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  1. Ramsey to KC

    Wow. Nice add. Needed one too.
  2. Eli benched

    And aren't the Mannings from New Orleans?
  3. Eli benched

    Now does Manning get traded?
  4. Brees undergoing surgery

    Michael Thomas still had good stats yesterday but without Brees, they all are going to suffer I would think. Even Kamara.
  5. Week 2 Injuries

    Brees injured his wrist and had it wrapped
  6. How are we not talking about this?

    I like that he is Gardner Minshew II but there was never a Gardner Minshew I. His dad wanted his grandson to be called Gardner Minshew III. He is a colorful kind of guy.
  7. Luke Kuechly prank

    They had this on the pregame show. Pretty funny.
  8. Had an MRI and the results are not yet public but Ian Rapport said he would likely miss time. Adrian Peterson, come on down.
  9. Todd Gurley & Malcolm Brown

    Gurley ended up 14-97 but Brown getting 11-53 and 2 TD is very troubling.
  10. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    "Sunk costs are no costs" That's the only thing I remember from a semester of Managerial Accounting. it is like watching a documentary about Crazytown.
  11. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Mind blown
  12. Start Bench tool not up yet?

    I miss Carl. If you write into support, they can help you. I have heard of those issues with other people.