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  1. NFL has closed all team facilities

    The first-rounders may not get to walk the red carpet and all that royalty treatment, but an unprecedented number of people will see them win. I guess we'll see the players via a camera in their home.
  2. NFL has closed all team facilities

    Don't blame them and likely prudent. But NFL teams are not liking that the draft is going on as scheduled despite no Pro Days or in-person evaluations. They think OTA's in May could be canceled as well. That could make deciding which players to get or keep hard to do as well.
  3. So what new thing are you doing?

    It was heading in the wrong direction.
  4. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    Heck of a center. But cannot blame him at all.
  5. Broncos Sign Melvin Gordon

    It ain't Big Boy money at $8M a year really, but it is better than most. Gotta be less than he envisioned.
  6. Rams Release Todd Gurley

    From what I've gathered, the market for Gordon is not what he was thinking last year when he held out. He may end up on a one or two year deal.
  7. Rams Release Todd Gurley

    What a black eye for the Rams who I think eat $25M in dead money. Why sign a RB for more than 2 years?
  8. Broncos Release Joe Flacco

    While he was never what Elway said he would be, Flacco ended up about what everyone else thought he would be.
  9. So what new thing are you doing?

    Work at home Shelter in place Do not gather with more than 50 people Do not travel Practice social distancing Just sounds like football season to me...
  10. Brady in TB (at least according to NFL channel talking heads) is going to transform the NFC South and change the Buccaneers finally into a Super Bowl contender. What say you?
  11. Amari Cooper re-signs with Dallas for big $$

    They should have kept CB Byron Jones and let Cooper go. Plenty of great WR in this draft and Cooper was too inconsistent. Not going to find a shut-down corner nearly as easy as a WR.
  12. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    If Tom Brady goes to the Buccaneers, he'll replace each Jameis Winston interception with three Brady flops. That offensive line gave up 47 sacks last year - one of the worst in the NFL. Brady was sacked 27 times in NE (No. 24)
  13. Amari Cooper re-signs with Dallas for big $$

    Lotta cash for a guy who scores 70% of his fantasy points in home games.
  14. Cardinals get new uniforms
  15. WOW. Up go Cardinals Down go Texans