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  1. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    If my team needs you to win to make the playoffs and you "tank" your lineup, I would be pissed, but life would go on. I think it's a bad strategy and you are way over-thinking FFL.
  2. Pick a WR for today

    I would rank Snead last. Williams and Benjamin will get "catchup" yards, the question is how many, not sure who will throw to Benj?? Shepard is solid, but Eli is going to be on his back all day. I would start Shepard and Williams.
  3. Brees or Ryan?

    Looks like a flip of the coin here, one will go off early and the other late, I would give the edge to Drew.
  4. Fitz or Goodwin? Who to start PPR

    I have a good feeling about Fitz at home today.
  5. Trade for David Johnson?? PPR league

    Bradford will not finish the 4th quarter today, when Rosen gets his shot, DJ's stock will go back up. Many bumps along the way, but I think Rosen will get the offense going....hell, they might even get a couple of first downs.
  6. Dorsett or Marvin Jones tonight

    I am rolling with Jones over Collins, hope he gets a few 20+ yard targets and makes the best of a couple.
  7. Why is Sam Bradford an NFL QB?

    I never thought I would miss Drew Stanton..........
  8. Is this a wash?

    Who would you go with: D. Henry at home vs. Hou Enuwa at home vs. Mia Did not get a good read on Henry last week due to the delays, Enuwa looked good, 0.5 PPR. Is this a wash or is there a clearly better option?
  9. first year in 23 years not playing FF

    I am not ready to hang them up just yet, I am ready for another 6 and 7 season though! If I ever do will not change how much I watch.
  10. DJ or Zeek

    Long term Zeke. Bradford might only make it thru 6 games, then a rookie comes in and the D will change. Cards are still thin at O-Line and seem to have injuries ever year on the line.
  11. Rate my Mock

    This might be the greatest post ever!!
  12. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Crazy 1st Q for me. I was looking at sheet 2 and had 10-3. Missed PAT so 9-3. I am pissed, then check the other sheet......and I have 9-3, it was just meant to be. Thanks for running Irish!!
  13. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    PP sent, Thanks for running!!
  14. final 8

    Here in Nashville Titan's fans are drinking the kool aid! Gisele said that her husband "can't throw TD's and catch them too".......well, Mariota can! He might need to catch a couple tonight!
  15. Trivia

    I thought there might be a few more 5.5 or 6's early, not sure it happened yet.