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  1. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

    He's certainly capable as a QB2 and is a nice mentor if/when they get a rookie QB
  2. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Thing is that Shanahan loved McKinnon enough to give him a 4-year, $30M contract with every intention that he is an RB1. Coleman was only worth $8.7M 3 years. McKinnon did not have a chance to play last year but failing his recovery not being complete, there should not be a reason why he won't continue as planned. McKinnon is 5-9, 205 lbs. Devonta Freeman is 5-8, 206 pounds. McKinnon is - at least to Shanahan - a clone of Freeman. I don't think he is but they coughed up $18M guaranteed on McKinnon. Coleman only got $5M guaranteed. I do not think Shanahan is bringing in his RB2 from ATL to become his RB1 in SF, especially when he's paid (and paying) so much more for the Freeman clone. Shanahan has been great with offenses but cannot say I like the SF backfield near as much with his 1-2 in Atlanta. I do like that Coleman totaled 11 TDs in 2016 during ATL's monster offense year (Shanahan's final). But even then, Coleman only accounted for 118-520 as a rusher and 31-421 as a receiver. Freeman scored 13 TDs that year with 227-1079 as a rusher, 54-462 as a receiver.
  3. Tannehill traded to TEN

    They own the 1.13 which might be good enough to reach Drew Lock. They have to get a rookie QB even though they should grab a veteran QB as well. But the Fins are not shaping up as a fantasy force for 2019.
  4. He'll be a backup the rest of his days while MIA enters the Rookie QB Derby in earnest.
  5. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Right you are. There's an impressive stretch.
  6. OBJ to Browns

  7. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    There is some speculation they might bring in Blake Bortles since there are no other QBs on their roster currently. So they have that going for them.
  8. Sports Illustrated Uh. Prime what? Elway was a great QB. His recent picks to build on what Peyton Manning left have been Case Keenum, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and now Flacco. What is he possibly thinking?
  9. Huddle Search Engine

    I'll report it. I was not aware.
  10. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Shanahan had Devonta Freeman and Coleman when he was the OC in ATL. Now he can have McKinnon and Coleman. I have to think this affects Matt Breida more than McKinnon.
  11. Tyrell Williams to the Raiders

    Now we just need to see what Derek Carr does with all these toys. It is all up to him.
  12. Ingram to the Ravens

    Maybe they start using the Triple Wing - Edwards, Ingram and Jackson. You have to guess which one carries the ball on every play.
  13. 3 Years, $15M - good value for the Ravens
  14. Bell to the Jets

    He's still under Gurley but he should be. It averages out to $13M per season. Maybe not what he wanted but shouldn't complain. Now let's see how much was Bell and how much was playing for the Steelers.
  15. OBJ to Browns

    "it's a problem"