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  1. The 2018 Browns will draft a QB @ number 1?

    First round, I think.... #1... no, I don't believe they are.
  2. ( this is a question, not a fact ) But is there even a QB that is even close to being worthy of a number 1 pick? IMO, there is not. But I bet they draft one anyway.
  3. David Johnson "Officially" not returning

    Why would he come back?
  4. Josh Gordon

    Well, I have heard many a pro / ex pro football player say that being in great shape is not the same as football shape.... I believe they would know. I have him on 2 of my 10 leagues. I will start him in 1 of those leagues, as I really have nothing to lose. But if I win, things look "OK". The WR I am replacing was only expected to get 6.xx points, so why not? Plus the coach called him " a gift from heaven" or something like that...... I believe they will feed him as much as he can handle, with the hope that they win at least 1 game this season.
  5. Kiko Alonso

    Taking into consideration real time speed, and the fact that Flacco looked slow to slide, I am fine with it. That was probably less than a second to stop.
  6. PHI/CAR thread

    Wentz is the real deal... can't wait to see him 2 years from now.
  7. OBJ's TD celebration

    So, the stupid penalties he gets should never be addressed?
  8. OBJ's TD celebration

    Not bad for a Cowboy fan,
  9. OBJ's TD celebration

    I wonder what his teammates thought when it cost them 15 yards? And, I heard McAdoo never said a word to him according to local radio. Coward.
  10. OBJ's TD celebration

    No, I did not draft him twice.... but he is on 1 team where I was on auto draft due to missing the draft with pneumonia.
  11. OBJ's TD celebration

    Well, consider the dude who did it. He is pretty classless.
  12. Eagles cut Ryan Mathews

    Well, then he needs to sign a 2 week contract at a time.
  13. where to draft Elliot now?

    Well, I do hate him more than the players. I agree there. But I could live without Dez and Zeke for sure. I kind of like Dak.
  14. where to draft Elliot now?

    After the debacle of the Ray Rice thing, I think it holds up. I sure hope so, anyway. I hate the Cowboys.
  15. where to draft Elliot now?

    You are correct..... we did a draft today AFTER it was announced, and he was still picked 6th.... YIKES.