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  1. Yo McBoog, PM ME ASAP, nuke'em ttg

  2. Koren Robinson cut

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  3. This says it all Bill! All except for trivia buffs and Pats fans will Brady be remembered as one of the truly great QBs. I have enough trouble remebering what Aikman actually did as a player. I know he was on a great TEAM and did what he had to do to help the TEAM win. But he ain't no Elway! I hate Elway, how he entered the league, how he played and how he made the Chargers miserable. But he could carry a team by himself. He could win a game by himself. Brady just doesn't cut the same mustard. Sorry... :bawling:
  4. You KNOW the Patriots have arrived when ...

    You have to give UT abreak. He types most of this crap with one hand and cross-eyed!
  5. Does this hurt LT's value?

    Taking the above article into account, I just found THIS analysis as well. It actually, as a Charger fan, makes sense to me. Add into the equation that Marty Loves to run the skin, we might be looking at the next 2,000 yard season in LT. But, as stated in the article, 2,000 yard rushers are not always gonna get you the high TD output. Still, 2,000 yards and 14 TDs plus whatever yardage in the passing game you get is 284 points in a season, whichtranslates to a steady 17 points plus per game! I'll take that anytime
  6. I love LT and still think he is the number 1 overall pick. Durable, consistent and likable. I read the linked article and thought it would be interesting to see if any of you drop him a notch because of this!?!? One of LT's greatest pluses has been his receiving skills and bonus yardage in this area. What do you all think? Link to Article - Wait'll you see this Chargers rookie run!
  7. This is the stuff that people pay for DMD! You give it away free?? That is why The Huddle is #1 every year!
  8. Dallas D

    They still have to learn the system, play together as a D and that will take time. It doesn't sdtart to really jell 'till hte games start! Parcells apparently wants to change the D system and that is always a step back to take, hopefully a couple steps forward. My same feeling appaly to the Chiefs, yes, they got some players, but they still have to learn their system and learn each other!
  9. Dallas D

    Sorry for the painfully obvious, but we will know when they start playing Remeber the Cheifs were going to "win it all" just by bringing in Gunther My Chargers are in the same boat. Will they be better because of the draft, one year of experience in the system, regress? These are the things that are too hard to predict, even with a great draft, these guys are still ROOKIES!
  10. Fork Please!

    I hope the Browns slam this fool and take as much money away from him for breach of contract as they can. As a Charger fan, I loved his dad, but daddy has not taught the kid the right way (daddy has a crappy tude a lot of the time as well, COTSS, Chip On The Shoulder Syndrome). This family has geared the life of this kid to get the Pay Day that Dad never dreamed of, and have acted like they deserved it instead of earning it. Now that daddy’s little gold mine is skilless outside of football and his value is seriously in doubt, I really don’t feel sorry for these people. I do not wish anyone injury, etc. but this is definitely not a Tillman type story. You all want to know what this kid “could” have been? See David Boston. All the tools in the world and a complete lack of mental ability to take full advantage of them.
  11. Who's your favorite player?

    My son is welcome to grow up to be just like him... even if he never plays a down in the NFL (or any sport for that matter). The kid is a winner, PERIOD!
  12. Uh Ho!

    A Real Raider fan wouldn't care about spelling and typos. It would be something you work through witout a . It has been hard to be a Charger fan, but I am. Loyalty is rare these days
  13. I thought this Funy!

    Looks like Rollerball!