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  1. I'm sitting near the middle of the table in my leagues. One of them is a win to get in the playoffs kind of deal, the other one just has me three games back with five to play! Needless to say, this is something I'd like to win. So, this week. Team 1, non-PPR Bryce Brown, Jacquizz, or Fred Jackson? Team 2, non-PPR Green-Ellis, Jacquizz, or Moreno? After that, Harvin, Dwyer, Green-Ellis, Jacquizz, or Moreno? Thanks!
  2. Jimmy Graham trade...

    How about this: I trade Graham, Green-Ellis, Bryant. I get Rudolph, Lynch, Charles. Decent?
  3. With Gronkowski out and Jimmy Graham playing hot, I'm thinking of making a trade. My team is: Brees Spiller - Green-Ellis - D. Richardson - D. Brown Cobb - Bryant - Harvin - D. Jackson - Heyward-Bey Graham M. Bryant Giants - Rams This guy's team is: Freeman - Flacco - Vick Lynch - Charles - Gore C. Johnson - Julio Jones - M. Crabtree - Boldin Gronkowski - Rudolph Barth Bengals - Seahawks I'm thinking of selling high on Graham... I probably need the most improvement at running back, right? Maybe Graham for Rudolph and Lynch/Charles? Any trade ideas?
  4. WR Help please!

    Any other opinions? I feel like Heyward-Bey could have an explosion because he's facing NO and Palmer's been throwing the ball well, but the others are slightly more consistent.
  5. WR Help please!

    I have 4 decent wide receivers this week and can only start 3. Standard scoring, no PPR. Dez Bryant vs. Cleveland DeSean Jackson vs. Washington Randall Cobb vs. Detroit Darrius Heyward-Bey vs. New Orleans Which 3?
  6. I am starting TY Hilton tonight in my league, but have put in a waiver request for Mike Williams, dropping Hilton. The request won't go through until tomorrow, so will I lose Hilton's points from tonight if I end up getting Williams on waivers? Or will it go through at all?
  7. Week 10 Thursday night help

    I'd go Ridley and Jennings. As a Colts fan, I can tell you their rush defense is absolutely terrible. Ridley is going up against Buffalo, and the Pats will be leading that game big. Charles I like this week but it's tough against Pittsburgh.
  8. Would you trade VJax for Harvin?

    I have a lot of quality at the WR position so I may take a chance on it... Thanks.
  9. Would you trade VJax for Harvin?

    Even with Harvin's injury?
  10. Simple question - would you?
  11. MJD for Spiller?

    I just traded DeMarco Murray for MJD. I really need a starter at running back (started Daryl Richardson this week), so would it be crazy to trade MJD for Spiller?
  12. No way I would do that. You need more for Gronk. Martin hasn't proven himself as of yet, and Finley has been practically nonexistent.
  13. So many WRs...

    This week I have: Dez Bryant (NYG) DeSean Jackson (ATL) Randall Cobb (JAC) Josh Gordon (SD) Darrius Heyward-Bey (KC) Vincent Jackson (MIN) And have no idea who to start. It's a 2 WR, 1 Flex league and I'll almost definitely use a WR in the flex. Note: I am trying to trade some WRs for a decent running back... suggestions for that as well?