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  1. High Stakes Fantasy Leagues

    You mean online or go in person to Vegas?
  2. It is hard to wrap my head around how big the NFL draft has been. They said that the first round had more viewers than an MLB World Series game. When we started The Huddle, you had to wait until Monday to find the results published from the SAT-SUN draft. I was going to go to the draft when it was here in Dallas, but the crowds were insane. The NFL does a nice job of making it an event and there's plenty to see and do when it comes to town. The marketing arm of the NFL did their job with the draft to be sure.
  3. Draft by Position - Safeties?

    Fixed. Thanks!
  4. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    I said almost because I knew there were others but could not think of them.
  5. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    While it's unfortunate his career is over at 31 years old, he's had a career that was far more productive and rewarding than almost any other undrafted wideout.
  6. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    There are drafts going on now - granted not many. But some dynasty leagues have rookie drafts early as well. In a year where only two RB were drafted in the first 2 rounds, valuing them will be hard this year.
  7. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    Just went 4.12 in another league. Seemed like a good value there for sure.
  8. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    I just took him at 4.02.
  9. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    He'd likely be my first choice for QB2. Too risky to rely on from the start, too much upside to pass by if I already have a QB. His rushing stats could be very significant.
  10. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    They'll likely add another body later on. Once the cuts come in August, there are plenty of roster-able RBs. Too bad this happened now instead of a week ago. They missed out on all the undrafted RBs they could have grabbed.
  11. Feels like a huge dud for fantasy purposes. Only RB wasn't a full-time RB at Alabama and wasn't even the primary back (Damien Harris) there. I know he has some "Alvin Kamara" appeal hopefully. Marquise Brown was a 166-pound 5-9 little guy that was blazing fast but he goes to the worst passing attack of 2018. Jackson hasn't completed more than 14 passes in any game or totaled more than 204 pass yards. I can see them wanting a big guy with great hands to catch over the middle. But Brown will be one of the smallest players in the NFL. Seems like he should have gone to a team that likes to throw and has someone, anyone, to draw defenders away. The Pats took N'Keal Harry who was projected to be a late second round guy, not first round. But he has the tools and overall skill/size to be at least a decent WR in the NFL and with Brady, likely better. But he came out after his junior year and most think he'll need a year or so to get acclimated. This was the least fun draft for fantasy football purposes in many years IMO. Maybe round 2 will be better. It has to be.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    12 months from now, all that matters is what a player did, not where they selected him. If you like a guy, take him.
  13. Tyreek Hill again...

    We have yet to obtain the audio but, based on what’s being reported, it looks really bad for the Kansas City Chiefs wideout. Kansas City Star Chiefs reporter Brooke Pryor has the details: And some more: If the recording is as damning as reported, the district attorney’s office could revise its decision to charge Hill. In addition to that, the NFL is almost certain to get involved and suspend him under its personal conduct policy. This is probably not over. It may just be starting.
  14. Tyreek Hill again...

    Just imagine if he gets a year-long suspension and gets released by KC. What was a tremendous offense to start 2018 could be much less formidable in 2019.
  15. Wow - Week 12 byes - KC, MIN. ARI, LAC some contests use Week 12 for league championships