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  1. So now I'm 1 and 2. QB quandry next week. My QB's are Cam at NE, Mariota at Houston..... Waiver QB's available Cousins are KC and Goff at Dallas. What to do.
  2. With the latest news on Zeke two more weeks to play them who knows and losing DJ I had to I think. Thoughts on getting Freeman and Cohen in return? Also at my 2 RB spots and Fkex who do I play I know Freeman(obvious) but Ingram, Cohen or C. Carson, at remaining RB spot and Fkex? .5 PPR Thanks all!
  3. Title asks it all! Lamar or Tarik as my 10 old flex and why. We are a .5 ppr.
  4. Should I Drop Crowder?

    Crowder is the clear number 1, the others not so much. Let the running game and Reed get going and see what that does. In other words....patience.
  5. Time to stream the D 🤔

    Eagles are where I am at as well.
  6. Crabby Trade

    Yea I updated his team in the signature line but it didn't take. His RB's are now M. Gordon, L.Miller, D. Dook, J. Stew, T. Cohen and C. he can let Miller go IMO
  7. Crabby Trade

    My 10 year old wants to trade L. Miller for Crabby. .5 PPR Team in Signature line.
  8. See my 10 year olds lineup in Signature. Another dude just dropped DJ. We don't have IR, should we pick up him and drop Fat Rob? Our current line up Mariota WR: Michael Thomas, D. Adams, K Golladay, RB: M. Gordon, D. Cook, C. Thompson, J. Stew, T. Cohen TE: Hard Hittin J. Whitten K: B. Walsh D: AZ/Philly .5 PPR Should we drop Fat Rob for DJ. Also a bit nervous about our lack of WR try to trade some of those RBs? Thanks Fellas
  9. So Lamar Miller @ NE; Chris Thompson home v. Oak; or T. Cohen @ Pitts. for the flex play. We are a .5 PPR.
  10. Stick with Cam?

    Should I stick with him or pick up Cutler vs. Jets and why Thanks in advance.
  11. Dddddddefense

    Philly at home vs. NYG or GB home v. Cincy. Thanks all.
  12. Carson

    Pretty sure we can get him off waiver... But who to drop Fat Rob Kelly or Ted Ginn Jr, only other receiver on our bench is Golladay... This is my 10 year old team. My team QB Can RB, DJ (done), Zeke, Ingram, Gore, Hill, JStew WR, Cooper, K. Allen, Hogan, R. Matthews, Crowder TE, Rudolph D, Seattle Guy wants Zeke from me....I said I would need from him, Carr, Cook, Freeman and Evans for Zeke, Hill and Hogan.... Good trade fit me if he accepts? Already down DJ Thanks all.