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  1. I have NE home v. Denver I have Miami home v Jets .5 PPR Which one to start?
  2. Goff or Herbert

    Goff at Washington Hebert at NO Subbing in for Rogers. .5 ppr
  3. QB Help

    My thoughts as well @League_Champion, my concern is that Rams get up and just run, run and run. He didn't play well last week against the G men. Looking more like a run first team. Which is crazy with Woods, Higbee and Cupp.
  4. QB Help

    Thanks for the responses all...need to narrow it down on some data. @Montana is da Man, @League_Champion
  5. QB Help

    Available to me as Rogers is on Bye Herbert @ NO Goff @Wash Burrow @Balt Teddy B. @Atl Jones @Dallas .5 PPR
  6. Ben vs Deshaun

    I'm in the process of a guy giving me Ben and I'm giving up Ryan and Miss. One of the other managers may be open to giving me Deshaun for same deal.... So, Been or Deshaun?
  7. Crying Ryan for Big Ben?

    @Montana is da Man ?
  8. Herbert at NO and Fitz makes me nervous....he is like one INT away from Tua coming in...people are clamoring for it and I don't want to be sitting there holding my jock when it happens.
  9. Crying Ryan for Big Ben?

    He indicated to me he is going to take it when he gets home from work. I also had one on the table for D. Watson, same deal....Ryan and Moss for assuming this guys goes for it as well who would you rather have Ben or Watson...I am leaning Ben, better running game to protect QB, better receivers etc. .5 PPR
  10. Burrow @Balt. Minshew home v. Jax Bridge at ATL Goff at Wash.
  11. Aaron is on a bye this week obviously, so who do I plug in this week out of.... Burrow, Minshew, Bridgewater, Herbert, Goff and Fitzy
  12. He took Davis and Ryan for Aaron Rogers...I think I won that deal. What say you all!?
  13. Crying Ryan for Big Ben?

    Don't know if I will get him, I am 7th out of 10 WW. But that is still an upgrade at QB. And I can land D'Ernest or Chase if I can't land Bell.
  14. WW Priortiy

    Lev Bell, D'Ernest Chas Edmunds.
  15. My team Matt Ryan Michael Thomas, Robinson lll, Cupp, Sutton Chubb (IR), Connor, Gurley, Mack, Zack Moss, Kerryon, Kelley Hunter McManus Chicago and TB .5 PPR Guy offering me Big Ben for Ryan and Moss. I am looking to land Bell or Chase on the WW to make up for the Moss Loss. I need to get better at QB