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  1. So, they really might be worse than the Eagles as far as WR goes.
  2. I love him in Philly. We needed a big bruising back.... I predict 8 - 10 TDs of the 1 - 5 yard variety. I think it is perfect for both the player and the team for this upcoming season.
  3. Glennon ought to be glad to even be in football..... he is not worthy of being an $18M QB..... not even 12M. But this whole drafting at 2, with it being Trubisky, seems like someone was on acid when they made this deal. He would definitely have fallen to them at at 3 and the could have kept their picks intact.
  4. The 18M is what screws it up..... the Eagles will need an RB, as it is believed that Ryan Matthews is out, and Sproles could never be a FT featured back. And IMO, the answer is not any of the remaining backs.
  5. Rumor now is that Chipper is going to be the OC for the Jaguars.... per WIP radio.
  6. I guess that makes sense, but the article just said OC, IIRC.
  7. Well, I went Zero TB this year, but won't be next year.... too many good RB's that make a difference. I have David Johnson and Melvin Gordon in my main league... ( Johnson was a trade )..... if they are healthy by next season I will likely keep both.
  8. I 100% agree.
  9. New speculation is that he signs for the playoffs with NE as OC. That was on Yahoo. Seems weird to me. And yeah, I know he and BB are buddies..... still weird.
  10. That's the story I read on yahoo. Anyway, I think he isn't an NFL quality coach... he's a horrible person.... and some team will hire him for an NFL head coaching spot AGAIN...... Word is that he is looking to the Jets..... I don't think they need this guy. BTW, if you wonder how I come to a conclusion that he is a horrible person, well, I worked 19 years for FOX TV in Philly, and am friends with almost every sports related person at the station, and they know him, and via them, that is what I hear.
  11. I mentioned here - pre-season - that I thought Gordon was a high end RB2 for 2016.... he exceeded my expectations for sure. So now, the question for me is whether he is a top 7 RB for next season. Where would you place him?
  12. Exactly..... a college coach that will never win a championship. Those good years were from Andy more than Chip. I would love to give Chip Kelly a swift kick in his nuggets..... 6 or 7x.......
  13. I may have won two more if Melvin Gordon hadn't got hurt...... sigh.
  14. Me: 8 teams 1 championship win 3 losses in championship game 2 3rd places 1 7th place... I drafted very poorly 1 9th place...... but I had the 2nd most points in the league..... sigh.... as always, I hate H2H. How was your year?
  15. But will the Browns actually win a game?