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  1. Having Trouble logging In. Site says my membership has expired, but It was just renewed on 1 Jun 2018...… 

  2. Mr Irrelevant Trey Quinn

    I was surprised that Quinn lasted until the end. He was overlooked at LSU and rarely played. One year at SMU and he was their #1 receiver (114-1236-13). That was better than Courtland Sutton (68-1085-12) on the same team. I agree - he is very intriguing and when he finally switched schools and had a chance, he was lights out. I got an eye on that one too.
  3. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    I cannot wrap my head around this. It is like his final "I'm an idiot" moment.
  4. SOS Article?

    Will be out on June 1st!
  5. Hunter Henry torn acl

    NFL reports same. Gates is not a replacemen. He knows the plays but his body cannot run them. No real replacement likely means lots of WR passes.
  6. Alex Collins

    I'm not so sure. His overall stats are nice - 212-973-6 rushing and 23-187 as a receiver. What concerns me is that he had a 4.6 YPC overall but in the final eight games when he became the 15+ carry starter, he only averaged 3.7 yards per carry - that was really 3.3 YPC but he had a big game against the Steelers like most runners after they lost their LB Shazier. But he stepped up as a receiver at the end of the year which is good. But he has no apparent competitor for carries really other than Javorious Allen who faded last year as Collins asserted himself. I hate the Ravens offense mostly because I hate Flacco. It was a new offense last year so it will be more of the same this year unless Flacco gives way to Lamar Jackson which is no guarantee to help (though I think it would). Collins should get the volume to post decent fantasy stats. I'd be shocked for him to become a top ten back ever, but as a starting NFL RB who can catch and won't apparently share that much, he's got value. I personally wouldn't want him as a RB1 or RB2 unless I loaded up on WR first - and probably not this year. I see him as a lower-end RB2. Not excited about him but have to acknowledge the likely value.
  7. Rankings PLEASE HELP

    Yeah, I wondered about that. I will have the consistency series out next month .
  8. Rankings PLEASE HELP

    The number of top ten finishes during the year for a player in his position? I've played fantasy football for 27 years or so and have never heard of anything like that. Not even just as a statistical category for actual stats.
  9. Though I agreed with DAL releasing Bryant, I am a little surprised he's remained unemployed this long. It confirms that all the other teams have seen the same issues that the Cowboys did in his level of play. He'll land with another team still but this has to be a big hit to his ego.
  10. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    I loved the kid in the draft. I was hoping DAL took him. The #3 in PIT is sadly less appealing. But PIT should have a great trio.
  11. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    And maybe they will pan out. At least a few of them. But it was considered a weak WR class and none were taken until 1.24. First 2 rounds: 1.24 CAR D.J. Moore 1.26 ATL Calvin Ridley 2.08 DEN Courtland Sutton 2.12 SF Dante Pettis 2.15 ARI Christian Kirk 2.19 CHI Anthony Miller 2.28 PIT James Washington 2.29 JAC DJ Chark 2017 first 2 rounds from what considered a great WR class: 1.05 TEN Davis, Corey 1.07 LAC Williams, Mike 1.09 CIN Ross, John 2.05 BUF Jones, Zay 2.08 CAR Samuel, Curtis 2.30 PIT Smith-Schuster, JuJu JuJu was the only one that hit so far. 2016 first 2 rounds: 1.15 CLE Coleman, Corey 1.21 HOU Fuller, Will 1.22 WAS Doctson, Josh 1.23 MIN Treadwell, Laquon 2.09 NYG Shepard, Sterling 2.16 NO Thomas, Michael 2.24 CIN Boyd, Tyler Thomas was a hit but played with Brees. Fuller does well so long as Watson plays. But the first two rounds of what were considered to be more talented draft classes has started slowly at the least. And in terms of expectations for rookie years, the trend is not good.
  12. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Not a lot of love for the rookie WR this year. But deservedly.
  13. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Gurley and Johnson have been stellar. But Gordon has been good and even Duke Johnson gets some credit as well. For being the 15th overall pick, he's been mostly to expectations so yeah he should be considered.
  14. It is a mess. And what doesn't help is that Duke Johnson is clearly one of the top third-down backs in the NFL. He caught 74 passes last year. And Hyde is both a good runner and a good receiver - he had 59 receptions last year. Then throw in Chubb who is a power back with great rushing ability and almost no experience as a receiver. The last two years he combined for 447 carries for 2475 yards but only totaled nine catches. So you have a receiving back. a back that does both and a rushing back. The new offensive coordinator Todd Haley hasn't used a committee. When he was the HC in KC 2009 - 2011, he had Jamaal Charles. When he was in PIT as the OC from 2012-2017, he had Le'Veon Bell. So his background prefers if not creates a "superback" that does it all. In CLE, there are 3 separate pieces and none are like each other. This would be simple if there was no Chubb or no Hyde. Johnson is what he is - a great third-down back. But how it shakes out between Hyde and Chubb is the question. Have to consider this a three-way monster until either Chubb or Hyde clearly beats the other out for more touches. But for 2018, it is wait and see what shakes out and worse yet, their roles could change throughout the season.
  15. C.J. Anderson released

    Kinda Jonathan Stewart all over again.