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  1. Buffalo D vs. New Orleans D

    MDM, agreed, GB's D hasn't been that great either and aren't going to shut down Brees thereby putting the ball in Hundley's hands to put up points and that more often than not leads to disaster.
  2. Potential for big points I think. Buffalo at home v. Tampa and it looks like TB will have Winston going...haven't signed anyone else. New Orleans D has put up some big point lately, rookie QB for Pack...Brees gets up early and Hundley has to throw could make for a big time D output. But The Pack may choose to run the hell out of the ball to keep it away from Brees What say you all?
  3. Orleans or Coop at Flex

    Appreciate the feedback....Anyone else?
  4. Orleans or Coop at Flex

    My thoughts as well MDM....on my son's team do you pick him over Cohen as well?
  5. Orleans is on the road at Seattle but should get bulk of carries Coopper is home V. KC with Carr but man.....he has disappointed, can he be trusted .5 PPR
  6. Drew Brees it's more likely to get a lead and a big one than Cam is at this point. New Orleans is a very sneaky play IMO.
  7. Trade Adams?

    With Aaron done printing may take a hit. What is a fair exchange for him? Or hang onto him. .5 PPR
  8. Start Ryan or Mariotta

    As well as the risk if reinjury to Mariotta?
  9. Ryan's at New England and Mariotta is at Cleveland.. What say you all and why? .5 PPR
  10. ....or hell New Orleans going into Green Bay w/out AAron. They give up a ton of yardage but are scoring in fantasy terms a ton of points.
  11. The case for Pitt....Cincy's run O is terrible (30th) in league thereby forcing Dalton to throw. Combine that with Bell and Brown getting on track and Pitt maybe grabbing an early lead forcing Dalton to throw into double coverage on AJ...presto. The case for Carolina...Well a rookie QB and again playing from behind with no receiving core in Chicago. Thanks in advance.
  12. Agreed...we are also streaming ASJ so that works against us a bit if he scores but may not be that big of an impact.
  13. Streaming D and nothing left. We have Detroit's D but that isn't going to work at New Orleans. These are two best options and Arizona. What say you all.