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  1. What is still wrong? With links, potentially there could be an issue if it is older than a year that it is pointing to. We had to archive stuff older than a year because of the volume and effect on the health of the board. Older posts are not gone, but they may not be reached via search. You'd have to dig back to find them. It appears the processing is through though I know we have an open ticket with the board company.
  2. I do not think the processing is quite yet finished. And whenever it is, we'll visit any problems to fix. No reason why those abilities would be gone from the new version so I would expect them to be there again.
  3. You should have the exact same abilities as you had before.
  4. Probably nothing you need to worry about. (slow pitch over the plate...)
  5. It is not through completing the updating. It started on WED and is still only about half over. It is a complete conversion from an old software that is no longer supported. Wait until it is done - it is still re-indexing about a million posts and such. It will still be several more days I would guess. We did it in the dead of FEB as the best time.
  6. It appears that it is already set to do that. It must have to do with it still processing.
  7. The process is not over yet. Wait to see what it ends up to be but we had to upgrade to an entirely new thing, not incremental. It will take time to get it all back. And please do not post pictures of anything inappropriate or the ability has to be removed.
  8. I agree .
  9. It is going through a complete upgrade that is taking days. I am not sure this is where it ends up. It is all still processing in the background and is not finished.
  10. Welcome to Knock-the-F-Out Island. Population 2
  11. Perkins was a fifth rounder and he'll be just another mediocre back most likely. They have only had one 1000 yard rusher in the last seven years. What I want to see from a fantasy perspective is that the NFL as the copycat league looking at what benefit the Cowboys got from Ezekiel Elliott and want to get a workhorse primary runner. Most likely - just another yawn-inducing committee for the Giants.
  12. No shock there. The question is whether the Giants will ever get a highly rated RB or just continue with their long line of scrubs.
  13. Good job to all and a free membership to CaptainHook! Saving James White for the Super Bowl was a stroke of sheer luck genius!!! 656.30 CaptainHook 638.20 evil dick XXX 637.85 CowboysDiehard 637.80 Wolverines Fan 617.65 isleseeya 602.20 tonorator 601.35 The Mad Macedonian 600.75 Def. 599.00 LordOpie 595.35 Team Mates 587.75 dug 584.60 Riffraff 580.10 Sunday Couch Potatoe 578.55 Heehawks 575.45 candleops 575.35 Genetic Jackhammer 572.50 darin3 571.55 Wild Turkeys 569.25 DMD 568.05 Gunther 566.90 Roland Stones 563.80 Gopher 563.65 Hoodoo 563.00 Scorcher 560.90 Lackey 560.85 Big Country 559.20 rhino 550.75 Scissors of Floyd 548.25 electricrelish 547.75 rcswildcat 545.10 borge007 543.25 montana is da man 540.75 LLCHILE 537.15 Zooty 537.05 Caveman_Nick 536.75 BillyBalata 533.65 MikesVikes 532.60 Irish 531.40 Joey2Stix 529.95 HowboutthemCowboys 529.45 Junkyard Dogs 526.45 Rileyrott 525.30 IllegalHit 523.10 tazinib1 518.75 Ram Tough 513.30 BeachBum 512.35 DiehardSteeler 508.05 Robin's Luck 507.75 loaf 502.45 SEEDS 499.55 The Mighty Showgirls of Las Vegas 498.55 J.D.Morrison 496.55 Gomer's Pyle 489.75 Bonedaddies 485.05 Pity the Fools 484.00 Pancake 481.85 Bier 475.15 Raoul Duke 434.80 G.K.Trey 424.30 Shorttynaz
  14. LLCHILE with 875.45 points and winner of $100 rocknrobin is second with 870.75 points and gets $50 darin3 who was thought to be the winner until James White went supernova, is third with 857.4 and gets THE SOCKS!!! Gopher is fourth with 855.4 points and gets the wolf shirt! I will contact winners to arrange their prizes this week. James White had 47.9 and was "a difference maker". Congrats to the winners!!! Results 875.45 LLCHILE 870.75 rocknrobn26 857.40 darin3 855.40 Gopher 840.15 BillyBalata 835.20 Big John 829.40 Big Country 829.40 Papajohn 827.35 Sunday Couch Potatoe 819.15 Atlanta Cracker 814.30 Wolverines Fan 812.95 SEEDS 806.80 tazinib1 806.30 tonorator 806.10 Genetic Jackhammer 806.10 weebo 806.10 buddahj 806.10 Borge007 801.00 blaw23 796.05 dug 795.95 hoodoo 761.30 CaptainHook 760.05 MustOfBeenDrunk 758.70 candleops 755.40 loaf 751.80 Ramhock 745.00 Rileyrott 743.70 Shaft 728.30 Caveman_Nick 722.50 irish 721.50 Montana is da Man 696.95 CowboysDiehard 692.90 kdko 691.00 MTSuper7 682.45 Zooty 674.45 Pratts 668.70 J.D.Morrison 665.15 joey2stix 664.35 Bonedaddies 656.20 The Next Generation 654.00 herbwildwood 653.15 WildTurkey 645.95 Roland 620.20 rcswildcat 615.55 Ram Tough 606.30 Def. 602.55 drafter 596.95 isleseeya 596.95 ABearWithFurniture 594.65 Cowboyz1 589.85 pork chop express 588.30 heehawks 560.35 Dont Rookie Me........ 546.85 MikesVikes 546.65 SeductiveNun 538.80 Pancake 525.35 Shorttynaz 523.40 raoul duke 517.05 BeachBum
  15. That's the thing though - can he possibly remain so productive when literally no one else has ever done it? Can he remain healthy without issues that have literally stopped every other elite QB when they hit 40?