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  1. Having known the guys at MFL for 20 years now, I have never heard of them being unresponsive or anything less than passionately involved with their product and customers. It is one of the few places that is not corporate and is run by guys who are long-time devoteees to their business. I have not viewed MFL this year so I'll have to go check it out but most of my leagues are always on MFL and historically I have always preferred it over all others.
  2. That would be a nightmare to project and a risk everytime you relied on either. But if you could start both...
  3. Free Agent RBs article There's a ton of fantasy history on the RB waiver wire right now. And it seems teams are pretty cool about picking up any 30+ year old back no matter what they once did. Should make for an interesting season since these guys will land somewhere but their outlook may be very minimal compared to past years. But any big name tends to go earlier in the draft than maybe they should.
  4. While maybe it is good that he has taken a year off, by the same token he has not had a good season since 2014. And he is 31 years old. Any OAK back is interesting but not sure I would be a fan of his return since it would be harder to forecast him with his age/health issues (at least potentially) plus OAK often opting for RBBC as well.
  5. I guess Peterson is not going to suddenly rush back into the Vikings arms. For the Vikings fans, this really has to feel like a divorce and they are not going to be living with Dad. Trading the OAK O-line for the MIN O-line is going to be a step down for Murray too.
  6. Rodgers is a good blocker but yeah, seems like overspending on one position.
  7. I hate how that impacts their draft slot. So much can happen in 4 weeks too.
  8. I just hope that Rodgers uses him consistently and that he won't have 3 big games and 13 small ones.
  9. The word is that he signed with WAS because he wants to play there and was willing to have a "show me" year. Supposedly CLE offered him more to stay and cannot fault him there.
  10. One-year deal for $8 million. Nice signing.
  11. Ah... seems like a high price.
  12. Not sure I have ever seen a trade that contained nothing going to one team. Not a trade. It's selling a second round pick.
  13. That seems like a very nice upgrade for the Giants who will have three viable WR for Manning who still usually ends up worse than expected somehow. The Giants so far look like the same RB-deficient offense but having Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall has to be a boost. So long as it doesn't just bleed production from the other two.
  14. It is a problem between the incoming feed and matching up to player ID numbers which do not exist until they are on an NFL team. It is something that is a known issue that needs to be resolved.
  15. Seems he still has plenty of gas left in the tank to me. The Jets finally had a set of receivers in 2015 but will now be back to where they started.