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  1. QB Options

    K.Cousins at home vs. Philly or B. Mayfield at Sea My opponent has R.Wilson against me, he also has Thielen going. Who ya got?
  2. WR Option

    John Brown at TN or Gallup at home vs. GB Who ya got?
  3. 8th Pick

    What if DJ/Gurley/Conner fall, would you take any/all of them over Chubb?
  4. 8th Pick

    I have Chubb at 9, not sure about when Hunt comes back how much he steals, of course Cook could be injured by then too.
  5. 8th Pick

    Ok, so I draft out of the 8 spot. I took my top 8 players by rank and I have D. Cook at 8. Would you take anyone other than him if the first 7 come off in order. Also is anyone in my top 7 you would drop out? Only considering a RB here, no interest in another position with my first pick. Barkley Kamara MccCaf Zeke DJ Gurley Conner My Pick- D.Cook
  6. David Johnson Thread

    Could not agree more to this, he is still a top 5 back on a bottom 5 team last year. The jury is still out on IF the Cards can get back to an average team with new "unproven" leadership. I do think that Kyler will take a few TDs away inside the 10. I see DJ as a double threat and should see a ton of receptions in addition to 80-100 yards most games. Rosen was a sitting duck and could not move the chains, that will change with a mobile QB and should keep the offense on the field more this year.
  7. Is David Johnson...

    He is not in my top 5. Cardinals were unable to move the chains all of last year, and they are not much better on paper. I do think that Kyler will extend some drives with his feet to stay on the field, but the Cards are looking at another long year.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I can't see the Cards passing on Murray AND trading Rosen. I think they take Murray as they have NO O Line and Murray can extend plays with his legs. Rosen was a sitting duck and went three and out over and over again putting the D back on the field WAY too much. I didn't see enough out of Rosen last year and hope we take Murray. Rosen needs more than the Cards have or will have for at least 2 or 3 more years.
  9. Fair Trade or not?

    I forgot to add that the commish is NOT only in my division, but he owns P.Manning as well, not a bad defensive trade for winning my division and all the more reason he's pissed!! :
  10. Quintessential RB Start/Bench Decision

    1st off, it appears that you have way too much knowledge to have "Rookie" by all of your may want to have them change that. I would question if you will be wondering about backup status for LJ in week 6-8, it is looking more and more here as a RBBC and LJ's touches will increase as the year goes on. Against the Raiders he can do what DD will do against thhe Steelers with Half the touches. The Raiders will have a tough time adjusting to Holmes, then you change the pace with LJ and he takes one to the house. Inside the 10 you will see Holmes, so if LJ scores it should be a longer TD!! That means not only do you get the score, but you get the yards as well. Sunday night game, you get a few extra "TV timeouts" that equates to about 1.5 extra touches!!
  11. I See Your Pair Of JOHNSON'S....

    KJ Monday night hype...throw him the darn ball Drew!!
  12. a deuce mccalister trade

    I would not....too much risk of Inj to Anderson and Mushin, even though Mush played 16 games LY.
  13. Trade/Would you have done this?

    Your team was fine the way it was! You did not hurt yourself at all, LJ will have a big role here in KC so I think you may have upgraded just a bit!
  14. QB Help

    Who would you go with this week? Hassel at home against ATL Pennington at home against Mia Chad lloked like a rookie vs KC, but ATL D was tough last Monday???
  15. Fair Trade or not?

    OK, the commish is a bit upset with the trade, but most of the owners were cool with it. What do you think? I gave a guy needing a RB S.Davis and M.Muhamad for Harrison, I think I came out better, but is this so far out that it should be vetoed?? Greatness of the trade was Davis was my 15th round pick and Mush was my 12th!!