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  1. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I would love to see this game tonight end on a blown call late with no "reviews" left that changes the outcome of the game, I don't care who it goes against, but think it would be flippin funny as heck if it were to happen.
  2. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    September 9th, opening day against the Redskins. Terrible holding call in the first quarter, not only cost us the game, but turned the entire season around for the Cardinals. What should have been a Superbowl run ended up a 3 win season......
  3. Divisional Game Thread

    A nice two days for sure, but opening Thursday/Friday of March Madness is the best IMO.
  4. Divisional Game Thread

    I think that KC's D steps up and holds Indy to under 28, so that is a win and KC covers the spread. Dallas gives everything the Rams want and cover the spread, but lose. LAC goes into NE and wins and the Pats do not win another playoff game for 5 years. Foles comes back to playoff reality and the Saints win by 10+.
  5. Kliff Kingsbury to the Cards

    It can't get any worse, well maybe it can. We go from Arians blowing a gasket every other play to Wilks, who was a deer in the headlights for 16 straight games on EVERY emotion or passion. no place to go but up......7-9 will be like a superbowl trip.
  6. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2019)

    I will take 4 on each.
  7. 0.5 PPR Edwards or Sony M? He has already played Mahomes/Hill/Williams I have played Kelce/Jackson/KC he is up 53-35 and has Thielen & Diggs, so I need the most upside....I have Sony in right now in fear of Dixon Whatcha think?
  8. LET'S GO BOWLING! (College Bowl Games Pool)

    I can send it to my football pool, I am sure I can add some players if you want them.
  9. Adams, Smith-Schuster or Cooks??

    Eagles pass D is at the bottom of the league.....Cooks and Juju
  10. Who do you SIT?

    Playing against Mahomes and Hill, he also has Theilen and Diggs...he has been putting up points all year so I need upside and the best 2 of these 3 cats...who would you sit? Jackson vs LAC (let's assume Gordon and Ekeler sit) Edwards vs. TB S.Miche @ PITT l
  11. LET'S GO BOWLING! (College Bowl Games Pool)

    IN, thanks for the invite!!
  12. Goff or Brees?

    Brees KC/Rams goes under.
  13. Cam or Wentz?

    Thinking Wentz here, Cam's rushing yards and TDs have slowed and shifted to mcCaffery.
  14. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    If my team needs you to win to make the playoffs and you "tank" your lineup, I would be pissed, but life would go on. I think it's a bad strategy and you are way over-thinking FFL.