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  1. Did Rodgers retire?

    Post title of the Week.
  2. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Go figure. Two TDs saved his day. On both, they let Cohen try first and then let Montgomery punch it in.
  3. Gave up Drake for Edmonds last week

    What I mean is that he had a freak first game. He was playing the 49ers that were the top-ranked defense against QB, RB, WR, and TE. All of the Cards exceeded expectations. Their next two games are at TB (#3 DEF vs RB) and at SF (not going to be surprised 2 weeks later), Then the bye. So in 4 weeks from now, Edmonds or Johnson will be back and maybe both. ARI still has a bad offensive line. The 49ers had only allowed one TD to any RB all year and that was McCaffrey. He catches the ball so that helps. But he's a 4th-year player that just scored more fantasy points than any other game he's ever played. He only ran over 100 yards in two games in his 3.5 years to date. Kyler Murray threw for 241 yards and 2 TD. Sf had not allowed any passing TDs since Week 3 and they had not allowed more than 158 passing yards in the past month. They held Jared Goff to 78 passing yards. It was a fun deviation from the norm. As a Drake owner in a few leagues, I'd love to see him replicate that but I don't expect it given the line, the schedule, Edmonds and Johnson, etc..
  4. Gave up Drake for Edmonds last week

    If it's any consolation, and it isn't, Drake probably won't ever do that again.
  5. Ken Whisenhunt is gone. Likely just the first of a few more coaches to fall in the NFL.
  6. Ertz officially safe to drop

    Hard to believe that Dallas Goedert leads him 3:1 in TDs.
  7. reported to not have traveled to Pittsburgh for the game.
  8. Kind of surprised since they have a bye in Week 9. Much rather see Kamara playing.
  9. Commissioner Advice

    You did not say if it was a dynasty league with all kept or just some kept or a salary cap league or how this counts next year. Assuming a dynasty sort of league, he is effectively trading what would have been a first, second and maybe third-round pick from this year for a first-round and fifth next year. It is not a good trade for the guy getting picks at all. Is it so egregious that I would deny it? Probably not. All three are injury problems. It is not a balanced trade per se but it isn't terrible in my opinion. But I am not sure what a first and fifth next year could be. Kind of borderline. I'd petition the league even if they do not have a say technically. Basically, he is giving three players with Top 50 talent and getting back just one next year.
  10. Ty Johnson is the new back to be later injured
  11. Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers

    Sanders is a free agent in 2020 too so this is all about this year.
  12. They need WR help desperately but what if it was just Garoppolo all along?
  13. Ajayi

    Makes you wonder about David Johnson...
  14. Nagy

    This made me laugh. I was looking at the box score for Chicago and thought "I'll never, ever again draft any player that has Nagy as a coach." I have watched a ton of football in my life and I have never seen such a senseless use of players and what plays are called. I am not kidding - I just do not understand what in the hell he is thinking other than he loves to think he is being strategic when all he needs to do is execute plays. At half time, they were only down 12-10. And they had run the ball four times - just once with the "primary" back Montgomery and three times with third-down back Cohen. He only ran once more in the entire second half. Trubisky threw 54 passes but only gained 251 yards on 34 completions. I honestly do not think Trubisky is anywhere near this bad. I think Montgomery on another team might be a good back. But I will agree. I just do not get Nagy. It's like he starts out thinking he is already down by 20 points. At home no less!!! I give up on Nagy. I honestly do not think he has any idea how to run a football team. I just do not see any sign that says he does.
  15. Game time decision

    Agreed with the previous. Game-time decision means they want to see the player in pre-game warmups before deciding if he is to be part of the 46 players allowed to be active on game day or if he is one of the 7 who is not. In most cases, it is a player that would be playing still somewhat hurt unless it is like determining if he passes the concussion clearance. In a few cases, teams won't say in advance they are sitting a player so that their opponent has to waste time preparing to play him.