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  1. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    Sony and Chris are not making it to the 6th round any longer. In addition, those two backs are one level above T. Cohen, James White and Tevin Coleman....for obvious reasons. Especially Carson who is by all accounts the bell cow on the team that runs the most in the NFL. Sony....yeah I know NE and their use of backs is sometimes a nightmare but they haven't had a runner like Sony in years...BB will be using him a ton and as long as he stays injury free (big if) he will put up monster numbers IMO.
  2. Zeke

    In the 5th...took him over Sony....solo back vs. NE committee manureuation.
  3. Zeke

    Picked him up in the about value pick...he comes back BOOM #1 receiver in the 9th...he doesn't no biggie....he plays half ass OH WELL...AJ half performance is better than some 9th round receiver full performance and I have Manny Sanders as well. I know I have a ton of risk and exposure but if Zeek returns, AJ returns and Josh runs as a solid #2 I will crush in this league.
  4. Zeke

    I sure did, just handcuff Pollard....anyone can run behind that Cowboys' line. And he won't be holding out IMO very much longer. Wish I would have taken one more 2nd tier back but oh well....when AJ returns I have three #1 receivers and Manny Sanders.
  5. Zeke

    I was in the exact same spot...see my post and see my team, we drafted last night. "The Dreaded 5 spot" post
  6. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    Shaft....landed him in 13 th round.
  7. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    Well we drafted and here are the results.... QB's - Wentz/L. JaX WR's - OBJ, Steph Diggs, Mike Williams, AJ Green and Manny Sanders RB's - Zeek/Pollard, Damien Williams and D. Guice Flex - Josh Jacobs TE - D. Walker D - NE K - Gostkowski 10 team league, .5 PPR. Thoughts!?
  8. A.J. Green...Am I crazy

    YEa I am going heavy on AJ.
  9. Taking him anywhere from 10-12 round. What is the latest on number of games he will miss?
  10. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    Thanks Turbo...Risk on Guice and Green but upside for where I got them is huge. And how nobody is taking Pollard is amazing. Anyone can run behind that Boys' line.
  11. The Dreaded 5 Spot

    BTW...we start 1 QB 2 RB 2WR 1 Flex 1 TE Def K .5 PPR
  12. Winston, Ryan, Murray, Rivers, Winston Rivers.
  13. Draft is tonight and I am 5th in a 10 team....half point PPR. Most mocks have Zeek there for me or Hopkins. I just did a Mock taking him and loading up on RB's to cover him inlcuding Pollard. Thoughts on my draft? BTW I took Houston's D and Jason Myers kicking. QB C. WentzPhi - QB 10 WR J. JonesAtl - WR 9 WR K. GolladayDet - WR 5 RB E. ElliottDal - RB 8 RB M. MackInd - RB 6 TE D. WalkerTen - TE 11 W/R/T D. HenryTen - RB 11 K DEF BN J. JacobsOak - RB 6 BN M. WilliamsLAC - WR 12 BN A. GreenCin - WR 9 BN D. GuiceWas - RB 10 BN T. PollardDal - RB 8 BN E. SandersDen - WR 10 
  14. Welcome Back!

    Ugh..mocking today Zeek is now falling and I to choose between him and DJ. Hate this!