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  1. Bucs Release Doug Martin

    He was always a tough one to call. His problems were in his head and he went to rehab last year. He was always great or terrible with nothing in between.
  2. Blood test to detect concussions This would be very advantageous and could skirt around players trying to hide their concussions and allow doctors to be more accurate with the diagnosis. And quicker too.
  3. The critical part is to not allow someone with a concussion to continue to play since he could really injure his brain if he was hit again while concussed. If it is for player safety, I am for anything that gets him off the field to prevent further harm. If proteins in the blood are indisputable, then use it.
  4. I read that to mean they are released for up to 12 hours but measuring it after that would not be accurate. So you have to test within 12 hours but apparently can be very quickly if they are talking about using it on the sidelines.
  5. Well. So much for the NFC in this game. The only team with many NFC players is Keg who correctly picked almost all Eagles and yet has just one AFC player. Other than Keg, no one has a NQB, NRB1, NRB2 or NWR1. No one has a NFC kicker. No one. These are the remaining players . I removed some of the lower half ones that had no chance to winning just to save space. 539.6 (8) Gopher 538.25 (7) General Itals 532.95 (7) Sunday Counch Potatoe 530.8 (6) Wpob 516.35 (9) Def. 511.95 (11) heehawks 507.55 (11) Big Country 505.3 (5) Dcat 504.25 (7) kdko 501.85 (9) Rileyrott 501.3 (10) SeductiveNun 495.15 (11) rcswildcat 490.9 (4) Roland 489.6 (6) Shorttynaz 488.7 (6) Fighting_Koalas 488.35 (6) ABearWithFurniture 484.2 (7) tazinib1 481.35 (10) Caveman_Nick 481.3 (8) LLCHILE 479.95 (10) Shaft 476.55 (10) Wolverines Fan 476.2 (3) dug 473.3 (10) JoJoTheWebToedBoy 472 (4) J.D.Morrison 470.7 (11) Montana is da Man 469.65 (10) CowboysDiehard 468.75 (4) Ramhock 468.4 (11) Pratts 468.2 (12) loaf 465.6 (10) Cowboyz1 460.4 (4) WildTurkey 457.6 (8) rocknrobn26 454.95 (5) irish 450.4 (3) drafter 445.4 (13) Genetic Jackhammer 444.6 (6) hoodoo 434.15 (2) MustOfBeenDrunk 433.7 (12) Pancake 433.7 (12) borge007 430.1 (10) SEEDS 422.8 (10) buddahj 422.65 (10) Junkyard 419.2 (2) The Next Generation 417.85 (2) BillyBalata 416.65 (7) Atlanta Cracker 414.2 (2) darin3 407.1 (2) Bonedaddies 404.45 (6) MikesVikes 401.8 (10) weebo 394.5 (11) keggerz 391.65 (4) isleseeya 387.9 (10) raoul duke 370.15 (0) BeachBum 356.85 (1) CaptainHook 356.55 (6) dope man 353.45 (4) Shaman 319.6 (2) herbwildwood 292.65 (3) candleops 248.85 (0) tonorator
  6. Henry has the talent and QB to be a Top 5 if not Top 3 TE. But they just won't use him consistently so far. Gates hanging around has hurt him and Keenan Allen roaring back with a career year also took away from Hunter and they may not change unless Allen gets hurt as he did in literally every other year.
  7. Have to wonder what Dalvin Cook will be like this year. Hunter Henry should be better but should have been in 2017. Depending on QB, Corey Coleman.
  8. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Here's your difference: Garoppolo 5-0 as a starter with 49ers on a team completely decimated by injury that was 1-10. Kaepernick 1-10 as a veteran starter in final season and was #2 QB behind Blaine Gabbert until Week 6.. New head coach Chip Kelly was not impressed with Kaepernick who had a down year in 2015 (2-6) and needed surgeries on his knee, thumb and shoulder and landed on IR Week 9. His final two years were all about injuries and sub-par play and he decided then was the time to drive fans away. He's 31 years old and never had more than 3369 pass yards in any season. That was the least passing yardage of any QB playing 16 games that year. His only advantage was running early in his career. .
  9. Do the Pats complete the inevitable or do the Eagles show up better than most expect?
  10. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Brady threw for over 500 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions. First QB in history to do that and lose.
  11. Bill Belichick to retire

    I bet Gronk stays. But after the game, he would not commit to playing next year and said that he would have to think about it. Not sure after losing the Super Bowl is any time to think about future decisions. He's struggled with injuries some in his career including concussions. But he is only 29 and would be walking away from a ton of cash if nothing else.
  12. Bill Belichick to retire

    That would be big. Less so if Gronk actually retired but still...
  13. Congrats to the Eagles

    Imagine - Nick Foles was just a back-up quarterback and did not start until Week 15. And he just became the Super Bowl MVP. Not a bad couple of months for Foles!
  14. Congrats to the Eagles

    Three playoff games. Never favored. Won all three.
  15. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Moss was a slam dunk. I'm glad they let Owens in.
  16. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Kinda hard to say but certainly, he was very encouraging. I would hesitate to consider him better than top ten. There's just no way he is going to replicate the sort of games he started out with too often. It certainly depends too on what receivers he has starting next year which cannot yet be known. He threw for 293-0 in Chicago in his first game that no one knew what to expect. He threw for 334-1 in Houston like most everyone else. 381-1 at home versus TEN was impressive for his first home game. He had 242-2 versus JAC. And then 292-2 when the Rams rested their starters in Week 1. I'll gladly admit he is intriguing and promising. He averaged 300 yards per game with really crappy receivers. I doubt he'll throw for 4800 yards next year. At this point, I'd consider him just outside of the top ten but whatever other moves the 49ers make will have an obvious impact on his outlook. I'm not going overboard on him becoming the next Tom Brady quite yet. But he's worth tracking to be sure. Five years out is impossible to forecast for even a top QB, let alone one who had just five starts last year at the end of a bad season.
  17. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Line opened at 6 points
  18. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    I wonder if the Eagles win, if they will be the first team to have won while being an underdog in every playoff game?
  19. No winner yet but certainly the field has become smaller. There are two questions left to be answered (and potentially a tie breaker) LordOpie won this last year with 12 correct answers. 1. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota? 2. Which QB rushes for the most yards? Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton? 3. Which QB ends up with the most fantasy points? Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson? 4. Which rookie ends up with the most fantasy points? Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson or DeShone Kizer? 5. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Le Sean McCoy, Devonta Freeman or Melvin Gordon? 6. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Jordan Howard, Todd Gurley or Jay Ajayi? 7. Which rookie ends up with the most fantasy points? Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey? 8. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points?Ameer Abdullah, C.J. Anderson or Bilal Powell? 9. Which RB ends up with the most fantasy points? Mark Ingram, Adrian Peterson or Tevin Coleman? 10. Will Jordan Reed, Travis Kelce, and Rob Gronkowski all finish in the top 10 for TEs? Yes or no? 11. Which TE has the most fantasy points? Jimmy Graham, Hunter Henry or Kyle Rudolph? 12. Which TE has the most fantasy points? Martellus Bennett, Jack Doyle or Delanie Walker? 13. Which TE has the most fantasy points? O.J. Howard, Evan Engram or David Njoku? 14. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham or Julio Jones? 15. Which rookie ends up with the most fantasy points? Zay Jones, Corey Davis or Cooper Kupp? 16. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Mike Evans, Michael Thomas or Jordy Nelson? 17. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Keenan Allen, Kelvin Benjamin or Allen Robinson? 18. Which WR ends up with the most fantasy points? Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins or Brandon Marshall? 19 Who is the Offensive Rookie of the Year? Leonard Fournette, Christian Mccaffrey, Dalcin Cook, Corey Davis, DeShone Kizer or someone else? 20. Who is the Offensive MVP? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, Russell Wilson, David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell or someone else? The current standings are: 12 Big Country 12 squirrelmastr21 11 kdko 11 flemingd 11 rcswildcat 10 NAUgrad 10 soopanuts 10 Pancake 10 Watt's Up 10 Caveman_Nick 9 yellowdog 9 TitansFan 9 Ramhock 9 michaelredd9 9 Tripleshot 9 CowboysDiehard 9 drafter 8 ts 8 Def. 8 LordOpie 8 Gopher 8 ABearWithFurniture 8 heehawks 8 DubsMaster9000 8 shamrock_94 8 monster2333 7 loaf 7 skindzier 7 TRU SOLDJA 22 7 Wpob 7 JoJoTheWebToedBoy 7 Shaft 7 Montana is da Man 7 Shorttynaz 7 BRUISER 7 Helpmeout 7 Do Work Son 6 banerak 6 millworkguy 6 DanTheMan_5 5 Zooty 5 tazinib1 5 patriots15fan The teams with at least 10 correct and therefore in theoretical reach of first: ROY OFF MVP 12 Big Country McCafffrey T Brady 12 squirrelmastr21 Someone else Rodgers 11 kdko McCafffrey D Johnson 11 flemingd Someone else Rodgers 11 rcswildcat McCafffrey Someone else 10 NAUgrad Fournette Rodgers 10 soopanuts McCafffrey Rodgers 10 Pancake Cook Rodgers 10 Watt's Up Someone else Someone else 10 Caveman_Nick Cook Brees
  20. *** 20 Question contest ***

    Added into the original post
  21. This is going to be really interesting. All the high scoring teams have lost about half or more of their players. Will they hang on? There are still two more games to be played so owning a full roster could be very beneficial. MustOfBeenDrunk has all the Jaguars. No one else has more than a couple.If the Jags beat NE and the Eagles beat MIN, there will hardly be anything left to score for me. These are the remaining active players. Apologies for the terrible format. 464.55 (7) Sunday Counch Potatoe 461.45 (13) General Itals 455.8 (4) dug 440.1 (5) Roland 434.8 (3) drafter 434.6 (10) J.D.Morrison 433.9 (7) Fighting_Koalas 431.45 (9) Rileyrott 430.6 (10) Wpob 430.35 (9) ABearWithFurniture 418.35 (9) Def. 416.05 (5) Ramhock 414.5 (9) Dcat 413.35 (11) kdko 410.95 (11) heehawks 403.6 (2) The Next Generation 402.2 (4) WildTurkey 402.15 (6) irish 398.6 (2) darin3 392.85 (10) Wolverines Fan 392.55 (11) Caveman_Nick 391.45 (16) Gopher 389.75 (11) CowboysDiehard 389.45 (12) Big Country 382.75 (10) Shaft 371.35 (13) rcswildcat 369.95 (16) Shorttynaz 369.35 (7) Atlanta Cracker 368.2 (4) Bonedaddies 362 (12) hoodoo 360.55 (15) LLCHILE 338.65 (10) Junkyard 336.05 (17) tazinib1 327.05 (19) Montana is da Man 325.3 (11) BillyBalata 324.75 (20) JoJoTheWebToedBoy 323.25 (19) Cowboyz1 315.55 (21) SeductiveNun 314.2 (10) buddahj 311.6 (16) MikesVikes 311.15 (16) Pratts 309.2 (11) weebo 304 (2) herbwildwood 303.6 (14) isleseeya 293 (11) BeachBum 290.9 (10) raoul duke 285.25 (19) rocknrobn26 282.45 (22) loaf 281.35 (9) dope man 278.05 (23) MustOfBeenDrunk 276.6 (13) CaptainHook 271.4 (12) keggerz 261.5 (15) Shaman 254.05 (4) candleops 251.75 (24) Genetic Jackhammer 250.25 (22) SEEDS 248.85 (0) tonorator 243.85 (24) Pancake 243.85 (23) borge007
  22. Vikes vs Eagles

    with 12:33 to go, Foles threw for 341 yards and three TDs against the #1 pass defense with a QBR of 144.7. Keenum has 218 yards, 1 TD and a 77.1 QBR. Just all came unraveled. Shocking really. I thought PHI would win but not like this.

    Not that many JAC players. Handful of Fournettes, Yeldons and Ivorys but that was really it. Almost the same thing with PHI not having that many. If MIN loses, it changes everything but if they win, not much change at all in the standings or teams going to the Smackbowl final week.
  24. Guess winning one playoff game wasn't enough.