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  1. Premier League begins!

    yeah, Hart saved the match for City. Spurs we're clearly the better team and you could definitely say that we dropped 2 points today. An upgrade of strikers is absolutely crucial if we want to improve upon last year.
  2. Premier League begins!

    Great matchup kicks it off tomorrow morning 630 CDT on ESPN2. Spurs vs Man City.
  3. massachusetts

    they're paying the claims, it's just that payment is taking 3-4 months longer than usual.
  4. World Cup 2010

  5. World Cup 2010

    Saint Iker to the rescue.
  6. World Cup 2010

    yet another reason why DeJong is a piece of $hit.
  7. World Cup 2010

    you should give club football a chance when the season starts mid-August. ESPN will be showing Premier League matches on Saturday mornings.
  8. World Cup 2010

    we're gonna pull this one out!
  9. World Cup 2010

  10. An observation about soccer....

    Until the NBA champs play the champs from leagues in South America, Europe, China, etc. they are not world champions. Granted they would wipe the floor with any of them but they've only won the US domestic league title. The only basketball competition that truly involves all those around the world is the Olympics.....every 4 years. The same thing can be said about baseball (insert World Baseball Classic for the Olympics). In soccer there is a Club World Cup every year for the champions of each of the 6 continental confederations (UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, etc.). It's not really a huge deal to the big European clubs, but there is, essentially, a Club World Champion every year.
  11. An observation about soccer....

    agreed. of all the emotions one feels while watching any sporting event, nothing is better than when your team buries one in the back of the net.
  12. World Cup 2010

    IIRC it is about 11 mins.
  13. World Cup 2010

    I used to be one of those people who said soccer was lame, boring, stupid, etc. Until I caught a Premier League match. I now watch it every weekend (in-season), have been over to England to see "my club", and choose it 90% of the time over an NFL game and its endless commericials. To me, it is the perfect setup. Play each other twice, the team with the most points at the end of the season are champs. A team sucks, they don't get rewarded with the #1 pick, they get relegated to the lower leagues. The domestic and European cup competitions give you "playoff-style" excitement. Atmosphere at the games is unmatched. If the soccer-haters gave the Premier League a watch for a couple of weeks, I guarantee you'd see alot of them change their minds.
  14. World Cup 2010

    wow. awful defending by SA.
  15. World Cup 2010

    would love to see Mexico lose!