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  1. Look at this box score

  2. JoePa must go!

    I grew up in PA and love JoePa as much as anyone, but c'mon already... In case you haven't seen this site, here is the link:
  3. Xavier Carter. Remember this name.

    Is he any relation to Jimmy Carter? You know, that old guy that volunteers for "Habitat for Humanity?"
  4. Favorite Team

    I agree if you are talking about the pros, but if you have degrees from more than one school, you usually form loyalties to each school and their football team. thinking
  5. This Year's National Champion

    I don't think we will truly know who the national champion is until we get a playoff system in place. That being said, the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles are going to be the national champions! LOL! jester
  6. Best Rivalry

    Penn State vs. Pitt
  7. Least Favorite Team

    Oklahoma thumbs_d and Alabama thumbs_d
  8. Favorite Team

    Kind of a tie for me: thinking Penn State Nittany Lions --and-- Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles
  9. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Knight Train: a diehard Steelers fan oh don't get me started. What: College Professor whose office is adorned with everything from the 4 pennants of our SB wins to a picture of <<sniff, sniff>> Three Rivers Stadium When: 33 yrs old Where: Born in PA, but now in Arkansas with all the freakin' Cowboy fans Why: Because like most of you I am now a beer-swilling, overweight, over-the-hill former high school player who needs a better way to live vicariously through someone else. Fantasy Bio: Been playing FF for 8 yrs, been on the Huddle for 3 and am just starting the boards. Since my daughter was born 8 months ago I am going down to just one league, which I founded 6 years ago, and for it I still serve as commish.