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  1. FFS!

    Anyone else?
  2. FFS!

  3. FFS!

    Okay give it to me! I have Sanders at Chargers, Diggs at Chicago, Collins home v Cincy, Carson home v GB. .5 PPR Need to figure out best combo for WR2/Flex and RB@ from those folks. I have Michael Thomas at WR1 and Saquon at RB1 My inital thoughts are Diggs at WR2 and Collins at RB2 and Carson at Flex leaving out Sanders but can be talked out of it since it may be shoot out with Chargers and Sanders could blow up.
  4. Ebron or Graham

    EE vs. Tenn Graham tonight at Seattle .5 PPR
  5. Carson with two other backs sharing time home vs. GB OR Collins home v. Cincin .5PPR
  6. At my RB2 spot? Carson home v GB Collins home v Cincy .5 ppr
  7. Dddddddddefense

    Baltimore home v Cincy... Won't be there for me at WW9 Carolina at Detroit Arizona home v Oakland.
  8. TE Tussell

    Olsen at Detroit Ebron home v Tennessee. .5 PPR
  9. Chargers D at Oakland Bears home v. Detroit.
  10. Feasting D's

    @Niner4life9 you make it sound like he roofied you at the bar LOLOLOLOLOL. "Me and this guy were talking and I was going to roll wiht the Viking's D, next thing you know I am waking up in my apartment with the Oakland game on and I check my score and find out I started the Oakland D!"
  11. Feasting D's

    That is a good point, but the Lions have a much better coaching staff and talent to adjust...the Bills, not so much. Prior to the past two weeks the Lions O didn't give up that many fantasy points and are capable of putting up points...the Bills again....not so much.
  12. Feasting D's

    Uhhhhhh so @Montana is da Man is an expert on Tight Ends.....just sayin'
  13. Feasting D's

    I would if I had my kid at QB on my "I have a team full of minors, this is awkward, is this legal Fantasy Football Team"
  14. Feasting D's

    Ahhhh and here comes the peanut gallery, the king of all lurkers @Montana is da Man Errrrbody is an expert the next week LOLOLOLOL
  15. Feasting D's

    But one worthy of this many posts and one worthy of perhaps setting a record for posts for a Defense topic!