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  1. Yeah, wondered the same thing.
  2. They can't come to the phone right now. They're taking a nap.
  3. Week 6 Chat

    Nine games early and only two late. That's new...
  4. Graphics links broken?

    I'm trying. I really am.
  5. Draft picks seem like the only painful option. Maybe a large cash penalty but that doesn't really qualify as "painful." Maybe make them change their team name to the Tennessee Shamed for a year. Have a nun ringing a bell follow the team captains out for every coin flip.
  6. Yeah, not many places to turn on a Monday night...
  7. Not great. How many guys has he talked with face to face?
  8. Graphics links broken?

    The boards are not a part of the site, they are maintained by the company that owns the software. Still working on it.
  9. Graphics links broken?

    Still working on it. Sorry. Trying to find out who to contact.
  10. Week 3 Injury Updates We also have that which goes into Sunday morning for all the latest on actives and inactives.
  11. Graphics links broken?

    Trying something tonight to see if it works.
  12. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    No nose popping here.
  13. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    Man. I hope we don't get offending ads either way. Very hard to track and catch and remove.
  14. RIP Gale Sayers

    Those allergies are getting to me again. Great movie and a great man.
  15. And to think that I was so happy that, for once, I not only got the #1 pick in a league, I got it twice! And in my big dollar league too!
  16. How many leagues?

    11 that I have to submit lineups for. Maybe about 15 or 20 best balls or mocks each year as well.
  17. Free Agent Forecast

    Sorry - working all day on games. It was there in the afternoon
  18. Week 1 panic thread

    Thomas not only has three catches, but against the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. In this meeting last year, he had 11-182-2
  19. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    CEH was drafted in part because of his receiving skills. He caught 55 passes at LSU last season. He missed his two targets but at least one was uncatchable anyway. HOU has a bad secondary and Mahomes killed them with multiple different receivers. I would expect CEH to become more of a receiver in later games against better secondaries that can handle the wideouts better. CEH did chip a DE and then trickle out as a receiver on several occasions but Mahomes never needed him. Johnson looked much better than he has for a long time. But KC defense was #29 against RBs last year anyway and DJ got that weird benefit of them running the ball when they were already down by 17 and KC was backed up against the pass. It was encouraging for DJ to be sure, but also a function of the opponent and situation.

    Watson has no deep ball at least so far.

    Gotta like what Edwards-Helaire looks like so far - seven runs for 49 yards Wish he would catch a pass.
  22. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Tomorrow will be 19 years - hard to think it has been that long ago.
  23. Projections

    Fixed - I mentioned his release but had not combed out his other mentions. Updates on Friday after the final injury report.