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  1. Championship - Best Flex Play

    Looks good to me especially if Indi is up on KC
  2. After a spotty year for Ray Rice

    start ur studs which means ray rice
  3. WDIS RB - McCoy or Dwyer or....

    Roll with Mccoy I am and got $300 on the line. Just saying
  4. Championship Game: BENCH Richardson for Gonzalez?

    You answered it he got you there go for it
  5. Defenses week 16

    I myself am going colts with $300 on the line. Raiders D is worse and shut out chiefs
  6. Championship Round, shall I upgrade DST?

    Im starting INDI in my Championship game over the Cards D and the Chargers D. No weapons hardly on Chiefs plus colts have something to play for.
  7. Early week 16 help - set my lineup

    Im Playing Colts vs KC and putting $300 on the line as I do so so yes Colts they have something to play for and chiefs suck
  8. 13 - 1 season

    Ya that sucks how many seeds in your league?
  9. Broncos DST @ Ravens or Lions DST @ Cards?

    Ya it's not meant to be then. I am up 7.5 points and my Dad has Jeremy Kerley so Im rooting for your D also! LMAO
  10. Broncos DST @ Ravens or Lions DST @ Cards?

    It's also a great equilizer. It shows your football knowledge IMO. Example picking a D playing the chiefs in advance for champ game shows you did research. Im in favor of them
  11. UP 7.5 Vs Jeremy Kerley WR

    Damn well that's tough for you. If I lose I wont stop hearing it from him for a year! LMAO
  12. Luke Kuelchy vs Oakland Navarro Bowman VS Seattle Bobby Wagner vs San Fran
  13. tards

    Damn I lucked out guy I played against had D. Alexander, Matt Stafford, J. Charles, Doug Martin LMAo
  14. Jamaal Charles

    I agree I played against a guy with Stafford, Charles and Martin damn did I get lucky! LMAO