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  1. Hot Garbage at RB with injuries

    Hunt white samuel
  2. Pick 2 WR to start this week

    Dj julio can't bench either
  3. Qb help whir

    Wentz or Fitz?
  4. Need 2 half PPR. My choices are Lockett @LAR Golladay @MINN Washington @ARI Crowder vs MIA Boyd@CLE Pascal @ TB
  5. Pick 2. Golladay, Crowder, Washington, or Lockett?
  6. Pleas help choose a WR to start

  7. Singletary vs BAL OR Montgomery vs DAL?
  8. Start 1 Flex Half PPR. ARob, Hollywood, or Hooper?
  9. Either Breida or DMont? Start 1 Flex. ARob, Hollywood, or Hooper? Both questions Half PPR format