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  1. Falcons / Eagles

    As an Eagles fan..... I will take it! And I love that Julio was knocked out of bounds on the last play. At least the refs were bad for both teams.
  2. So, Dez....

    I would pass. I think Aghalor gets 8 - 10 TDs this season if Wentz is back by week 3. We don't need any misfits. And Mac Hollins wasn't even sure he would make the team.... no huge loss there. Ertz and Goeddard will be a nice set of TE's.
  3. So, Dez....

    I expected he would have signed somewhere by now..... I'm not sure he signs anywhere at this point..... probably he will, but where would it make sense for him AND the team?
  4. The competition isn't the best, but I like the yahoo site for the way it works. ESPN is brutal with 90 seconds between picks. I will never use it again. I tried one draft with FleaFlicker..... seemed like it was not really laid out well, and uninspiring.
  5. OK, these are yahoo drafts, so I do understand that a lot of folks don't have the real understanding of fantasy football, but after 5 drafts ( not mock drafts ) I have seen Barkley go 2nd ( twice ) 3rd, 5th, and 6th overall. Once was even over Gurley. TBH, I am not high on LeVeon this year.... So my pick would be Gurley at 1..... but Barkely at 2? No way in hell.
  6. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    I could have had him twice so far..... Took Gurley over him and Antonio Brown over him.
  7. Do people not like Joe Mixon?

    New 10 team league...... I decided to go zero RB because everybody drafting before me in the 1st round took an RB. So I took Antonio Brown. Then I took AJ Green in the 2nd round.... Gronk in the 3rd.... and then decided I better grab an RB in the 4th round, and Mixon was there. Maybe it isn't that big a deal, but I have seen Mixon ranked as high as RB 13. I "think" I picked him up as maybe RB 19 or 20..... Just as an aside, Saqoun Barrley went 3rd or 4th..... ahead of David Johnson.
  8. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Starting to remind me of a whiny baby like Bradford.
  9. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Well, they are the Browns for a reason. Comedic relief.
  10. 12 team league. Fresh new league, You have pick 1. Who are you picking? Full PPR.
  11. Vikes vs Eagles

    They said they were not bringing in Bradford. I predict an Eagles Super Bowl win...... Patriots can't ALWAYS win.... and look at the points given up by the Eagles D over the last 3 games.
  12. Kudos to the Eagles

    I am going out on a limb and say the Eagles will beat the Patriots.... eventually somebody will, so let it be the Eagles.
  13. The 2018 Browns will draft a QB @ number 1?

    First round, I think.... #1... no, I don't believe they are.
  14. ( this is a question, not a fact ) But is there even a QB that is even close to being worthy of a number 1 pick? IMO, there is not. But I bet they draft one anyway.
  15. David Johnson "Officially" not returning

    Why would he come back?