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  1. McMichael Or Wiggins?

    The last report I read on McMichaels court case was that it would be postponed until a later date possibly until after the season. I'd go with him as Kleinsasser is back in the mix in Minnesota and Miami has so few weapons after Chambers and Brown.
  2. Great Sports quotes

    Thomas Hearns(in an interview during the Jerry Lewis telethon back in the 80s)-"I'd like to help Jerry Lewis with his fight against kids..." Randall "Tex" Cobb- "In tennis you make a mistake it's 15-love...in boxing you make a mistake and it's your a**!"
  3. Tarver / Roy Jones III

    I agree. Jones Jr has shown a major glass jaw as of late and couldn't hurt Tarver or Johnson in his previous 2 fights so there is no reason that Tarver won't walk right through him this time as well.
  4. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    In my opinion alot of the 'good old fashioned knockouts' are not happening late in fights now is because of the reduction from 15 round "Championship" fights to the watered down 12 rounders we have been stuck with all these years. To me a 12 round fight will always be equated with the NABF or USBA championship and the real Championships were 15 rounders. Rounds 11-15 were known as 'Alis Alley' back in the day because he'd get a guy in those last few rounds, abuse him and put him away.Real Champs were ready to go 15 and that seperated them from the contenders and pretenders. If Leonard/Hearns 1 was a 12 rounder then Hearns wins a decision and there is no classic Dundee line"You're blowin' it kid..you're blowin it!!" Because of all the publicity surrounding Doo Koo Kims tragic death after the war with Mancini they pushed for these cheap 12 round fights. Despite no proof that more fighters had been injured in rounds 12,13,14 and 15 boxing cowtoed to the AMA and too much negative publicity and lowered the limits. If anything it's the drastic weight loss methods that fighters use to get down to the limit in a ridiculous amount of time that leaves some fighters weak and not properly hydrated(moving the weigh ins to 24 to 48 hours before a fight has helped curb this). Fighters are unfortunately still being gravely injured in fights of this 12 round distance(Gerald MacClellan...etc)so I'm all for reinstateing the 15 round limits and proving who the real Champs are!!
  5. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    The big question is whether in the rematch Hopkins can actually start sooner in the bout. He has become quite the slow starter over the past few years and due to the lack of quality competition it had never really hurt him. Trinidad and DelaHoya were blown up welters and junior middles and the middleweight division was definately depleted of any good challenges for Bernard. He was able to take his time......rough up the guys at his discretion and then turn it on late. Taylor was too young and too talented to use that strategy on. So Hopkins is going to have to get it going on sooner in the rematch or it's the same result. Is he just finally to old to do it?
  6. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    Taylor has to stay focused for 3 minutes every round for all 12 rounds as Hopkins will use every trick in the book(dirty and clean)to make him frustrated. Taylor has all the tools but it still may be a bit early in his career to be able to put it all together for a complete fight. It boils down to whether or not Taylor can handle anything unexpected in the fight....a cut.....blatant fouls not being penalized....subtle elbows and headbutts on the inside. Bernard has seen it all in his long career and it'll be up to Taylor to adjust. It should be a good one and I see Hopkins winning a clear cut decision but Taylor will have his day a bit later on.
  7. The greatest sports movie of all time

    The original Rocky is also an all time classic......Rocky 2 I also enjoyed but refuse to recognize any Rocky film made after those two.
  8. The greatest sports movie of all time

    Hoosiers is the #1 and a personal favorite of mine is All the Right Moves. A much skinnier Chris Penn is a heck of a team captain!! The scene where Ampipe is riding on the bus to play the 'rich kids' and Penn is doing the Rosary and is all choked up....great drama(of course he'd just found out his girlfriend is pregnant and he won't be going to USC)but a great flic all in all.
  9. Whose Best

    J Lewis C Dillon To me Portis is still a question mark in Gibbs system and Brooks is just as likely to run it in or to toss an INT from the 3 as he is to hand it to Duece.
  10. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    A quick note here to say that former light heavy contender Julian Letterlough was shot and killed recently........if you ever saw this guy hit he was awesome!! Huge power and fun to watch go at it. I believe he lost his only title fight at 'Cruiserweight' to Jirov but he was a true warrior and will be missed not only in the boxing world but life in general.
  11. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    Along those same lines one could say Micky Ward has a ton of heart but didn't have the natural abilities or hand speed of say a.......Hector Camacho who had the heart for the sport knocked out of him by one left hook from Edwin Rosario back in the Garden... It's alway fun to put together the 'perfect' fighter'.........Shavers one punch power....Benitez defensive abilities......Roy Jones Jr hand speed......Gatti or Wards heart etc......
  12. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    While I somewhat agree with that statement I also think in some cases the heart is still there while the skills are just too eroded.......Evander is the poster child for this train of thought.
  13. Taylor vs. Hopkins

    The best chance that Taylor has going for him is that Bernard is at that age where a fighter can definately 'get old' overnight. Hopkins experience is going to count for alot and Taylor has to be carefull to not expend too much energy too soon. Shoot that jab.....keep Bernard at the end of it and tie him up on the inside as he'll use every trick in the book to frustrate and tire Taylor out. In his last few fights Hopkins has seemed to do just about enough to win and hasn't been pushed. Taylor has the speed and youth to compete but still may lose a close decision. That said I believe he could maybe eke out a close tough decision ala Holyfield-Qawi 1( that was a 15 rounder though).
  14. AZ QB situation settled

    Well, as of Sunday I am moving from MI to AZ so I hope Warner has something left and the Cards make a playoff run because 'Joey Ballgame' and the boys also seem poised to make a little noise this year. It would stand to reason that the Lions will have a great season because I am leaving town...
  15. Insider breakdown of boxing weight classes

    Brewster used the same approach that Lewis did against Golata.....jump on him early as he usually enters the ring bone dry and not properly loosened up. As fights unfold Golata usually gets rolling a bit and his natural abilities kick in(good jab,pretty fluid punches)but he always comes in the ring not ready to get at it in the opening round. I still see Brewster as a trial horse veteran who is lucky there is even a WBO belt to have. As for Golata....back to being a bone breaker for the local mob.