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  1. Help drop/add

    pick up Shipp.
  2. FWP and Lelie for Holt

    I'd want to see the rest of your lineup. Are you able to sacrifice your #1 WR? and how much trouble are you in at RB; I'm just not personally sold on Lelie and if you're counting on him to carry your WR corp. forget it.
  3. W Parker or S Davis

    Parker will not lose this job to Staley or Bettis at this point and Davis is too much of an injury risk. Parker!!!
  4. Trade Advice: S. Davis for S. Smith?

    I think you have plenty of depth at RB and this will be nice upgrade at WR. Go for it!
  5. Trade advice

    Performance scroing w/ 1/2 pt for recepts. I have been offered McAllister and Wayne for Dom. Davis and Harrison. I am 0-2 and Dom. Davis and Houston off. looks to be in trouble, not to mention I need a bye week replacement for DD this week. I think Wayne and Harrison will have similar #'s as they did last year. Should I make the trade?
  6. Trade to approve

    In the third week of the season, there is no reason to not approve this if both are willing. It's not like it's week 12 or 13 and one guys bagging his season; both players are trying to improve thier team.
  7. Last Minute Help Needed

    DJax, Lelie and Mushy
  8. Ronnie Brown or D.Davis?

    Proven 4th year RB vs. a rookie??? hmmmmmmm.............. DD
  9. qb trade///opinions

    NO, I would stick w/ Delhomme. He's gonna hook up with Smith and Colbert a lot this year.
  10. WDIS - WR/TE Question

    I have both on my team and I consider Gonzo my #2 over both KJ and TJ Housh. Gonzo is your man!
  11. Stallworth or Bennett

    I've been burnt by Stallworth too many times. Bennett every week.
  12. Larry Johnson or Curtis Martin

    Man, Im so glad I don't have LJ b/c your gonna ask yourself this every week just based on his potential. Wiht that said Martin is the starter in NY and he should be in your lineup.
  13. WDIS WR

    I think Branch gave you every reason last week to have him in your lineup. Mason (yes, I know he's up against old team and all...) has a young, inexperienced QB throwing to him.