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  1. 3 players and 2 spots to fill. Usually it would be Montee and Le'veon but both of them have bad matchups this week while Joique has a good matchup against Gb. Only problem with Joique is you don't know which Rb will get the bulk of the playing time. It's a PPR league and I also have Peyton as my qb. (I know that doesn't matter, but im also thinking if it's wise to have 2 players going up against Seattle) Let me know what ya think and thanks
  2. Both are good choices. I'd probably lean towards Foles because it might be a shootout.
  3. In a 1/2 pt PPR league and need to make a couple decisions, first off WR3 Roddy or TY? I haven't started Roddy all season, not sure if I should risk it especially on a Thrusday Night game. Also deciding between Andre Brown, Demarco, Le'veon and Shane Vereen for 2 RB spots. Thanks in advance!
  4. Was about to post the same question. My only option is Randle and I'm leaning towards to doing it (demarco owner)
  5. I dropped Cook for Miller a couple weeks ago.
  6. 1/2pt PPR league...Jared cook vs Jax or Jermichael Finely vs Detroit? Thanks in advance
  7. Have to fill my WR3 spot this week with either TY (facing Seattle), or Roddy on MNF at home against jets. I also have Miles Austin but he looks like he will be out or risky as well on Sunday against Denver. Any thoughts?
  8. Who's the better play tonight? 1/2pt PPR...down a bunch. Roddy or Aaron Dobson?
  9. My wr's are injured or on bye, have to decide between leaving roddy white in or pick up one of these options: marlon brown, aaron Dobson, santonio Holmes, or denarius Moore. It's a 1/2 pt PPR league
  10. I have to start 3
  11. My wr's are all injured or on bye this week. I might have to decide between dropping TY Hilton or Miles Austin if theyre not playing Just to have someone in my lineup. It is a PPR league. My other wr's are jordy on bye, roddy who's injured but playing and Colston. As for who I'd be able to pick up this week: Marlon Brown, Vincent brown, denarius Moore and lance Moore
  12. At this point I don't even see Freeman as a major upgrade over some of the qbs out on our wire..Pryor,, Smith, Ponder, Weeden or Hoyer, plus I think at some point other teams will have to start dropping some of the 4th string qbs they are hoarding especially with injuries and byes. So i'm comfortable dropping freeman right now. So now to decide on which RB to pick up...
  13. Thanks for the reply. It's a 2qb league so some teams are hoarding qbs. I have freeman as my third qb, maybe ill just drop him and figure out a bye week fill in when the time comes. I like Fred Jackson but I don't ever see using him unless spiller goes down and it screws me on my bye week fill in..well if spiller stays healthy til then.
  14. 10 team
  15. I have the second waiver priority spot as well. Jason Snelling is available as well.