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  1. Decker for sure, then out of the rest I'd gamble with Hixon this week
  2. wayne or bowe in standard scoring? Thanks
  3. Tough choice, as stated earlier, giants without some key weapons and may have to rely on Bennett even more tonight. But you still have to consider what type of game the ravens will be involved in. The Pats coming off a horrible game, and have a decent defense. Ravens will no doubt be airing it out, and the D will look to limit Rice. Flacco keeps going to Pitta consistently and Pats D haven't really stopped TE's. I'd go Bennett if I had to, maybe.......
  4. -Standard scoring -3 WR spots to fill, 1 flex Pick 4 to play: 1. Percy Harvin 2. Victor Cruz 3. Reggie Wayne 4. Roddy White 5. Dwayne Bowe *initially I was torn between Wayne and Roddy, but I have Matt Ryan also, so as it sits now, wayne is on the bench. *also with Nicks out tonight, could hamper Cruz in production?
  5. i finally put in for it, hoping for pitta, then chandler
  6. depends what you are giving up, and who you already have on your team. But, Greene as a RB1? I'd say no. Most I've ever use him is in bye weeks and maybe a flex.
  7. Good, you lucked out.
  8. Cruz and Wayne
  9. Standard scoring Non-PPR Which TE do I start for week 1? Jermaine Gresham or Greg Olsen Any thoughts?
  10. Was pretty much set on starting Bowe, but every ranking on here for some reason likes Wayne quite a bit better? Probably still sticking with Bowe...
  11. Standard non-PPR league
  12. 12 Team Non-PPR Standard yahoo scoring QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,FLEX,K,DEF BN,BN,BN,BN,BN,BN QB: M.Ryan, A. Dalton WR: Cruz, P.Harvin, Bowe, R. Wayne, S. Holmes RB: L. McCoy, McFadden, Kevin Smith, Shonn Greene, Kendall Hunter Te: Jermaine Gresham, Greg Olsen K: Matt Bryant Def: Dallas Starting Week 1 QB: Ryan WR: Cruz, Harvin, Bowe RB: McCoy, McFadden TE: Gresham Flex: Kevin Smith K: Bryant Def: Dallas Working on getting another Def for Week 1 Any Tips/advice or comments? Thanks