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  1. Eli Manning retiring...

    Eli defined the Giants for 16 years, 2-time SB MVP, #7 pass yards of all time. He is a first-ballot HOF'er. He has the overall stats to be there, he has the Superbowl wins and MVP's to be there. Objectively, there is no question. He is far better qualified to be there than most of the current HOF'ers. He even has one of the most iconic plays in Super Bowl history. Manning is hardly closer to Dilfer. He has more yardage than Big Ben and three times that of Dilfer. And Dilfer never passed for more than 2859 yards in a season. Manning had seven 4000 yard seasons and never once had fewer than 3300 in a full season. Ben Roethlisberger will get into the HOF as well. The #8 passer of all time. He holds many NFL records. No question he will be there as well even though he was never a Super Bowl MVP (and yet his 2 SB's had a WR be the MVP). He is a lock to be in the HOF. Rivers is the #6 passer of all time. He will get in eventually, but never appearing in a Super Bowl hurts him. It is just a reality.
  2. Eli Manning retiring...

    A two-time Super Bowl MVP alone is a golden ticket to Canton. Plus a 16-year career. Plus holds all NYG passing records. Plus most passing yards in a single postseason (1,219 - 2011). Tied record (8) for most game-winning drives in a season (2011). 4 Pro bowls. Third all-time for consecutive starts by a QB.
  3. NEWS Thread

    Have to wonder where this is going to end up? It is almost without precedent as far as I can remember. He seems so removed from the world the rest of us live in but he has money to exist within whatever he thinks is reality. This all smacks of something that is not going to end well. He is never going to "come to his senses" and resume being one of the best wideouts in the NFL. That boat has sailed. But so long as the media gives him attention, he'll act out. I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone or himself. He seems that imbalanced. And as far as I have ever heard, he has no drug problem to blame his erratic behavior on. But you have to know that someone as rich and famous as him no doubt surrounds himself with enablers and sycophants. It's like watching a car skidding out of control, waiting to see what it hits.
  4. Owning 49ers and Chiefs is the ticket and Ramhock may have already won this. I'll get the remaining roster for the top teams in a day or two. Mostert and Henry were the RB1s to own and the passing elements haven't been too much this year outside of the Chiefs. 499.85 (19) Ramhock 482 (13) SeductiveNun 480.65 (22) Junkyard 470.75 (21) raoul duke 457.25 (13) MustOfBeenDrunk 443.65 (11) Sharpie 429.75 (10) Wolverines Fan 428.3 (3) MikesVikes 421.95 (10) rocknrobn26 406.9 (4) Caveman_Nick 398.8 (11) Bonedaddies 397.65 (12) Gopher 395.65 (10) heehawks 395.05 (11) dawolf300 390.85 (9) JoJoTheWebToedBoy 389.65 (11) irish 385.9 (8) loaf 382.05 (12) tonorator 381.95 (6) 1fastdoc 381.9 (9) Def. 379 (1) herbwildwood 376.1 (6) Dcat 369.7 (2) The Next Generation 367.65 (9) j2v 366.35 (10) Taz 366.2 (7) The Grey Pilgrim 356.9 (11) SEEDS 354.75 (14) drafter 353.95 (5) WildTurkey 333.85 (8) hoodoo 327.75 (11) Roland 314.25 (8) LLCHILE 313.75 (9) buddahj 306.55 (8) BeachBum 290.55 (10) Sunday Couch Potatoe 286.25 (4) borge007 277.25 (5) CowboysDiehard 277.25 (4) blaw23 247.05 (3) isleseeya 245.85 (4) darin3 242.85 (2) Zooty 233.25 (2) rcswildcat 232.95 (3) BillyBalata 232.45 (2) Shaft 220.65 (0) J.D.Morrison 219.65 (1) dug 208.45 (0) Genetic Jackhammer 208.45 (0) Shorttynaz 208.45 (0) CaptainHook 208.45 (0) Big Country 208.45 (0) Don't Rookie Me Here are the top three teams that have a good shot at #1 (removing the players that all three have in common): Team Ramhock Junkyard raoul duke Total 499.85 480.65 470.75 RB2 KC-LeSean McCoy KC-LeSean McCoy RB3 KC-Darwin Thompson KC-Darwin Thompson QB SF-Jimmy Garoppolo SF-Jimmy Garoppolo SF-Jimmy Garoppolo RB1 SF-Raheem Mostert SF-Raheem Mostert SF-Raheem Mostert RB2 SF-Tevin Coleman SF-Tevin Coleman SF-Tevin Coleman TE2 SF-Ross Dwelley WR1 SF-Deebo Samuel SF-Deebo Samuel WR2 SF-Emmanuel Sanders SF-Emmanuel Sanders SF-Emmanuel Sanders WR3 SF-Kendrick Bourne SF-Kendrick Bourne SF-Kendrick Bourne WR4 SF-Richie James Jr. PK SF-Robbie Gould SF-Robbie Gould SF-Robbie Gould DEF SF SF SF
  5. Packers vs Niners

    This is what happens when you only throw to one person (Adams) and run one guy (Jones). Stop both of them and then what? 0-27 at the half.
  6. Chiefs vs Titans

    Kinda like the Jets drafting Blair Thomas with the 1.02 in 1990 and the next RB was Emmitt Smith at 1.17. Trubisky is going to be forever linked to Mahomes like that. Then again, Trubisky is better than Ryan Leaf...
  7. Chiefs vs Titans

    what a run by Mahomes!
  8. Chiefs vs Titans

    Good game so far. Chiefs started slow again but are gaining momentum.
  9. Is Adam Humphries playing today?

    He is active.
  10. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Agreed. Is Brady an asset at this stage of his career or a liability. He'd be a "name" to help fill the stands (maybe) but nothing in the last year or more says that he still has the physical skills to be above average. He just doesn't want to quit while he is still in striking range of a few more records. But what he brings to a team is far more important and that just doesn't seem to be more than short throws and the ability to sit down immediately when there is a chance he could be sacked.
  11. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    As a Cowboys fan, not liking this hybrid "new coach, old offense" approach. It does smack of McCarthy not being in control of the entire team. I also listened to McCarthy be asked questions by the local media and he'd never say "yes" or "no" to anything. He just danced around the questions. I said it before, this seems to be the sort of hire that just doesn't work out. I realize that none of the hires in the last 25 years have worked out, so this is just another part of the same string. IMO.
  12. The winner will be tylcook13 no matter what happens with the final two questions. The 20 Questions contest still has the Offensive Rookie of the Year and the Offensive MVP left to be named but it will not matter. Here were the questions and their answer. Matt Ryan 1. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Baker Mayfield, Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers ? Russell Wilson 2. Which QB rushes for the most yards? Jameis Winston, Russell Wilson or Cam Newton? Carson Wentz 3. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Drew Brees, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz? Josh Allen 4. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Josh Allen, Tom Brady or Mitchell Trubisky? Christian McCaffrey 5. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey or Alvin Kamara? Aaron Jones 6. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Chris Carson, Aaron Jones or Devonta Freeman? Miles Sanders 7. Which rookie ends up with the most fantasy points? David Montgomery, Josh Jacobs or Miles Sanders? Latavius Murray 8. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Devin Singletary, Latavius Murray or Tevin Coleman ? Kareem Hunt 9. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Tony Pollard, Darwin Thompson or Kareem Hunt? No 10. Will Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce both finish in the top 3 for TE's? Hunter Henry 11. Which TE has the most fantasy points? Evan Engram, O.J. Howard or Hunter Henry ? Mark Andrews 12. Which TE has the most fantasy points? Eric Ebron, Jared Cook or Mark Andrews? Austin Hooper 13. Which TE has the most fantasy points? David Njoku, T.J. Hockenson or Austin Hooper? Julio Jones 14. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Julio Jones, JuJu Smith-Schuster or Tyreek Hill ? Deebo Samuel 15. Which rookie ends up with the most fantasy points? Marquise Brown, Mecole Hardman or Deebo Samuel ? Chris Godwin 16. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Kenny Golladay, Chris Godwin or Tyler Boyd ? Jarvis Landry 17. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Josh Godon, Dede Westbrook or Jarvis Landry? Courtland Sutton 18. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Courtland Sutton, Curtis Samuel or Christian Kirk? ? 19 Who is the Offensive Rookie of the Year? Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery or someone else? ? 20. Who is the Offensive MVP? Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, DeAndre Hopkins, Baker Mayfield or someone else? Here are the current standings: # Name ROY MVP 11 tylcook13 19. David Montgomery 20. Deshaun Watson 9 Sunday Couch Potatoe 19. Josh Jacobs 20.Someone else 9 rcswildcat 19. Kyler Murray 20. someone else 9 LordOpie 19. Kyler Murray 20. Patrick Mahomes 9 Def. 19. Kyler Murray 20. Deshaun Watson 8 heehawks 8 blaw23 7 XFlash 7 Wpob 7 Shaft 7 MustOfBeenDrunk 7 michaelredd9 7 loaf 6 Shorttynaz 6 RILETT 6 Junkyard 6 gt213 6 drafter 5 TitansFan 5 Piranha 5 gschnauzer 5 darin3 5 boltnlava 5 ABearWithFurniture 4 Ramhock 4 MikesVikes 4 Caveman_Nick 3 TrevorThinksHeKnowsFantasy 3 TheGingaNinja 3 tazinib1 2 purplemonster 2 dug The favorite for MVP is Lamar Jackson. The Offensive ROY is probably Josh Jacobs or Kyler Murray. Sunday Couch Potatoe can tie if Jacobs is ROY and rcswildcat ties if Murray is the ROY. Tiebreaker #1 1. How many yards will Patrick Mahomes throw? (4031) tylcook13 - 4300 (closest) Sunday Couch Potatoe - 4444 rcswildcat - 4850 So even if there is a tie, then tylcook13 still wins. 2. How many yards will Kyler Murray rush this season? (544) tylcook13 - 650 Sunday Couch Potatoe - 679 rcswildcat - 625 (too bad tie breaker #2, eh?) However, if there is a tie by either Sunday Couch Potatoe or rcswildcat, I'll still give him a free membership.
  13. What? He'll tell you himself that there was no push off!
  14. Pearson is a great guy when you meet him. He was the original Hail Mary pass. He is a glaring exception to the HOF for no apparent reason. He has more records and acclaim than many if not most of his contemporaries that got in. He has zero character issues. Not sure why they excluded him.