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  1. My first back is Bell, choice at second back is Rawls v. Detroit or Zenner @ Seattle Perkins @GB Which one and why....
  2. Fitzy is at Seattle and Jeffrey is home v. Washington...which one and why? Jordy is my number 1. We are a .5 PPR
  3. So basically Hunter or Eifert.....
  4. .5 PPR my apologies
  5. Who better for my #2 receiver spot?
  6. I am in exact same boat....Hunter is available and so is Fleener and Clay in my league. Wondering what to do here as well, sorry no advice but looking forward to some solid answers as well.
  7. If Eifert can't go do I roll with Hunter home v. Cleveland Fleener home v. TB Clay home v. Miami Or one of the Houston TE's
  8. Any news? If he is out do I roll with Hunter home v. Cleveland or Fleener v. Tampa
  9. Which QB and why?
  10. Which receiver at my # 2 spot and why? Jordy is my #1 Ty is my flex.