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  1. Promoted Bill Musgrave from QB coach to offensive coordinator. Bound to help - he was the OC in OAK last year when their offense worked.
  2. NBC Skycam/view fail

    I wondered that as well. In fact, post-game commentators on NFL channel even mentioned it.
  3. Dede Westbrook

    Just to go see why I left the preseason not that enamored of Westbrook, I just looked up what he did in the preseason. Week 1 - 1-42 TD Final play of Q3 pass from QB Brandon Allen (I think he is on practice squad of LAR now, he was cut by JAC) Week 2 - 6-131 Caught all six passes in final two drives of Q4 in a game they lost 8-12. Brandon Allen was QB. Week 3 - Did not play - inactive. Week 4 - 6-115 TD QB Brandon Allen for all. The earliest he had any pass in the preseason was the final play of QB3. His Week 2 was all final 2 drives. Week 4 had some first-half catches in the most meaningless game of all. And every pass was thrown by a QB who has never thrown an NFL pass. He was end of the game in preseason good I guess. But he never played in Week 3.
  4. Dede Westbrook

    I'm not getting the Dede Westbrook thing. He has never played a down in the NFL. He was a fourth-round wideout taken after 14 other wideouts. He went between Amara Darboh and Josh Reynolds. He may have had a few good plays in the preseason against guys that are building outdoor decks and flipping burgers now. But even the top rookie WRs are doing nothing. I don't see it. Why? Drake is an attractive start this week. He's turned in two nice performances since becoming a starting RB.
  5. Ben McAdoo

    He's been my vote for first HC fired. The Giants have just plain quit. And quit on him specifically.
  6. The Chargers are cursed...

    Joey Bosa roughing passer was a tacky call but he should know better
  7. Anyone else getting In"sta"gram-ed???

    How amazing was that? NO ran for 300 yards and 5 TDs
  8. A.Jones ruled out for the rest of the game

    Ty Montgomery looking good too.
  9. Nice! Are you a fan of any particular team?
  10. AJ Green ejected

    I think one of the differentiating reasons why Evans was suspended and Green was not is that Green was already ejected at the start of the game so he sort of already had a one-game suspension. Evans still played.
  11. Pains me to say it ...

    He has received rave reviews for his work. I think he does a good job. I've read that he is making other broadcasters look bad because he not only explains what is going on but can call what is going to happen in most cases.
  12. AJ Green ejected

    He was throwing punches like he just didn't care.
  13. Fournette inactive

    He could have skipped the LSU game and not missed much
  14. Fournette inactive

    I'd like to know how many daily lineups changed to Ivory or Yeldon.
  15. Fournette inactive