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  1. Start Farve or Delhomme?Cleveland or N.E

    Larry Johnson 9 rush 110 yrds 2td's...Very tempting!
  2. I know that it's only the 1st week but does anyone else just feel like the Packers could be the worst team in football right now? Farve or Delhomme S.Jackson Cadillac L.Johnson or Driver Moss Gates Lindell IDP My other options would be Bell,Matt Jones,Arrington, or T.Jones.

    Bottom line...If grits doesn't like it he should turn the channel. With 26,000 post under his belt tells me he's about 35 yrs old and still lives with his mom. I kind of feel bad for the guy. Well, not really.
  4. Please rate my team ....

    Grits and Shins you are the man! I love it !!!! Now, give me some football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Please rate my team ....

    Did you just catch your wife in bed with another man or women? If you don't like what someone else in asking don't read it or don't respond to it. It really sound to me that your pissed off that you're home alone on this fine Labor day starving for purpose.
  6. What in the hell does that mean? Though, I appreciate your thoughts?
  7. I pick 10th overall...12 team league Bulger/Warner S.Jackson/Cadillac/L.Johnson/T.Bell R.Moss/Driver/Reggie Brown/Matt Jones/Troy Williamson Clark/Miller Peterson/Mare IDP How should I feel? Did I go too risky? Any thoughts!
  8. Can we all say that he's a legitamate #1 back though?
  9. Steven Jackson - RB, St. Louis Rams 08/30/05 Steven Jackson rushed for 108 yards and a touchdown on only 14 carries, including a 64-yard run. Huddle Up: Jackson is a huge cog in the St. Louis offense, which had scoring drives of 78, 90 and 69 yards. His power and speed make him not only a sure bet around the goal line, but also a threat to take it to the house from nearly anywhere on the field. If you can grab him in the fourth or fifth round, he's worth some serious consideration. In my opinion, with this description he should be gone in the 1st or second rd. Read it again!! That's a 1st rounder.
  10. Steven Jackson? 2 qtrs =108 yards 1 TD

    Does his weaker schedule make him more appealing? And I know that it's preseason,but with the Rams passing attack should open more holes for him to pick up that 10 or 15 yard scampers.
  11. Given what he did Monday night makes me look at him a little bit more WITH No. 1 back potential, but i've noticed in alot of mock's he's slipping to the 3rd or 4th rd He runs with a sort of Dickerson/Edge running style . I see at least 1500 rush with 16 or more TD's. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  12. Cedric signed and I thought T .Jones would be a steal.
  13. Is Gates going to sit the first game this year?
  14. I drafted @ the 9 position: 1.TO 2.Jackson 3.Gates 4.Burelson 5.Arrington 6.Larry Johnson 7.Farve 8.Thomas Jones 9.Lelie 10.Mike Anderson 11.Calico 12.Delhomme 13.Jeff Reed 14.Heath Miller 15.Mcnair 16IDP How did I do?