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  1. Vincent Fuller the Titans rookie nickelback who has shown so much promise this year, is out indefinitely after undergoing surgery to have a plate placed in his broken righ leg...ouch!
  2. Haynesworth and Sirmon both listed as day to day and neither one is practicing this week...
  3. He is questionable. I believe he will play but I will update this later in the week. The guy that really concerns me is Albert Haynesworth. He may not play against the Rams Sunday. This loss would be HUGH! Albert is a beast and the titans desperately need him. I will update later...
  4. Curtis Martin

    How does Cedrick Houston look?
  5. Betting League

    3-1 this week for the master! I took all unders and the 1 game that i thought was my sure lock, Bears/Lions under, was the only game I lost. That brings me back to .500 and right in the heat of the battle. I noticed that I tend to pick better after about 6 crown and cokes...
  6. First of all for Clubby: for being so high on Jamal Lewis! Ravens fans: I know the expectations in the pre-season were sky high in Baltimore. And after a very unimpressive 0-2 start, the Ravens look like a wreck. That o-line is horrible. The Titans D-Line, especially Albert Haynesworth, Randy Starks, and Kyle Vanden Bosch completely dominated them. Every Ravens offensive play was like a jail break. The Titans defenders were on Jamal as soon as he got the ball. It was sick. Who is taking the heat in Baltimore land? Is it the genious Brian Billick? Is it the poor QB play? Is it the OC? Is it the O-line? What do you guys think about their chances for turning the season around? Will Boller get his job back since Anthony Wright sucks in his own right? Lets hear it!
  7. Cedric Benson

    Now thats just crazy talk...
  8. Cedric Benson

    Is it bad ff karma to wish that a starter would get hurt so the backup you have on your team will get to play?
  9. Jamal Lewis

    bingo. The Baltimore offensive line is horrible. Lewis had no where to run.
  10. Vanden Bosch had a great game today! Couple of sacks and was very active. If he can stay healthy he is going to be special this year...
  11. Albert Haynesworth was carted off the field with a knee sprain. Dont know how serious it is yet...
  12. It depends on the package Yellowdog. Sometimes the pull Kassell and sometimes the will pull Sirmon. But its usually Kassell that comes out. He played a great game today and had an int return for a score.
  13. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Dallas Cowboys