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  1. final 8

    Here in Nashville Titan's fans are drinking the kool aid! Gisele said that her husband "can't throw TD's and catch them too".......well, Mariota can! He might need to catch a couple tonight!
  2. Trivia

    I thought there might be a few more 5.5 or 6's early, not sure it happened yet.
  3. Trivia

    If you have an NFL bet with a sports book, and the game goes into overtime, what is the highest point spread that you could COVER?
  4. Time Clock

  5. Time Clock

    So if you are down by 7 and score a TD with no time on the clock, you lose?
  6. SMACKBOWL XXI - Accept your destiny

    AFC Team AQB1-KC-Alex Smith ARB1-KC-Kareem Hunt ARB2-TEN-Derrick Henry ARB3-NE-James White ATE-KC-Travis Kelce AWR1-KC-Tyreek Hill AWR2-PIT-JuJu Smith-Schuster AWR3-PIT-Martavis Bryant AWR4- -Allen Hurns APK-KC-Harrison Butker ADEF-KC AST-KC NFC Team NQB1-NO-Drew Brees NRB1-NO-Mark Ingram NRB2-NO-Alvin Kamara NRB3-PHI-Corey Clement NTE-MIN-Kyle Rudolph NWR1-ATL-Julio Jones NWR2-ATL-Mohamed Sanu NWR3-LAR-Cooper Kupp NWR4--Tavon Austin NPK-NO-Wil Lutz NDEF-NO NST-NO Tie Breaker #1 - Total rushing yards in Super Bowl 225 Tide Breaker #2 - Total passing yards in Super Bowl 650
  7. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Sorry bro, I know it hurts not getting in...too many injuries along the way for your Hawks...NFC West is going to be tough next year with the Rams and 9ers much improved.
  8. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Make that 29.......
  9. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Stanton looking for another fourth quarter comeback....only 30 behind Favre
  10. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Big drop by Sanu.....1 last shot for Car
  11. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Cam can't pass worth a XXXXX. Def is going to have to do it.
  12. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    BIG def TD by the Jags, Titans are slipping, could have went up big. Waiting for a Wilson pass after scrambling 20 yards to Baldwin for a lucky TD
  13. Flex help! Baldwin Hunt McKinnon or Olsen

    I like Hunt here, revenge game for KC and they are going to bring it! Baldwin is a close second, Jac D has been solid....go Hunt