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  1. trade help!

    Accept the deal
  2. IDP Rookie Rankings

    Thank you for the draft results-much appreciated and while I would like to bend your ear it might be difficult with PNH being a common denominator.
  3. IDP Rookie Rankings

    Every year I look for the IDP rookie rankings with no success. I am sure it is me looking in the incorrect place but will someone please point me in the correct direction? I procrastinate and do not think of this prior to my draft starting but every year I have to go to a site I do not pay for to obtain these rankings. I know there are IDP rankings but seeing they do not specifically highlight rookies it's difficult for me to search.
  4. One song

    Rise Sixx:A.M.
  5. Who to take with my 1st pick

    Guess grammar or proofreading isn't important to you so I'll pass.
  6. Thoughts on this dynasty PPR trade?

    I say do it. You are getting the best player in the trade and I can see Big Ben having a big year as well. Big Ben is better than Matt Ryan.
  7. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    I hope his stock falls to the Packers in the 1st round.
  8. Who is with us for the 2011 IDP season?

    Been playing IDP for 5 years and still learning defense. Dynasty 12-team BOTH league I just cant leave. Enjoy the IDP even though my Dee is mediocre. scoring is balanced. pay but need to use the forums more often just dont have access like I used to at work. 5-5 at the half way point, 2nd in points scored but cannot catch a break. Offense heavy with a couple solid lb's and DB's. I need to really focus on the idp that will break out next year, or the year after to stay ahead in my league. I really need help with the quick release because at times I am far too quick to release someone that turns it around in a year or two and that burns me on the defensive side of the ball. Trading idp's is difficult for me as well.

    I am playing devil's advocate because for me personally i cannot see drafting the 10th best RB just because I am afraid of what might be next when I can land 2 of the top 3 WR's. Same with QB, why draft the 22nd ranked RB when I can have the 2nd or 3rd ranked QB, to me it makes no sense. You are drafting the highest scoring TEAM. thanks for the reply.

    AMEN brother. I am so sick of the RB mantra on these boards it makes me sick. You are a breath of fresh air. Draft the best player available and START RUNS, Dont end them. I hate this term, but THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. That is what wins championships, well, that and luck. @Detlef-Amen to you as well, I draft a kicker and defense late and then look at the top free agents at both positions and realize every single year that 3 of the top 5 defense and kickers are free agents. Then I grab the hot one and I am off. @Big Country-With your arguments about PPG difference than why not wait and draft your QB's just before K and Def? If the scoring difference is only 5-ppg from #1 to #20, why not wait? Fantasy football is 90% luck and anyone that says it isnt is full of it. Sure you can kid yourself and say it was skill you drafted Arian Foster in the 7th-8th round last year or drafted Hillis late as a flyer knowing he was going to perform, but it comes down to luck. Even the luck of the schedule plays a huge role in your season.
  11. Very interesting trade

    I would do that deal. I will also assume the pick you are getting from Mr. Playoffs is high in the 2nd round. Somwhere around 11-13 at worst.
  12. Fourth pick Poll? PPR League

    Why even ask as everyone on these boards loves RB's. No matter what is available you need to go RB-RB in every freaking draft. It is so freaking sickening I cannot stand it. Sure, give me the 12th rated rb and then the 13th RB on the swing why in the world would I want the best QB or WR in that situation. Sorry to vent in this thread. I voted for Vick because if he stays healthy he could have more rushing yards than half those backs on your list and will certainly score the most points in fantasy league regardless of scoring. The weapons/speed surrounding this guy on offense is just sick.
  13. Rookie Rankings

    I see the IDP rookie rankings but do not see the offensive players ranked. Sure would liek to see the Huddle's rankings prior to my rookie draft. Will anyone help me out if I am just overlooking this information?
  14. Top 60 rookies in 2011 drafts

    This thread is great and helps when I cannot seem to find the Huddles rookies rankings. I see the IDP, but dont see the offensive players anywhere. Thanks also for the great in depth comments.
  15. Sporting News Exec of the Year

    If you are going to bash someone at least come up with your own freaking line. I also thought your Cowboys were going to have a home Super Bowl, what happened there?