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  1. Cheat sheet tiers?

    No, we are not using tiers for the reason that most people use custom scoring and tiers are more art than science. So in a custom generated listing, there is no way to know where to place the tiers. We could and have made more generic sort of tiering but that cannot always be accurate. There is no hard and fast spot in projected fantasy points that a tier goes, it is about a slide in upside, more risk, etc..
  2. Oh I understand and agree. The reality is that the only back that recently got the monster contract was Todd Gurley and that doesn't look like as good of a value now as it did prior to last season. The next highest contracts went to Le'Veon Bell, Devonta Freeman, LeSean McCoy and David Johnson. I am no "capologist" and realize that numbers can say different things, but it appears to me that RBs realize how short their lifespans really are and want upfront money, and teams realize how short RB lifespans really are and do NOT want to waste upfront money. The apparent decline in Gurley has to make any NFL team think twice about doling out $50M+ contracts and more so the guaranteed money. No argument about Elliott's value to the team. It just looks to me that this conflict between RBs and teams is getting worse and more contentious which makes far tougher to forecast what is going to happen to RBs when they holdout. 2019 RB contract Value Rankings
  3. Yeah, Gordon, Elliott... because Le'Veon Bell's holdout worked so well...
  4. Worst NFL idea ever

    Agreed on all counts. Basically, you cannot have more than about 90% of your team available. Do teams throw away games in the middle of the season? Do you want to pay full price to see a game intentionally watered down? Like the article said, every crowd-drawing superstar misses two games. That would just suck all around. It sounds all very much like a corporate kind of decision with no basis in reality what it would mean.. They are trying to forge a new CBA now instead of waiting after next season. But wow... what a starting point.
  5. Worst NFL idea ever

    Report: Owners have proposed 18 games, with a 16-game limit for each player What a colossal headache. You know coaches would not tip off opponents as to which healthy player is not going to actually play. Wouldn't that make fantasy lineups a headache. No way this can happen. This screams greed over all else.
  6. Scott Fish Bowl 9

    That's some odd scoring - first downs? I have never seen that anywhere else before. Explain what the Scott Fish Bowl is. Starting 2 QBs makes things different too. Could have been a big advantage to have 3 NFL starters but I'd guess that would be hard to do.
  7. Unless he gets a new deal. Seems sort of late in the process to be saying this now.
  8. RIP Jared Lorenzen

    Sad to be sure. This was from google: Weight: 315 lbs Trending Born: February 14, 1981, Covington, KY Died: July 3, 2019 Height: 6′ 4″ Nicknames: The Pillsbury Throwboy, The Abominable Throwman 6-4 and 315 pounds is a BIG QB. He may have weighed more.
  9. Doak Walker Award Winners

    Davy O'Brien award (Best QB) 2018 Kyler Murray Okla 2017 Baker Mayfield Okla 2016 Deshaun Watson Clemson 2015 Deshaun Watson Clemson 2014 Marcus Mariota Oregon 2013 Jameis Winston Florida State 2012 Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 2011 Robert Griffin III Baylor 2010 Cam Newton Auburn 2009 Colt McCoy Texas 2008 Sam Bradford Oklahoma 2007 Tim Tebow Florida 2006 Troy Smith Ohio State 2005 Vince Young Texas 2004 Jason White Oklahoma 2003 Jason White Oklahoma 2002 Brad Banks Iowa 2001 Eric Crouch[3] Nebraska 2000 Chris Weinke Florida State 1999 Joe Hamilton Georgia Tech 1998 Michael Bishop Kansas State 1997 Peyton Manning Tennessee Fred Biletnikoff award (best WR) 2018 Jerry Jeudy Alabama 2017 James Washington Oklahoma State 2016 Dede Westbrook Oklahoma 2015 Corey Coleman Baylor 2014 Amari Cooper Alabama 2013 Brandin Cooks Oregon State 2012 Marqise Lee USC 2011 Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State 2010 Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State 2009 Golden Tate Notre Dame 2008 Michael Crabtree Texas Tech 2007 Michael Crabtree Texas Tech 2006 Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech 2005 Mike Hass Oregon State 2004 Braylon Edwards Michigan 2003 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh 2002 Charles Rogers Michigan State 2001 Josh Reed LSU 2000 Antonio Bryant Pittsburgh 1999 Troy Walters Stanford 1998 Troy Edwards Louisiana Tech 1997 Randy Moss Marshall
  10. Doak Walker Award Winners

    I think it draws a conclusion that what makes you great in college doesn't always, or even often, great in the NFL.
  11. Kinda a dead time for the next three weeks. Stumbled across the Doak Award Winners - the best college running back for the year. Interesting how many whiffs there were in the NFL. I mean, these were supposed to be the best of them all. Maybe 10 of the almost 30 players had some sort of a career. Only Eddie George, Ricky Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson and Melvin Gordon translated into an elite back in the NFL IMO. I saw a clip on LaMichael James that made me look. Have to know all of these guys were drafted in fantasy. 2018 Jonathan Taylor Wisconsin 2017 Bryce Love Stanford 2016 D'Onta Foreman Texas 2015 Derrick Henry Alabama 2014 Melvin Gordon Wisconsin 2013 Andre Williams Boston College 2012 Montee Ball Wisconsin 2011 Trent Richardson Alabama 2010 LaMichael James Oregon 2009 Toby Gerhart Stanford 2008 Shonn Greene Iowa 2007 Darren McFadden Arkansas 2006 Darren McFadden Arkansas 2005 Reggie Bush USC 2004 Cedric Benson Texas 2003 Chris Perry Michigan 2002 Larry Johnson Penn State 2001 Luke Staley BYU 2000 LaDainian Tomlinson TCU 1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin 1998 Ricky Williams Texas 1997 Ricky Williams Texas 1996 Byron Hanspard Texas Tech 1995 Eddie George Ohio State 1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado 1993 Byron "Bam" Morris Texas Tech 1992 Garrison Hearst Georgia 1991 Trevor Cobb Rice 1990 Greg Lewis Washington
  12.  What email address do you use on the site? I have it down you get a free membership and am trying to get it right.

    1. Ramhock


      I have free membership thru 2021-22 per you.


  13. How to value Chubb

    In my recent drafts, he's gone 2.08,2.08, 2.08, 2.10, 2.09, 2.09, 2.08, 2.11 and 2.12. Wow. That is some consistency. I have never drafted him. I think Hunt's impact will be felt right when you need Chubb the most. I agree - no Hunt and I would want Chubb in the first round.
  14. Brandon Bolden

    Apparently in the new system, the player number for Brandon Boldin (who is not on the rankings) was swapped with James White. White is 20th currently in PPR. Michel remains 24 in PPR. Bolden can just suck it.
  15. Brandon Bolden

    Yes it must. On my way...