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  1. LeSean McCoy unlikely to play

    If he had to miss a game, and he usually does, skipping out on the VIkings matchup not the worst move he's ever made.
  2. AH... so that is the down side of using the same kicker on over half of my teams with no second kicker... hmmm....
  3. Antonio Callaway

    When Taylor left, Callaway was 4-1-2. With Baker, he was 6-3-18. Mayfield played for 32 minutes.
  4. OK Brown fans - exhale

    I am a little surprised there is no rioting in CLE. This all feels like a victory parade is in order.
  5. OK Brown fans - exhale

    In my six points article I am writing right now, my comment is: Tyrod's feelings have no part in this.
  6. OK Brown fans - exhale

    I now feel like anything is truly possible. Not sure why I found it so exciting but I was yelling for the final two minutes.
  7. Wait........WTF?!???

    David Johnson on pace for 680 rush yards and 264 receive and 8 TDs. LeSean McCoy - 488 rush 224 receive 0 td Derrick Henry - 656 rush 40 receive 0 TD
  8. Not sold on Saquan

    But can you expect the one run consistently? That's all that is trying to be said. They all count the same to be sure and it doesn't matter how yards and scores are made. But in relying on a player to perform, it is harder to so when he has to break off a single long gainer to avoid a bad game.
  9. Wait........WTF?!???

    Chris Thompson on pace for 152 catches. Christian McCaffrey on pace for 160.
  10. LOL!!! I hate teams that move.
  11. Agreed. Not only is he a very good kicker with a big leg for the long FGs, but the Rams are the exact sort of team you want a kicker from - in a dome and likely to have leads at the end of games and tacking on those extra FGs. He is literally on half my teams. But I hate wasting the roster spot so early in the season. And groin injuries can linger. That's what impacted Dan Bailey in DAL.
  12. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    I have no idea. I have never ignored anyone ever. No idea how that works
  13. Patrick Mahomes

    How about the first time in NFL history anyone had 10 TDs in the first two games of the season. He is the new Deshaun Watson (who is no longer the old Deshaun Watson).
  14. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    When these things happen they are sad in many ways, But mostly, the main thing is Next Man Up!
  15. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    But here are the three BAL TE's so far: NAME PASS CMP PYDS PTD Nick Boyle 10 5 66 0 Maxx Williams 6 6 63 0 Mark Andrews 8 6 48 1 So the rookie Andrews is not even the most targeted one and his yardage is less than the other two. With Hurst coming back, I cannot see that any one them are worth the weekly risk. Going to be hard to forecast too with 3 or even 4 TE's all contributing.
  16. Is there a phone App for The Huddle?

    Just to go the Apple store or Android store and search for Sportswire. With the red logo. We are one of the "Wires" you can access. Plus The Huddle is already mobile-friendly through a browser.
  17. Week 1 conclusions

    The Bills look even worse than I thought and I never drafted a single Bill over 25 drafts or so. BAL is no pushover defense to be sure, but just wow.
  18. I'll have to look at it. They never even told me they were doing that.
  19. If you use a phone to read news and articles about fantasy football, check out the Sportswire app. At the bottom of the homepage for it is a link to "wires" for each NFL team. It's free and it's pretty cool IMO. Especially when you just want to check what some they are saying about a particular player in local area. It also contains The Huddle in it as well. Just to go the Apple store or Android store and search for Sportswire. With the red logo. Check it out.
  20. It’s like Christmas Eve

    And let's hope for more points than we had on Thursday!
  21. Teams like NE could try to squeeze as many cheap players as possible. People would play for the minimum with a chance for playoff or Superbowl money. The salary cap mitigates it for the NFL, but the NCAA has a limit of 105 players before the season and no limit during.
  22. Reaching a new low

    please let me know!
  23. Saints backfield

    But what if Brees just lights up the scoreboard as a passer for the first four weeks? TB, CLE @ATL and @NYG. Last year vs. QB those were ranked 23, 27, 18 and 32. Only the Falcons have a decent secondary of those. Saints can just revert to a heavier passing attack if needed.