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  1. My Starting line up for this week is: Eli Manning (worried about RG3 so not starting him at this point) A Foster J Charles B Marshall V Jax Greg Olsen Matt Bryant I need a solid Flex play this week and my choices are: Ryan Mathews M Leshoure H Nicks E Decker I really want to start Mathews seeing he got 25 touches last week but against a solid Pittsburg defense. Plus I am reading Ronnie Brown has a hamstring issue meaning he could see 25 touches again this week against a bad Carolina Defense. My other options are certainly not bad one though and I have been tossing around several different ideas all week. Expert advise needed...thanks to all
  2. Only time when having Foster can hurt?

    I would pick him up but if they rest Foster which they will it will be Tate that gets the best numbers as he is back healthy again. I do not think the Texans will 100% rest Foster if they win this week just limit his touches to 10-12 a game and give the other 10-12 to Tate and another 5-6 to Forsett. I also have Foster and am very nervous about week #15 as I have a bye this week. I will likely start Foster and J Charles and use Tate as my Flex as we all know the Texans will score one or two TD's on the ground each week and at least I am geting the score from one of them.
  3. Vjax or Blackmon

    Do not count out Decker as an option this week against a very week Tampa Bay secondary. I have Marshall, Nicks, VJax and Decker and right now I am starting Marshall and Nicks and using Decker as my Flex. I know and agree with what you are saying about VJax and think he will get touches, yards and maybe a TD but I think Decker will also see his looks and get a TD. There will be more passing yards from Denver then from Tampa Bay and I think the chances are better for Decker. In your case I would start Green and Blackmon and then use Decker as my Flex. Just my two cents
  4. WDIS: Nicks or Alexander?

    I would probably go with Nicks but I think Alexander will have a very solid game also. I don't think you can go wrong either way it what I am saying. I am actually sitting Nicks in my league in favor of B Marshall, VJax and Eric Decker but it was a close call for me to start Nicks or VJax honestly.
  5. RG3 or Eli Manning - I know never sit RG3!

    Thank you for the input folks. I'm just going to go for it and start who has gotten me to the division lead. QB - RG3 WR's - B Marshall and VJax Flex - Eric Decker I am going to pull Eli Manning out for RG3 and at Flex replace H Nicks who was going to replace ( R Mathews) with Eric Decker. Hopefully it works out
  6. RG3 or Eli Manning - I know never sit RG3!

    Anthrax, I'll take that as a joke....certainly Eli Manning has been far from a stud so I'll ssume you are in a funny way to start RG3 and don't look back. Pistolkid my WR's are: B Marshall, H Nicks, VJax and Eric Decker. I have Foster, J Charles, R Mathews and LeShoure at RB. What I was thinking of doing was starting Marshall and Nicks and using Decker as my Flex rather then VJax or Mathews. I agree Nicks has been bad but also hurt so I think he will have a big game BUT maybe not. I understand where you are coming from
  7. No Marcel Reece in the projections?

    Both Marcel Reece and Eric Decker are in the projections now....
  8. No Marcel Reece in the projections?

    I saw that and also no Eric Decker?? hmmmm
  9. I am not sure why but I think Eli Manning and the Giants will come out of their bye week ready to play. I know RG3 has been solid and has great upside always but playing at Dallas this week could really be a tough match up for him. Eli plays on Sunday night against a Packers team he has lit up in the past and he has to get better this week right? I am also debating starting Nicks at WR instead of VJax who also has a tough match up. It's probably just me and I am likely over thinking this but I feel like Eli and the Giants are going to score points on Sunday night football at home against the Packers. Thoughts? Talk me off the ledge?
  10. Sorry Guys my bad...Jason Campbell not Byron Leftwich.....DUH
  11. It sounds like Jay Cutler will notplay this week at least early reports are not sounding good. Chicago plays SF on Monday night and with Byron Leftwich throwing the ball against a very good SF defense do I dare sit Brandon Marshall? I have H Nicks on bye and what I have left on the bench is Eric Decker and Vincent Jackson. Do I start both Decker and VJax and sit Marshall? I know you never bench your studs and I wouldn't but the game will be tough and even tougher without Jay Cutler throwing the ball. Thoughts?
  12. OK folks I've got LeShoure in next to Arian Foster (tough match up but have to start him). I still think Mathews could have a nice game even against Tampa Bay but LeShoure should get enough touches and some goal line action to warrant a start. I also want to be able to use Jamaal Charles but I have to see something from him and more importantly KC before I have confidence. Thank a lot for those who replied and helped and if anyone else has a thought let me know what your thinking
  13. Donald Brown or Ballard tonight at Jags

    I would lean towards Ballard if you are having to start one of them. I think Donald Brown will certainly get a few carries and take a little away from Ballard if he is active BUT Ballard will still be solid and get the bulk of the carries. 80 yards and a score tonight for Ballard in my opinion
  14. Thank for the reply....any other opinions? I was ranking them LeShoure, Charles, Mathews but the first reply back above is thinking I should start Mathews which I had ranked 3rd of my choices. Maybe my head is just not on straight this week.
  15. Who do i start as my #2 RB behind Foster? I had been rolling out Foster and JCharles with Mathews as my Flex each week except for bye weeks. My WR's have been very solid except Nicks of 'course WR's are Nicks, Marshall, Decker and VJax. I am starting Marshall and VJax and using Decker as my Flex this week. I need a #2 RB and cannot decide between Mathews, Charles and LeShoure. I think maybe LeShoure is my safest bet but you just never know when Mathews or especially Charles could go off.... I like a Monday night match up for Charles but KC has been so terrible and Pittsburg Defense is certainyl stout... Help me out with my #2 RB this week.