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  1. PPR my Charles for R. Jennings and D. Thomas 10 team

    Forgot to add, start 2 WR and the Flex is TE/WR no RB.
  2. Current team: QB: Foles/Kap RB: Charles/Ball/F. Jackson/J. Bell/M. Ingram WR: Nelson/L. Fitz/D. Jackson/M. Crab I am highly considering this but have never dealt away my first round pick before. Won the league last year and have started out 1-3. Gotta change something!!!
  3. Peyton @Bal or Eli @Atl I am thinking the Atl/Eli game looks a little more appealing but it is hard to sit Peyton.
  4. RB help

    Who do you start in a Standard PPR League. R. Bush - SEA B. Wells - STL J. Stew - @PHI Unfortunately I am not to happy about any of my options but am playing for #1 seed in the playoffs. Thanks!
  5. Spiller

    Is anybody thinking about moving him for a WR1 or another RB1/2? I have a bad feeling about this joint share the rest of the season but my other options aren't that great outside of Rice. (Leshore,Bradshaw,J.Stew)
  6. Chris Johnson trade

    Thats were I am at. Right now I have Megatron A. Johnson and Wallace but we start 3. I do not have much outside of crabtree though for bench. My RBs are MJD Bradshaw R. Bush and M. Bush so he would be a stash just like Crabtree with much higher upside though. PPR league
  7. Chris Johnson trade

    Someone in my league just offered me Chris Johnson for my Michael Crabtree. Without even knowing my team would I be stupid to turn it down? Crabtree is currently my 4th best WR.
  8. Big Trade

    10 Team PPR league Standard Scoring This morning I was asked for a Trade. I think it was mainly because he is wanting to shop around with D. Thomas because I have Peyton as my other QB. I give Eli, A. Johnson and M. Wallace for his RG3, M. Colston and D. Thomas My current line up is: Peyton/Eli (Depending on Matchup) C. Johnson A. Johnson MJD Bradshaw/R. Bush M. Wallace Hernandez Is A. Johnson going to stay on the field? This is basically the deciding factor for me but the same story goes with Colston as well. I am stuck on the fence and was just looking for a couple inputs on the issue.
  9. 10 Team Standard Scoring PPR T. Gerhart (MIN) M. Bush (CHI) J. Rogers (ATL) I currently have Bush and Gerhart but with Quiz on the waiver wire still I thought about dropping one. At this point I think Bush could be valuable but there is still a question mark on AP? Toss up really?