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  1. WR...Rob Foster or Baldwin

    I tend to agree that Baldwin is more stable, more certain floor but Foster has higher ceiling.
  2. Foster at NE Baldwin home v. KC in the rain? .5 PPR Who and why
  3. Henry home v. Washington today Williams at Seattle? I am leaning Henry. .5 PPR Who and why
  4. Wentz went down, so I plugged Dak in last week and that sucked. Roll again with him or Josh Allen or Darnold who are FA.
  5. Sony or Gus

    For all the marbles at my flex spot. .5 PPR
  6. He still has Lutz and I have Moore.
  7. So I am down 9 I have Drew Brees and Curtis going tonight. He has Lutz and Mike Thomas DJ is a F.A. should I add him to replace Curtis and will I win tonight? .5 PPR
  8. If you are using this forum as your sole source of information to set your are doing it wrong. It is simply another tool in your fantasy toolbox and most of the folks I have conversed with on here are cool as manure...maybe they are giving you bad advice due to the fact that.....they don't like you. LOL 1) Think for yourself 2) Do your research on this and other sites 3) Do your research on the actual games and matchup 4) Understand that none of that may work out as this is FANTASY!
  9. Ok, down by 9.... I have Brees and Samuels tonight He has Thomas and Lutz What do you all I Going to the Superbowl or Going Home and why, .5 PPR
  10. The fantasy god are being dicks. So Conner comes back on a limited basis. Any thoughts on starting Samules at TE? It's a late game so if Conner comes back, Samuels splits time and his TE value in Yahoo takes a hit. Thoughts? .5 PPR
  11. Evans, playing with Fire?

    Added to injury report with foot issue. Me....I am sticking with the girl I brought to the dance and rolling with Evans.
  12. Do I have a chance at all?

    Probably not, Reynolds, your RB 2 if Conner is out and Flex hurt you. You have an outside shot but man.
  13. Jax home v. Washington or Buffalo home v. Detroit