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  1. SO Mixed Up For RB / Flex

    So Saquon and Boone But who for WR 2 and Flex out of Theilen, Woods, DJ, Washington and Mack @Montana is da Man
  2. Am I overthinking... I was able to get Boone so now I have Mack Washington and Boone for RB 2...which one? Saquon is my number one. Flex I can do either one of thoes RB's above or Theilen, Woods or DJ Moore. .5 PPR
  3. Can NE take me to the homeland against Buffalo OR Do I play Pittsburg v. Jets
  4. So... Davante Adams / Adams Theilen at WR RB...Saquon and Mack...Jacobs is out Flex...Woods, DJ Moore, Washington or Monty. Any risk of having two receivers in same game at WR 1 and 2 if low scoring game? .5 PPR Oh and Still NE at home v Buffalo on D?
  5. Well this decision just got a bit easier... This is the team Lamar WR - Davante Adams, DJ, Woods, Theilen, RB - Saquon, Jacobs (OUT), Marlon, David Montgomery TE - Kelce K - Lutz Def - NE / Pitts My initial thoughts WR - Davante, Woods RB - Saquon, Mack Flex - Woods... What say you all
  6. Okay, So at WR 2 and Flex My options are DJ Moore Robert Woods Adam Theilen Marlon Mack Davante Adams WR 1 .5 PPR.....I am leaning DJ and Mack at Flex. DJ has been so consistent but is it Moore or Cam at QB
  7. ...Lamar Jackson or Tannehill?

    Good God you are out thinking yourself. Lamar
  8. Possible injury to Lamar Is he can't go, Tannehill home v. Houston Cousins at Chargers Fitz at NYG