are positive reports of him "looking like he never left" then yeah, he will be rising sharply.
  12. I can barely wrap my head around the fact that this offense passed for 4200 yards and 33 TDs and featured TWO 1000 yard receivers who both had at least 12 TDs only two seasons ago. Talk about a magic year...
  13. The Saints backfield ranked #1 in total running back fantasy points (PPR) for 2016. That was the career best year for Mark Ingram and mostly just help from Tim Hightower who is now gone. John Kuhn did score 5 times as well. This year the schedule is better and Hightower is gone. Ingram is back but now Adrian Peterson is there as well. Peterson is 32 now and 2016 was a bust thanks to a meniscus injury. Did have around 1600 total yards and 11 TDs in 2015. Signed for $7 million for 2 years with $3.5 million guaranteed this year. Ingram gets $3 million this year. Peterson is much more like Ingram than Hightower. Oh yes, and the Saints moved up in the third round to get Alvin Kamara. He's probably in line for Hightower work if only eventually. What are you doing with this backfield? This was #1 in total fantasy points last year. There is fantasy value here.
  14. A lot depends on whether you get reception points. Without them, I would not consider a TE until maybe round 9 or later. With them, I might consider Jordan Reed around round 7 or so but usually there are other guys that take them too early in my opinion so I end up taking a TE around round 8 or 9 so once half a dozen are already gone.