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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    two newer bands that I'm into are Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Killswitch is more metalcore....Shadows Fall has a thrashy feel. They both have free downloads on their websites if you're interested. I also dig Black label Society (Zakk Wylde's band), although alot of it starts to sounds the same after awhile. those old Headbanger's Ball intros by SOD kick ass....Milano Mosh, Sargent D and the SOD
  2. MaGahee hurt?

    thanks for the update, luke
  3. MaGahee hurt?

    any Bills homers with info??
  4. Best Food Network show

    Her show sucks, but she's a MILF Sandra Lee - Semi Homemade Cooking
  5. Best Food Network show

    Gotta go with Good Eats Anybody else think Bobby Flay is a jag off??
  6. Trade question

    no way
  7. Huddle mentioned in Washington Post

    Hansen does run a site called "Fantasy Guru", but he is not the Sportsline moran
  8. NVN league opening

    if tonyr0802 is a no-go, i would be interested. 29 years old...will turn 30 in february.
  9. Bulls!

    Hopefully Duhon will be able to play tonight, otherwise they're screwed.
  10. How bout them Bulls!

    it's a huge blow to lose curry for the rest of the year. i was looking forward to them making some noise in the playoffs.
  11. How bout them Bulls!

    yeah, they're at the bottom of the league as far as turnovers/game, but they play some tough D to make up for 'em.
  12. How bout them Bulls!

    everything Paxson (GM) has said indicates they will re-sign both of them. they're both restricted free agents so the Bulls have the opportunity to match any offers they get.
  13. Fantasy Baseball question

    IMO, Ichiro would be the better pick based on his abililty to steal bases.
  14. Fantasy Baseball question

    my bad, forgot AL-only league