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  1. Rams

    Do you just play then no matter the opponent?
  2. Cook playing?

    Thanks MdM
  3. Cook playing?

    Reports are sketchy and Cook is my 11 year old #2. We can move Collins to #2 who is now his flex. At flex who do we plug in, Fitzgerald, Sony or pick up Clement who is a FA
  4. Old Man Rivers

    Great points all! Gotta roll with him I think... Health WR's, Melvin's a catching machine as well.
  5. Old Man Rivers

    Yes I have him but an terrified of Rams D. Back up is Manning who sucks. Dalton is a FA but has Carolina... What say you all? .5 PPR
  6. QB Waiver Wire Help....

    No Keenum available?
  7. Amari Pooper!

    Gawd I fall for him every year and every year he treats me like a $2 hooker. So for my #2 receiver spot....bench him this week in favor of Allen Robinson II? .5 PPR Cobb and Stills are FA out there as well.
  8. QB Quandry

    Streaming my QB until Wentz is back. Had Dalton last week and don't like matchup this week v. Baltimore. I have Carr as a backup but man he looked bad and he's heading into Denver. Soooooo FA are Keenum home v. Oakland (whose defense looked horrible), Flacco or Fitzy. .5 PPR What say you all?
  9. Meh on Doyle, all due respect M Da M. Doyle simply drops balls and with Ebron being a bigger and faster TE target Luck will be looking that way more and more. First, don't make a waiver claim...chances are Smith (Walker's replacement who will be a safety blanket for Weeden), O.J. Howard, Brate, Ebron or Cook will be there in FA. The TE spot is sooo friggin thin this year better off streaming until someone takes control and becomes a breakout TE star this year...IMO.
  10. Yea so lost him....WW TE's are Ebron, Howard, Smith (Ten), Cook. Which one and why. OHHH the guy ahead of me in the WW lost Olson, so pretty sure he nabs Ebron but I could be wrong.
  11. Tight end pick up

    You have Kittle, why would you carry anyone else when what is left on the WW is all about the same.
  12. Rivers v. Dalton

    Thanks for the feedback boys!
  13. Rivers v. Dalton

    A classic battle for the ages.....this week only, Rivers home v. Chiefs or Dalton at Indy. .5 PPR
  14. Stream Dalton this week?

    Someone please remind me what Jimmy has done.....I'll wait. Exactly. Dalton.
  15. QB Quandry

    Thank yo buckemdown....!