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  1. DJ or Zeek

    Long term Zeke. Bradford might only make it thru 6 games, then a rookie comes in and the D will change. Cards are still thin at O-Line and seem to have injuries ever year on the line.
  2. Rate my Mock

    This might be the greatest post ever!!
  3. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Crazy 1st Q for me. I was looking at sheet 2 and had 10-3. Missed PAT so 9-3. I am pissed, then check the other sheet......and I have 9-3, it was just meant to be. Thanks for running Irish!!
  4. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    PP sent, Thanks for running!!
  5. final 8

    Here in Nashville Titan's fans are drinking the kool aid! Gisele said that her husband "can't throw TD's and catch them too".......well, Mariota can! He might need to catch a couple tonight!
  6. Trivia

    I thought there might be a few more 5.5 or 6's early, not sure it happened yet.
  7. Trivia

    If you have an NFL bet with a sports book, and the game goes into overtime, what is the highest point spread that you could COVER?
  8. Time Clock

  9. Time Clock

    So if you are down by 7 and score a TD with no time on the clock, you lose?
  10. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Sorry bro, I know it hurts not getting in...too many injuries along the way for your Hawks...NFC West is going to be tough next year with the Rams and 9ers much improved.
  11. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Make that 29.......
  12. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Stanton looking for another fourth quarter comeback....only 30 behind Favre
  13. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Big drop by Sanu.....1 last shot for Car