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  1. IDP Dynasty Cheatsheet

    I continue to purchase the Huddle and every year the IDP rookie rankings are non-existant. I will admit I do not look very hard but this forum is rarely used and while I see and appreciate the weekly rankings it does help me and my little knowledge of IDP rookies. But for my rookie only draft I have to search for a free site to find IDP rankings and I think this sucks. I don't see where rookies are identified on the projections. I'm sure I can cross reference but I'd selfishly like it to be simpler.
  2. Venting

    You are very wise and I enjoy your "ignore" lists. Just hope I never make it on.
  3. Venting

    And I know that waiver is going to come back and bite me this week too.
  4. HOW would you improve my squad via trade?

    I wouldn't trade a top WR for either of those two RB's. I would consider J Jones for Harrison but with the questions around Parker and possible RBBC and I am not a Westbrook fan as I don't see him lasting the year. That is all just MHO
  5. Venting

    I am so sick of all of these posts about trading their RB depth for help at WR. Everyone on this site is so flipping RB crazy it drives me nuts. Let's see, should I take Tiki Barber or Randy Moss. Everyone takes Tiki and then takes another RB in the 4th round and can't understand why their WR's suck a$$. I have yet to see an undrafted WR step up like free agent RB's have year after year, and don't bring up Anquan Boldin because I know about him. My point is there always seems to be RB's available that produce far greater than any WR you could ever pick up on the waiver wire. Your RB depth does no good if you are already trying to trade it away for a consistent WR. My advice is to draft a top flight WR in the 1st or 2nd round next year so you don't have to try and trade away your RB depth for a WR. Hope this makes sense but like the "advice" vs. "advise" post, this drives me nuts when you are trading away your drafted team and we are only 2-weeks into the year (not to mention trading away RB depth because you were a moran and let a stud tier I WR slip by twice because you had to have those 2-RB's).
  6. HOW would you improve my squad via trade?

    My advice is for next year, don't sell your WR position short to bulk up your RB position.
  7. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    I think you could pick any D on the waiver wire and they will score more than Baltimore has scored this year.
  8. I've been offered a trade (HELP!)

    What he said
  9. McNabb/Lefty and DD/LJ discussions

    I was hoping to not be reminded again.
  10. Drop Antonio Bryant for Derrick Mason?

    Agree with this
  11. Two hot hands. One spot.

    Agree with everyone above, you should start Willie.
  12. WDIS at WR & TE

    I would go with Chambers, Jackson and McCardell. I Don't like Lelie or Porter and think they are both way overrated (MHO). Go with LJ Smith just to be sure Clark is completely healthy.
  13. Tough one: Roy Williams, Bennett, or Greg Lewis

    I go with Roy Williams.
  14. optional help

    I don't like Lelie, let me get that out of the way. I would go with Williams for one more week. I don't know about Denver RB situation and not sure who will get the carries there.
  15. WDIS--No kidding!

    You traded Parker for Priest? Do you live in Pittsburgh? Start Priest and Rudi. I agree with NFL Chick, trade SA for some WR help ASAP.