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  1. I was all in on Higbee, but the return of Everett worries me a bit. What do you guys think? Who would you start? Higbee @ SF Olson @ IND Brate vs HOU Also available are: Giseck vs CIN K. Smith @ WSH J Smith vs NO
  2. Week 16 D/ST: BAL, DEN or NYJ

    Any other takes?
  3. Pick 2 please, Full point PPR Boyd @ MIA Perriman vs HOU Mostert vs LAR
  4. Superbowl Flex Pick!

    Yeah, that's who I was leaning toward, but am also considering Boyd, cause he has a great matchup after getting snubbed by Gilmore last week.
  5. Is Perriman worth the Risk?

    The reason Everyone is so high on starting him is because he’s going to be the primary receiver on the team that throws the ball 40 times a game He is likely to get at least 12 to 15 targets
  6. Which of these RB/WR would you start for flex spot? Full Point PPR
  7. BAL @ CLE or DEN vs DET or NYJ vs PIT
  8. 0-4 to SUPERBOWL! Help me get this $$

    Yes but the question was who do I start if I don't get Perriman.
  9. 0-4 to SUPERBOWL! Help me get this $$

    Already playing Adams, Need to start 2 at a minimum
  10. 0-4 to SUPERBOWL! Help me get this $$

    Thanks Monty! I was considering Broncos or Jets D. But Lions are pretty awful... Any thoughts on WR to start other than Adams? In case I don't get Perriman off waiver?
  11. Started season at 0 - 4, fought back through injuries to make playoffs and now I'm in championship! My team is the one on the LEFT. Full point PPR, I'm looking for feedback and advice regarding the following four points: 1. If by some miracle, we know before Sunday that Dalvin Cook is ruled out, and that Mattiison has a good chance to play, then I will likely put Allison in Flex spot to replace Mostert. If not, then I need to decide who to play in my Flex spot. 2. I'm also dropping Njoku for Perriman, and I'm above opponent on the waiver, so hopefully none of the loser bracket teams tries to take him. If I get Perriman, I will replace Godwin with him in lineup. If not, then I need to decide on a WR to replace him in lineup. 3. I'm not very confident in BAL D/ST vs CLE. I'm saying this as a life long Ravens fan. The browns always give us a problem and they torched us in week 4, scoring 40 points. I know this was before they added Peters, and the defense has improved (last 6 opponents have only 2 teams that scores more than 20), but I am just skeptical to play them. I will edit with potential streamer options soon. 4. Lastly, I'm a bit concerned about Higbee's production vs. a very good SF defense. However, there really aren't many decent options available at TE, and would pretty much be a dice roll.
  12. Terrible Options at Flex, please help!

    Montgomery blows, thankfully rest of my team went off. Dropping his ass this week before super bowl
  13. Week 15 QB Dilemma: Brees/Jackson

    Nope, stuck with my boy the reaper.
  14. Terrible Options at Flex, please help!

    And in his last 5 of those 7 games he scored: 6, 6, 5, 16 and 6 for fantasy points