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  1. Goff as the college walk-on The starting QB at Ventura College probably enjoyed the reveal more than anyone... whew!
  2. Giants release WR B Marshall

    Maybe. But Marshall added nothing last year and now the Giants have Beckham and Shepard returning, plus Evan Engram who broke out last year. And if they draft Saquon Barkley and run the ball more, how many passes are left over for Bryant? Or even Beckham given the new targets?
  3. Alvin Kamara

    In PPR, Kamara came in #3 last year. And he did not hit his stride until around Week 6. No way he makes it out of the first round. I haven't done the projections yet since the NFL draft has yet to happen and the schedule comes out tomorrow. But if he falls out of the first round on my projections, he's getting more fantasy points to push back up. He scored 13 times and totaled 1554 yards. And this year he has no Peterson there and knows what he is doing even more. In PPR, he's probably a top 5 pick IMO. He deserved the ROY he got last year.
  4. This year is an interesting one for QBs in the NFL draft and where do you put Saquon Barkley? Here's an easy chance for a free ride at The Huddle! All you have to do is have the most picks correctly slotted from the first 12 to be the winner. First tiebreaker is the most picks made starting at #1 without making a mistake. Second tiebreaker is the most correct players that were in the first 12 picks regardless of slot. Then earliest timestamp I'll lock it right before the draft kicks off. Top 25 players likely to be drafted: QB BAKER MAYFIELD - Oklahoma QB JOSH ALLEN - Wyoming QB JOSH ROSEN - UCLA QB MASON RUDOLPH - Oklahoma St. QB SAM DARNOLD - USC RB DERRIUS GUICE - LSU RB SAQUON BARKLEY - Penn St. WR CALVIN RIDLEY - Alabama CB DENZEL WARD - Ohio St. CB JOSH JACKSON - Iowa DE BRADLEY CHUBB - N.C. State DE MARCUS DAVENPORT - Texas-San Antonio DT DA'RON PAYNE - Alabama DT MAURICE HURST - Michigan DT VITA VEA - Washington EDGE HAROLD LANDRY - Boston College G QUENTON NELSON - Notre Dame G WILL HERNANDEZ - Texas-El Paso ILB LEIGHTON VANDER ESCH - Boise St. ILB TREMAINE EDMUNDS - Virginia Tech OLB ROQUAN SMITH - Georgia OT KOLTON MILLER - UCLA OT MIKE MCGLINCHEY - Notre Dame S DERWIN JAMES - Florida St. S MINKAH FITZPATRICK - Alabama Just copy the name pos name-school from above and paste it over the name of the team for that pick. And then delete everything else in your post. 1. Cleveland Browns 2. New York Giants 3. New York Jets from Indianapolis Colts 4. Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans 5. Denver Broncos 6. Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8. Chicago Bears 9. San Francisco 49ers 10. Oakland Raiders 11. Miami Dolphins 12. Buffalo Bills from Cincinnati Bengals So like it might look like: 1. QB BAKER MAYFIELD - Oklahoma 2. QB JOSH ALLEN - Wyoming 3. QB JOSH ROSEN - UCLA 4. DE BRADLEY CHUBB - N.C. State etc etc. Good luck. And thanks to those of you who follow directions.
  5. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Whatever patterns there were for RB catches before do not matter now. TEN has an all new offense this year. New HC Mike Vrabel was a defensive guy. Matt LaFleur runs the offense but he's never been a full-fledged OC before so there is nothing really to go on as to expectations. He was a QB coach in Atlanta but that doesn't mean he's looking for another Devonta Freeman. Or maybe he is? Hard to say.
  6. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    Just for reference: Dion Lewis Year Team Car Rush Yards Rush TDs Catch Catch Yards Catch TDs 2011 PHI 23 102 1 1 -3 0 2012 PHI 13 69 1 2 24 0 2013 CLE 0 0 0 0 0 0 2015 NE 49 234 2 36 388 2 2016 NE 64 283 0 17 94 0 2017 NE 180 896 6 32 214 3 Henry Year Team Car Rush Yards Rush TDs Catch Catch Yards Catch TDs 2016 TEN 110 490 5 13 137 0 2017 TEN 176 744 5 11 136 1
  7. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    They are paying Lewis $5M a year so he is not just depth. But my problem is that he follows the pattern of being a relative nobody for his career and then getting one year as the primary back in NE. He played for six years already with minimal to show for it other than 2017. He was with NE for 3 years and did little for the first two. TEN is his fourth team. If he had not started last year, he'd be the same guy only one that you'd draft deep in the draft to fill out your roster. Not many backs break out in their sixth year. Blount went from 18 TDs to only three last year when he changed teams. The top backs for NE in recent years were Lewis, Blount, Jonas Gray, Stevan Ridley, Green-Ellis, Laurence Maroney, etc. This also gets complicated with a new coaching staff with Matt LaFleur as the OC whatever that ends up meaning. Lewis should be the pass-catching back though he's never had more than 38 catches and that playing with the Pats who love to throw to backs. I am still trying to decide on that backfield but historically any back leaving NE is over-valued on a new team. Without exception. Lewis saw heavy use at the end of last year but the Pats did not want to keep him. New coaches, new scheme on a new team could end up with major FF value since it is harder to know what to expect. As of now, I would expect that Henry takes the bulk of rushing and that Lewis is more of a third-down back. Hard to guess when LaFleur has never been an NFL offensive coordinator other than last year in LA with the Rams but he did not call the plays there and the Rams just used Gurley with almost no other help. Lewis scares me given his own career from 2011 - 2016. And the history of ex-NE RBs. But I agree that Henry is no slam dunk to become another "Gurley". $5M a year says Lewis is not just a bench player.
  8. C.J. Anderson released

    Anderson had a weird pattern. He would end the season on a hot note, then flop the next season until around midseason and then heat up. And then start out as a flop the next year. He was just inconsistent more than anything. He had a number of great games but just wasn't reliable.
  9. Broncos now have just 2 RBs on their roster - Devontae Booker and De'Angelo Henderson. They'll have to spend a high pick on a RB if not grab two. Or at least trade for a veteran which seems more unlikely.
  10. Dez Bryant cut

    While Dak versus Romo may have some significance, it also has to take into account his foot injury of 2015 and the effects that had on his total game. Bryant couldn't remain healthy until last year and then had a terrible season relative to expectations and salary. Prescott passing may well have contributed, but Bryant dropped balls and ran ragged routes and worse yet, argued with coaches and was more disruption than asset. He is not done with football, but he is not the player he once was. If he ends up with the Packers, then his stock shoots up. But if he ends up with an average or worse QB, there's no reason to expect 2014 to happen again ever.
  11. The first 6 picks will be.......

    That's the other part of what bothers me. He played with "lesser" talent which would obviously impact his success. That makes assessing him harder to do.I'd think it means he'll be slower to hit his stride in the NFL. But your point is valid.
  12. The first 6 picks will be.......

    This worries me the most
  13. Custom Dynasty rankings

    Here's your problem. If you want customized rankings for a dynasty team, that cannot really be done and be realistic. That would entail projecting out future years for however long you think their career is going to last. And how then to rank them? By total points in a career? I understand that there can be differences in rankings from different scoring rules (but not nearly as much as people think). But best bet is to take customized rankings for that year and compare it to keeper/dynasty rankings (which we already have). And then use the wisdom of both sheets. If anyone is telling you a dynsty cheatsheet is customized, it must be just for this year. And until the NFL draft happens, no rankings really mean anything. The draft (and subsequent trades) change NFL teams tremendously - at least potentially. IT's not enough that you cannot know where rookies are going to go, but their impact on the rest of the team has to be considered. This is why the instant the draft is over is when I start the process of assessing, researching, valuing and projecting. I always have that done by June 1st but often earlier. I appreciate your desire to get what would seem to be more accurate rankings, but in this case, customization doesn't really make a lot of sense because of variables like age, playing years left, etc. And by next year, about half of the players will be in dramatically different situations.
  14. Dez Bryant

    I'd guess that Bryant doesn't see it. But he is not the same as he was pre-2015.
  15. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Pats are without their top 2 WR from last year. Either they are not done trading or they think Edelman is going to stay healthy and have a career year.