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  1. I have one opening in a 16-team PPR league. We start a slow draft on Wednesday. EMail me at shawnp0001@aol.com if you're interested in more information.
  2. Hello! My email address is shawnp0001@aol.com. Send me an email, and I will respond with our rules.
  3. League is PPR League with standard scoring (No Flex) that has been in existence for 31 years. Needs two new owners. Moving to a 2-keeper league for the first time this year. Slow draft starts this coming Wednesday evening on MFL. Not traditional as there are payouts for Knockout pool and Confidence pool also. If interested, please respond here or message me.
  4. This league is entering it 31st year and due to one death and a desire to expand fee from $35 to $50, we have three openings. League info 1) Fee = $50 2) How to pay = Currently via PayPal but we can convert to LeagueSafe if that is a requirement 3) Site = MFL 4) Rules: 2017 SPFL: Commissioner: Shawn Patterson League E-mail address: Shawnp0001@aol.com 1. E-Mail Shawnp0001@aol.com 2. Phone 614-582-4637 Rules Membership Dues: $50.00 Awards: SPFL Champion $ 300.00 SPFL Runnerup $ 110.00 Fantasy Knockout Winner $ 60.00 Fantasy Runner-Up $ 30.00 Third Place $ 50.00 Weekly High $ 120.00 (12weeks @ 10.00) Pick ‘em pool $ 30.00 Knockout pool $ 30.00 Free for all $ 50.00 Best of the Worst $ 20.00 -------- Total Payouts $ 800.00 The Draft: A slow draft will start on Monday, August 21st at 9am. Each owner will have 8 hours to make a pick. Failure to make a pick will result in an autodraft pick made. The draft order will be done automatically and a system triggered message will generate. The draft will cover 16 rounds. Players can be chosen in any order as eemed by the owner for the following positions: Quarterback Runningbacks Wide Receivers Tight End Kicker Defense/Special Team YOU MUST DRAFT AT LEAST ONE PLAYER AT EACH POSITION. IF YOU DRAFT NO KICKERS/TIGHT ENDS/DEFENSES IN ORDER TO STOCK UP ON OTHER PLAYERS WITH THE HOPE OF MAKING A PICKUP RIGHT BEFORE 1PM ON THE 1ST SUNDAY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO SO UNTIL WEEK #2, THUS TAKING A ZERO AT THAT SPOT. The Lineup: Team starting line up will consist of eight (8) player positions using the following strategy: Traditional 1 Quarterback 2 Runningbacks 2 Wide Receivers 1 Tight End 1 Kicker 1 Def/Spec. Team The rest of the team will be listed as reserves. You should list your top three reserves when you submit your roster, as this will be used to as a tiebreaker. Each owner is responsible for their respective lineups. If no changes are made, the lineup from the previous week will be defaulted as the starting lineup. All owners should enter lineups through the internet which will automatically send lineups to the commissioner and the opponent. If you have problems accessing the software, you can call it in to 538-9132. Anything entered or called in after the deadline will not be accepted. Lineup changes can be made up to the 12:59 p.m. (EST) kickoff on Sunday (except if there are Thursday games as you must indicate Thursday games 1 minute prior to kickoff on that day). After the kickoff, lineups are locked. For games played other than Sunday or Monday, you have until kickoff to make changes if your players are playing that day. The remainder of the team can be changed until the 1:00 p.m. deadline on Sunday. However, players involved in the early games cannot be involved in the changes made prior to Sunday's kickoff. Each NFL team has one bye. On a week where a team player has a bye, the owner has the option of using one of their backups or using the average fantasy points on a year-to-date basis of the player on a bye. This determination must be made before the games are played. To be eligible for bye use, the player must have been on your roster the week before the bye. The Game: Team scoring is as follows: Quarterbacks, Runningbacks, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends - 1 point per 10 yards rushing 1 point per 10 yards receiving 1 point per 20 yards passing 1 point for every pass caught 4 points per touchdown pass 6 points per touchdown receiving 6 points per touchdown rushing 2 points per 2pt conversion rushing 2 points per 2pt conversion passing 2 points per 2pt conversion receiving -1.5 point for each fumble lost -1.5 point for each interception thrown NOTE: Players can finish with negative points Kickers 1 point per extra point 3 points per field goal 0-39 yards 4 points per field goal 40-54 yards 5 points per field goal 55-90 yards -1 point for missed extra point -1 point for missed field goal from 0-39 yards Defense/Special Teams 1 point per sack 1 point per interception 1 point per fumble recovery 1 point per every 2 points that is held under 22 (Example, if your defense allows 11 points. You get 5.5 points ((22-11)/2). 2 points per safety 6 points per punt return for a touchdown 6 points per kick return for a touchdown 6 points per fumble recovery return for a touchdown 6 points per interception return for a touchdown 6 points per blocked punt return for a touchdown Tie Breaker: Three Reserves should be listed, and the points will be accumulated to determine who wins. Decimals – We will use one decimal point so if your player rushes for 37 yards, you will get 3.7 points, not 3 or 4 (this will likely result in no ties). Trades: Trades can be made up until the end of Week #10 of the regular season. Picking up new Players/Injuries/Benching Players/Releasing Losers: During the course of the season an owner can: ...move players from reserves to starters and visa-versa as long as there are no more than eight starters in their eligible positions. ...drop players from roster and add players from the available player pool as long as there are no more than 16 players. There is no additional cost for these transactions. For any player that a team drops in order to pickup another player, they will be frozen from pickups for 24 hours to avoid collusion between teams. Players will be available on a waiver-process from 1pm on Sunday until 10pm Tuesday night. Worst team will get the first-choice, on up to the best team. If any team makes a pick, they will drop to the bottom of the list (ie. Worst team that makes a pick, will move to the bottom for next week’s waivers). After that first week, the list will remain the same, with anyone either making a pick and the top team moving to the bottom. From 10pm Tuesday until kickoff of the following week on Sunday, players are available first-come, first-serve (Note: any players added to or deleted from roster after 1:00 pm on Sunday will be officially added to roster following the Monday night game.) Pick ups can be made through the end of the regular SPFL season from the available player pool. Once playoffs start rosters are frozen (kickoff of first NFL game of week 13), but each playoff team will get the chance to expand their roster to eighteen. Injured Reserve: Each team can place one player on Injured Reserve and this player will not count against your 16-person roster. If you put them on reserve, they must stay there for a total of four weeks. To be eligible for IR, the player must be listed as Doubtful or Out when they go on reserve. WE WILL BE USING VICTORY POINTS INSTEAD OF WIN-LOSS. THIS WILL HELP TEAMS THAT SCORE A LOT OF POINTS, BUT NARROWLY LOSE A BUNCH OF GAMES. ONCE THE PLAYOFFS START, IT IS OBVIOUSLY JUST HEAD-TO-HEAD THAT WILL COUNT. HERE IS HOW VICTORY POINTS WILL BE CALCULATED: WIN = 5 VICTORY POINTS TIE = 3 VICTORY POINTS LOSS = 1 VICTORY POINTS TOP FIVE HIGHEST SCORING TEAMS OF WEEK 7 VICTORY POINTS SECOND SIX HIGHEST SCORING TEAMS OF WEEK 4 VICTORY POINTS LOWEST FIVE SCORING TEAMS OF WEEK 1 VICTORY POINT HIGHEST STARTING SCORING PLAYER OF WEEK 1 VICTORY POINT IF YOU LOST 140-138 AND WERE THE SECOND HIGHEST SCORING TEAM OF THE WEEK, THE TEAM THAT BEAT YOU WOULD GET 12 VICTORY POINTS (5 FOR WIN, 7 FOR SCORING IN HIGHEST TIER) BUT TEAM THAT LOST WOULD GET 8 VICTORY POINTS (1 FOR LOSS, 7 FOR SCORING IN THE HIGHEST TIER). IF ANOTHER TEAM WON 51-49 AND WAS THE THIRD LOWEST SCORING TEAM OF THE WEEK, THEY WOULD GET ONLY 6 VICTORY POINTS(5 FOR WIN, 1 FOR SCORING IN LOWEST TIER). The Playoffs: The playoffs will consist of the top twelve teams. Each team can expand their roster to 18 players prior to the start of the playoffs. Once the playoffs start, rosters are frozen. In each conference, division winners will be seeded #1 and #2. The remaining four best teams will be seeded #3 through #6 (It is possible that all four teams in a given division will make the playoffs while only two from the other division make it. In the first week of the playoffs, the division winners will receive byes. The #6 seeds will play the #3 seeds and the #5 seeds will play the #4 seeds. The division winner with the best record will play the lowest seed coming from the 1st round playoffs. Division Winner and seeding tie breakers 1- Victory Points 2- Overall Record 3- Points Scored 4- Division record 5- Conference record 6- Head to Head The team with the best record is the home team. Playoff game tie breakers: 1- Total points of first three reserve players. 2- Total points of first five reserve players. 3- Total points of all reserves 4- Head to head records during regular season 5- The dreaded coin flip KNOCKOUT POOL Every week, each team chooses a team they believe will win that week. If your Team wins, then you stay alive another week. If they lose, you are out. You can only a specific team once…so, you will need to think about who to choose. CONFIDENCE POOL Each week, you will choose each winning team. For the team that you have the confidence in, you assign that team the highest point total (16 is highest for non-bye weeks)…all the way down to the team you have the least confidence in, and you assign them 1 point. The software will accumulate the points for all the teams that you picked to win. A payout goes to the YTD team with the highest total. FANTASY KNOCKOUT All teams will use their points for the week, and each week the team that finishes with the lowest total will drop out (make sure you include your tiebreakers!). By week 15, there will be two teams left. The finals for Fantasy Knockout will be a two-week final.
  5. If you still need players, send me an invite at shawnp0001@aol.com
  6. Must use leaguesafe with settings that include majority share to distribute (any method other than commish self-discretion unless I am already in another league with commish). Must also be at least 12-team league..please email shawnp0001@aol.com if you have openings (Prefer MFL, but will consider others).
  7. If there are at least 12 teams, I'd be interested. Not interested in 8 or 10-team league. Email address is shawnp0001@aol.com
  8. I see there are 12 in. I will check back in a bit because if it gets to 13, I am in for a draft tonight. I have my league live draft tomorrow, so I can only go if draft is tonight.
  9. I'm game as long as there are 12 owners....not interested in a 10-team league. Email me at shawnp0001@aol.com.
  10. Not a bad thought. Maybe it will be same round, not sure I want to move the round(s) up.
  11. I don't want to keep a strangehold on young stud players. If teams drop out, it will be harder to get new owners if players like Carlos Hyde, Brandin Cooks etc....is tied up for the duration of their careers.