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  1. Draft tonight--Need help

    Culpepper might be avialable in the 6th, round that is
  2. Desperate in Detroit...

    I disagree, Orlovsky shows great potential compared to hairball, and what were people just saying about Orton and the Bears? Just proves, ya never know......
  3. I'm keeping him in my lineup in both my leagues, he's a warrior.
  4. Also listen to 70, 80's rock, ac/dc, kiss, preist, been there done that, and yes, listen to country also. Whats big in Wisconsin? Barry Manilow or Lawrence Welk?
  5. Nice job Akers

    Akers has cost me 10 points now, 8 possible missed plus -2 for missing em. Object is tween the poles dummy, I need every possible point to pull off a win in my dynasty league while my opponents Eagles D is getting drilled.
  6. I like that Tim McGraw vidoe, pretty cool. Lots of hits, and about mentions everyone, even The Pack taking it on the chin by Detroit. Guess we better enjoy our lil bit of fame while we can.......................
  7. Game updates please

    I guess there was something to laugh at tonight besides my team. Sigh, might be a very long season. Was hoping for a much more happier note to be making my 700th post on. Theres got to be a reason us Lions fans stay so loyal, somewhere.......... Vinny still available?
  8. MNF - Rams vs. Lions - No Skybox?

    I suppose it's too late to get McMahon back,...... Never , ever liked Hairball but was hoping for the best, if this is it, we're doomed. Might as well put Orlovsky as the starter right now, Garcia looks awful as well. Hey Spain, you were only 2/3rds right, usually Detroits special teams is very good. Pretty bad when even a sheep lover tries to bury us. You taking that bet?
  9. Portfolio Pool

    Lions $85 Bills $80 Bucs $70 Titans $65 Cowboys $85 Eagles $110 $495
  10. Heard this on the radio the other day, only heard 6 votes called in, and was 4-2 in favor would rather keep poker. Having played both, I just cannot see myself ever giving up fantasy football. Wondering how this turned out at a fantasy football site, as alot do participate in both.
  11. Those darn off weeks ...

    From everything I've read, be it here, or mags, or other online sources, and people who've won the fftoc, none seem to worry about the bye weeks. I always fall into the same quandary, but this guys off here, and this one here, but almost everytime, these "experts" say to draft the best talent and disregard the bye weeks. MY understanding is, dominate 16 weeks witht the best team, and suffer 1 week. Who knows , a lil luck, maybe the backups perform.
  12. The Jones

    Just an observation from last year, using the huddle scoring system, Julius was just barely a point a game under s. alexander per game. K Jones has tons of talent and ability, however theres 3 wr's to share with and a pass catching tightend, I don't think anyone can say how this will turn out for sure. My feeling is they will try to pass more in the redzone but with hairball throwing, their only choice may be Kevin. I just feel Julius will provide more per game.
  13. Harrington

    I know he's been very good at pass completions. What worry's me is the red zone, same as every other year he's been the qb. Some will yell it's preseason, bit I'm lokking at it as a indication of the 3 previous years. Maybe I'm seeing too much into the preaseason, but don't ya think it would be even easier now to score? Garcia isn't showing what i had hoped but he did get a td, something Hairball hasn't done. I'm really impressed with Orlovsky(spelling), for a rookie seems to have a good command of the game and a very good arm. Made mistakes sure, but then again, he's a rookie and showed me more promise than Hairball ever has. Anyone else see it this way? I've been very down on Joey but was willing to let him show me something, no td's = loss's.
  14. Any Fraud Taylor Updates

    recieved from fanball: August 17, 2005 11:38 AM ET Jaguars: Taylor runs hard in practice The News Running back Fred Taylor, who has been limited in practice while he recovers from offseason knee surgery, ran hard in practice Tuesday and may be cleared to play in next week's exhibition game against the Falcons. Our ViewThe Jaguars have said all along they expect to have Taylor in time for their regular-season opener, but those willing to invest a fantasy pick in Freddy want to see him a little sooner than that. LaBrandon Toefield remains the handcuff to Taylor; rookie Alvin Pearman was impressive in the club's preseason opener, but right now he doesn't appear to be in line for anything more than third-down work.
  15. T.O. aint the villian here Guys!

    Spain you're doing more fishing over T.O. than you are trying to bait sheep. You ok? Run out of viagra? By the way, I understand you now wish to become a Lions fan, but just afraid to admit it. It's ok, we'll let ya join our ranks. As the Lions will be better than ur Titans, I for one will understand you wanting to be a late bandwagon jumper.