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  1. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    i like to think i know it all. then came sunday. what are your general thoughts - hit the panic button and start trading like mad OR give it another week or two and let them warm up? Of course, there is always: Other. Standard scoring Pos Player Team Pts * Week # --- -------------------- ---- --- - ---------------------------------------- QB Aaron Brooks NO 12 P:18-24-0-192 R: 3- 32 RB Jamal Lewis BAL 4 R:16- 48 C: 1- 4 RB Curtis Martin NYJ 7 R:20- 57 C: 3- 20 WR Anquan Boldin ARI 6 C: 4- 62 WR Joe Horn NO 6 C: 5- 66 WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN 7 C: 5- 75 PK Josh Brown SEA 2 XPs:2/2 Def Baltimore BAL 0 _____________________________ ___ __________________________________________ Starter Points = 44 RB J.J. Arrington ARI 2 R: 8- 5 C: 4- 22 QB David Carr HOU 13 ! P: 9-21-3- 70 R: 7- 40 TD:R1 QB Jeff Garcia DET 0 RB Derrick Blaylock NYJ 0 RB William Green CLE 1 R: 4- 12 RB Marcel Shipp ARI 1 R: 7- 10 C: 2- 5 RB Chester Taylor BAL 4 R: 4- 27 C: 2- 22 WR Reggie Brown PHI 0 C: 1- 7 WR Reche Caldwell SD 0 C: 1- 9 R: 1- 7 WR Terry Glenn DAL 4 C: 3- 42 _____________________________ ___ __________________________________________ Bench Points = 25 Potential Points = 45
  2. Owens Tonight

  3. Owens Tonight

    I predict he is still a dickweed.
  4. You know.....

    well, i cant chime in fully, but close. I just keep telling myself: "its only week one". Repeat to yourself until next Sunday.
  5. Portfolio Pool

    Raiders - $80 Browns - $45 Cowboys - $85 Texans - $75 Dolphins - $60 Saints - $75 Titans - $65 $485
  6. Weekly Blitz

    CHI CIN NYJ SEA STL *edit to delete orig post
  7. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LT Holt Parker *edit to correct LT.
  8. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    St. Louis
  9. Keeper Help

    Assuming you start 2rb and 3wr Jjones Dmcallister Rmoss
  10. RE: too late?

    Huddle doesnt need me to take up for them, but I'm going to give my .02 to any noob that dogs the release dates around here. I think I'm going into my third season as a huddler (maybe 4?). I dont post a lot, i'm not looking to make a bunch of friends (good thing), and I'm not searching (usually) for other participants advice. What I am looking for, and what brought me here, is timely updated info. My primary league drafts occurs annually, before Camps. That can be a pain in the arse because NOONE has projections up that early. Except the huddle. Up until this year the owner (Jim i think) of Fantasy insights emails me with release dates trying to get me back over there, but they are never early enough. Nor are any of the other 25 sites I have visited. DMD gets back to me personally every year, essentially assuring my paranoid a$$ that the rankings will be out in time and not to sweat it. For that above and beyond type of service (which BTW is unparalleled at sites twice as costly), I stick my head out of my hole and say the Huddle is the best due to its concern and conciousness of/for its members. I had to rant a little bit after reading the post made by the idiot. I'll drift back into obscurity for now. (and i'll put my peener back in my pants HUGH)
  11. One of my favorite things about DMD/WW

    that is the funniest thing ive read all week. i'm gonna get up off the floor now.
  12. Keep question who should I keep?

    do you have to keep 7? I'm not sure I like any of your 3 enough to keep. As far as the rook goes, JJ will be the man IMO.
  13. Explain Your Login Name!

    It's been so long I dont remember the roster, but each of my RBs and most of my WRs were coming off of knee injuries one year. In an old Monty Python movie they had a skit including the Knights of Ni which I found (and still find) hilarious. "Come back here, I'll bite you to death....."
  14. Moss admits he uses marijuana ``every blue moon''

    Results 1 - 10 of about 50,700 for randy moss stupid. (0.34 seconds
  15. S. Jackson

    no kiddin. i'll take some of that action. Martz is an egotistical idiot and will inevitably hurt Jax.
  16. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Week One GB 10pts.
  17. Sleeper Picks.....

    If we are really talking about sleepers (and not guys going in the first 10 rounds) Doug Jolley Greg Lewis Chris Henry Sami Parker
  18. When does the season start for you?

    Fantasy, or the 5 minutes?
  19. Mike Vick

    so back to screw it.
  20. Mike Vick

    Did any one else find Vick to resemble Pookie from New Jack City?
  21. Pretending to be Roethlisberger to scam tail

    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?
  22. Jamal Lewis...Is he a top 5 pick?

    Yes. He is a top 5 pick.
  23. Who should I draft.

    go with the 3 back set of Rudi, Edge, and Westbrook and pick AJ w/ your 6 and if youre really set on collins i bet you can grab him at 10. imo.
  24. Mock 1 with grades

    Thanks for the write up DMD.