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  1. Elliot for ODB trade

    Thanks for the replies. At 1-4 I figured it'd be worth rolling the dice on Eli and odbs current struggles. Doug Martin should be a quality piece moving forward as well.
  2. Lacy for Meredith in a PPR

    I think itd be too much to give up given your roster. You'd be hurting at RB and already have 2 solid wr options aside from AB.
  3. Do I drop gates

    Who is available?
  4. Oooohh, would you accept this trade?

    Agree. I wouldn't give up jordy. Too many question marks with who you're getting back.
  5. Cobb or Coates?

    Id start Cobb with Coates a little banged up.
  6. Tevin Coleman or Hopkins ROS PPR

    Hopkins. Although started slow he has to rebound. Atlanta has too many options to trust Coleman weekly.
  7. Trade: Lots of Big Names

    Agreed. 100℅ do it now.
  8. Elliot for ODB trade

    12 team ppr I'm currently sitting at 1-4. I'd be giving up Elliot, Dwayne Washington and John Brown for ODB, Doug Martin, and James White. My roster: Rivers Leveon Elliot Edelman John Brown Pryor Ertz Bench: Dak Jonathan stewart Alfred morris Dwayne Washington Sammie Coates Garcon Witten Post a link and I'll chime in on yours. Thanks!
  9. Hopkins/Elliot deal PPR

    No concerns over Hopkins moving forward? I mean I'm 1-4 so it's not like I'm blowing up a winning formula here, but Elliot is obviously a monster and I hate to see him go lol
  10. Hopkins/Elliot deal PPR

    Thanks. This is ppr btw not sure if that factors in. Im mainly concerned with Hopkins just not turning it around with osweiler. My team on paper is average at best but with Brady back I could have a borderline wr1 with edelman.
  11. Right now I'm sitting at 1-4 with a point total around middle of the pack. Ran into some high scores but nonetheless think I might need to make a move... Id be getting Hopkins and Carlos Hyde for Elliot and John Brown My team as currently assembled: Rivers Elliot Leveon bell Edelman Pryor Decker Ertz Dak Stuart Jalen Richard Dwayne Washington Alfred Morris John Brown Victor Cruz Witten
  12. Jordan Matthews dropped a dime TD. And agholor had a long catch in his hands that in my opinion shouldve been caught. Those two plays probably cost him 60 yards and a touchdown.
  13. Garbage time

    Berman is garbage. Forgot how bad he was. "That's a long, short punt..." Hmm...
  14. Week 1 Milk Carton

    This. Knew he was a risky start but jeez.
  15. Anyone else get Brees'd today?

    I was brees'd but luckily hit him with the cook piece. Gonna be close. Looking like a matchup where both guys have the top two scores unfortunately